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about 5 months ago

George Mitchell Praises Penn State’s Compliance Once Again

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Integrity monitor George Mitchell has submitted a glowing review of Penn State’s compliance with the Freeh Report in his seventh quarterly report to the NCAA, a common theme for the former senator as his second annual report dawns in September.

“Dr. Barron pledged that I would continue to receive complete cooperation from the University, as has been the case since the inception of my duties,” Mitchell wrote.

He also praised Penn State’s efforts to enhance security at athletic events and facilities, develop a new compliance plan, increase development of Clery Act compliance, and adhere to the athletics integrity agreement. He attended the two most recent Board of Trustees meetings, and met with Barron and Rodney Erickson several times.

Remember, it was Mitchell who both recommended the sanction reductions and left the door open for more at a 2013 Board of Trustees meeting. All of the reports he has submitted regarding Penn State’s compliance have been very positive, which is certainly reason for optimism heading into the football season. Still, it’s the stubborn NCAA he’s dealing with, so don’t let your hopes get too high.

Here’s Mitchell’s full report:

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