Diving Into The World of THON On Twitter


Every year, the 46 hours leading up to THON’s big reveal make waves across social media and in the press. #THON typically becomes a trending topic on Twitter. After monitoring Twitter for 31 hours, we decided to dive into the data and see what THON-related topics trended on Twitter and where people were tweeting from.

In terms of demographics, 51.1% of people who were tweeting were female and 48.9% were male. Not surprisingly, the first thing that people usually tweeted about with #THON was #FTK, but close seconds were “donate,” “fight,” and even special interest organization Atlas made it high up on the list. “@joejonas” and “@DNCE” were also up there after they shook social media with their electrifying surprise performance.

When it came to THON on twitter internationally, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and even Mexico were hot spots. Within the United States, the area around State College, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh contained the highest concentration of tweets. Outside of the northeast, other notable THON-loving cities were Tampa, Dallas, Chicago, and Cleveland.

Within the northeast region, York, Pennsylvania, New York City, Hartford, Connecticut, and Boston were THON hotspots. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any Twitter love from our B1G friends in Columbus, Ohio.

Photo By: Patrick Cines

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