The Six Best Penn State Themed Snapchat Drawings


I’m your average college kid: I wake up, eat breakfast, go to class, eat again, drink, shower, sleep, the whole shebang. I enjoy a nice bowl of rice, take in an unhealthy amount of caffeine, and, of course, check into social media every so often.

So one day last week, I realized that I’ve been getting the same darn notification on Twitter for almost a year. It’s regarding a tweet that I was mentioned in from Snapchat (@Snapchat), in which I drew the Lion Shrine on Snapchat. Thanks to my friend Emily Jepson (@_emilyjepson_), Snapchat gave me a simple “wow,” either in amazement at my finger doodling or disbelief that someone would invest his or her time into making something unnecessarily detailed on their app.

About the same time, I realized that I’d been writing relatively very little on Onward State since the summer and thought, “Hey, maybe we can make a social post out of this since I’m at over 200 retweets with this little Snapchat” to help the website. Instead, I was encouraged to share some of my other Penn State themed snaps with our readers.

I must admit feel a bit awkward in sharing my “artwork” with y’all on Onward State, since I really only intended these snaps to last for 24 hours on my Snap Story, but I do like Penn State themed things. And, assuming that you do too, I present to you six of my Snapchats that are “So State.”

 The One That Started It All:


The Onward State:


Gotta represent



I have to note that I wear a size L women’s golf glove, so drawing things as detailed as Beaver Stadium is pretty darn difficult. This one’s not my fave by any means.

 We Are Because He Was:


It kind of looks like Joe’s ghost of Christmas past, eh?

 The PSUAlert to Rule All PSUAlerts:

old main

Imagine it: UP Timely Warning: REPTAR APPROACHING OLD MAIN. Students to await further instruction.



This helmet is a friendly reminder that I’ll see you all at Beaver Stadium on Saturday! Go State!

And that concludes my Ron Burgundy-esque “Hey everybody, come see how good my Penn State Snapchats look” moment. You can add me on Snapchat at yukahontass. It’s pronounced like Pocahontas, except with Yuka instead of Poca. Yukahontas was already taken (wtf, right?) so I needed to add an extra “s.”

Stay classy, State.

ron burgundy

Photo By: Yuka Narisako




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