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about a week ago

Getwireless Offering Special Internet Deal With Onward State


Moving into a new apartment and being stuck without Internet is no fun. So, you should probably make sure you’re signed up to get on the web before it’s too late and you’re trekking to the HUB to do homework every night.

Good news: Onward State has partnered up with Getwireless to offer our readers a special deal.

Sign up by Tuesday, July 22 and mention the Onward State deal, and you will get a free month of Internet service or a $25 Visa gift card. If you sign up online, enter ONWARDSTATE in the space marked “promotional code” to take advantage of the deal.

Getwireless is locally owned and operated by Penn State grads and has been focused on delivering high quality Internet to Penn State students since 2005. If you will be living in The Meridian, Calder Commons, GN Associates buildings, AW and Sons buildings, and many Associated Realty (ARPM) properties, you can sign up for service. If you’re not sure if you can get service, check out the list of buildings serviced.

Getwireless’ rates and plans are as follows:

12 mb/s — $29.95/month
20 mb/s — $34.95/month
50 mb/s — $59.95/month

And if you want incredibly fast Internet:

100 mb/s — $94.95/month

Getwireless is the best option in town. Comcast charges $49.95/month for 6 mb/s plus a modem and router fee, and Windstream offers speeds up to 3mb/s for $29.95/mo with maximum speeds being 12mb/s for an additional fee.

Check out Getwireless’s student page for more on how to sign up today. Getwireless offers a 24-hour a day live help desk to assist you in the event you have any issues. And remember to mention the Onward State deal!

*Disclaimer: Getwireless.net is associated with Lazerpro Digital Media, the publisher of Onward State. Gift cards will be sent in September after your first payment for service is received.