Penn State Releases Annual Holiday Greetings Video Featuring Uber Driver Barron


It’s the holiday season which means it’s time for one of the most wonderful times of the year —¬†Penn State’s annual holiday greeting video. Cuter than ever before, the 2016 edition features President Barron picking students up in University Park and around the Commonwealth in his own version of an Uber and driving them home for winter break.

“I thought you guys had such a great year that I should help out and help you get home,” Barron says after picking up the first student.

From there President Barron goes on to pick up not only a van full of students, but also members of the Penn State Blue Band, the a cappella groups, and even the Nittany Lion. The crew hums along to the alma mater and busts out a cowbell, which Barron keeps¬†readily available in his glove compartment. Though he’s whipping a white Penn State fleet vehicle van instead of a blue and white sports car, the extra room means more passengers.

The Penn State Holiday Greetings video is (usually) something to look forward to during finals week, but this year’s edition knocks it out of the park. It’s cute, funny, and shows that President Barron isn’t just all tuition rates and Board meetings. In fact, he’s adorable. At one point he even yell out the window, “We Are!” and when students reply “Penn State,” he tells his passengers, “I never get tired of that.”

Whether you’re still grinding away on finals or you’re already home for winter break, this video will put you in both the Penn State and holiday spirit. Check out the full video below:

Photo By: Penn State

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