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about 8 months ago

eLion Changes Again to Optimize for Mobile Usage

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Penn State unveiled a new version of eLion over spring break, designed to work more efficiently on mobile devices. This comes about a year after eLion’s last update, giving students little time to get used to the new system.

There is one issue with the transition to mobile that has yet to be resolved, as the primary eLion screen where you select if you’re a student, professor, or something else has yet to be optimized for mobile. However, other than that, the site looks smooth on iPhones and droids. Unfortunately, there is no word on how it works on Motorola Razrs.

According to a 2012 survey, 70 percent of Penn State students own a mobile device. This number is most than likely higher now, giving the university reason to optimize the site for cell phones and tablets. There is no word yet on a Penn State student app, but the mobile optimization of the site is a move in the right direction as most students use their phones or tablets to access both Angel and eLion to check their grades, assignments, and classes.

As for the site itself, it has drastically changed its layout. While the same sections remain — Grades and Financial, to name a few — they are now on top of the site and act as drop down sections as opposed to side bars. While eLion wasn’t hard to navigate before, it’s even easier now.

Although the dynamics of eLion have changed multiple times as of late, the site has become more modern. One can only hope that this time, future seniors won’t be locked out of the site while scheduling their classes again.

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