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about 7 months ago

UPUA To Hold Second Presidential Debate Tonight

UPUA Debate

UPUA election day is Wednesday, and the presidential candidates will get a second and final shot at winning votes via debate tonight at 6:30 in the HUB Auditorium. The debate will be moderated by Onward State sports editor and UPUA aficionado Zach Berger and outgoing Daily Collegian editor-in-chief Brittany Horn.

The three presidential tickets set to debateĀ are Anand Ganjam and Emily McDonald, Melissa McCleery and Tim Rinehart, and Meeten Doshi and Kate Taylor. The Ganjam/McDonald ticket has received coveted endorsements from the major Greek organizations with a platform that includes student leaders receiving credit for their extracurriculars. The McCleery/Rinehart platform includes collaboration chats with students, and the Doshi/Taylor platform contains fewer points to increase the focus.

The candidates already debated and got the chance to explain their platforms on March 19.

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