The Official THON (Water) Drinking Game


We’ve always got you covered with drinking games for the biggest events — whether that be the Big Ten Championship, Finals Week, or whatever meaningful moment that wouldn’t be complete without chugging for fun.

THON is no different. Being in the BJC for 46 hours, you’re going to need a way to stay hydrated, so let’s make it fun. Fill up your water bottle and play along. Here’s how:

  • Every time you here “DANCER RELATIONS CAPTAINS TO THE STAGE,” chug.
  • Do a recovery chug once the line dance is over.
  • Take a drink every time “Closer” by the Chainsmokers is played (trust me, you’ll be plenty hydrated with this alone).
  • Get squirted by a water gun? Drink the same amount from said water gun.
  • When the BJC hits capacity, take a few sips and head to the water fountain line before it wraps around the concourse.
  • Take a drink every time the wave is started.
  • If we get another surprise performance on stage, chug.
  • Drink for the entirety of the “Zombie Nation” chant.
  • If the football team wins the Pep Rally, chug, then hurdle someone on your way back to the water fountain
  • Do a water power hour┬áduring Go Go Gadjet’s performance.
  • When dancers sit, finish your drink.

Drink Responsibly? And Enjoy THON!

Photo By: Steve Connelly

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