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about 7 months ago

It’s Supposed To Be Nice For The Blue-White Game. Seriously!

Photo: Eric Weiss

OK, we know that the last time we posted about the weather, we were Accuweather was kind of completely wrong. But hear us out.

At the time of this writing, the Weather Channel says Saturday will see a high of 68 (!) degrees with sunny skies for the Blue-White Game. Accuweather agrees. The National Weather Service chimes in with a forecast of 66 degrees for Saturday. The point is, it’s supposed to be incredibly nice for the Blue-White Game.

If you’re an undergraduate, a blue sky for the Blue-White Game is probably a foreign concept. It’s been rainy and miserable and cold as hell for the past three Blue-White Games (I’m a junior, but senior pals tell me their freshman year game was no better than the most recent two). Let’s keep our fingers crossed that James Franklin, who seems pumped about this, gets good weather for his debut, huh?


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