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about 5 months ago

Rodney Erickson Recognized by Congressman Glenn Thompson


Rodney Erickson’s victory lap continued Thursday, as Representative Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) paid homage to the former president’s years of service on the House floor.

“At every stage, he’s been an inspirational leader to those around him, a leader to and advocate for the university in countless ways,” said Pennsylvania’s 5th District Representative. “Erickson leaves behind a legacy of excellence, integrity, pride, and tireless dedication for this community to cherish and build upon for years to come.”

Erickson received a plethora of recognition from the Board of Trustees right before his retirement, including a tribute video at its most recent meeting. Thompson, a Penn State alumnus from Bellefonte, has been recognized by the Alumni Association as a “Friend of Penn State” for legislative efforts to help the school. He made headlines in January when he invited James Franklin to be his guest at the State of the Union Address.

Here’s Thompson’s full Erickson nod:

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