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about 2 months ago

[VIDEO] Margarita’s Pizzeria and Italian Cuisine

Street View of Margarita's PIzza

Few things are as synonymous with college culture as pizza. Sure, cheap beer, futons, and questionable life choices are certainly in the running, but pizza has its own place. And as such, all walks of pizza have been hosted, whether it be cheese and sauce on top of cardboard that you swore was delicious last night, or a fantastically crispy, flavorful, and carefully created piece of Italian craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for something more on the craftsmanship side of things, it is this humble writer’s recommendation to visit a little shop on Beaver Avenue between a parking garage and Beaver Plaza called Margarita’s Pizza. Margarita’s is owned and operated by two of the nicest people you will ever meet, Margret and Juan. In a world where niceness isn’t a quality held by many of the owners, staff, and accountants of a business (and especially not pizza places) it is certainly worth mentioning. Without missing a beat, Margret has memorized hundreds of patrons’ favorite foods, and will have them ready for you even before you walk in the door if you’re predictable enough.

Aside from being awesome people in general, they do make great pizza too. Now, pizza is only a quarter of the selection at Margarita’s Pizza, with the restaurant covering all forms of Italian foods. From subs, to pastas, to salads, and everything in between, they cover the basics. Not to mention they are humans, so if you’d like something reasonable, they can probably whip it up for you. And much to the chagrin of their customers, Juan and Margret have decided it is in their best interest, both financially and for their own sanity, to remain closed on the weekends and only open 9-9 during the weekdays. With a large selection and varying unlisted items that Juan thinks up when he is feeling adventurous, the pizza here is not only good, but there is never a dull moment when walking into Margarita’s Pizza. Whether it be Margret yelling “Hey” at you like an old friend or the sweet smell of ricotta and spinach pizza that Juan decided he was feeling today, there is always a reason to stop by.

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