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about 6 months ago

[Video] Clown Nose Club Compliments Penn State

If you were walking down Pollock Road yesterday in the beautiful 72 degree weather, you might have been assaulted with flattery courtesy of the Clown Nose Club and its megaphone of compliments. The group hit campus at around 3 p.m. yesterday, shouting nice things to all who passed by.

“I just love people,” said Vice President Justin Child. “We might make this a regular thing. It’s a lot of fun.”

The group normally does not go out and give compliments like this according to Child, but he just took advantage of the nice day. The group strives to break through social norms, battling negativity and societal expectations. In the past, it has done simple things like put quarters in expired parking meters or helped students pay for laundry.

The group of CNC members hit Pollock on their own volition, grabbing a megaphone and several positive signs reading “You Rock” and “You Da Bomb.” They started near Willard, walking slowly towards the HUB, yelling at people across Pollock. Their voices were amplified by a clown-decorated megaphone, making sure everyone heard them and their compliments. The group made camp at the HUB, which is where we caught up to them for our video interview below.

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