Hey Creamery, It’s Time For Cael To Get His Own Flavor


At Penn State, it’s harder to earn a flavor in the Berkey Creamery Hall of Fame than it is to win a national championship.

While that statement lightheartedly undermines the difficulty of said accomplishment, statistically speaking, it’s true. Only four university figures and one organization have ever risen to the pinnacle of ice cream achievement. Everyone knows Peachy Paterno, then there’s Keeney Beany Chocolate for Phillip Keeney, Cherry Quist for John Almquist, Russ “Digs” Roseberry for our iconic volleyball coach, and of course WPSU Coffee Break.

After leading Penn State wrestling to its sixth team national championship in seven years over the weekend, Cael Sanderson deserves a spot in this elite company. The 37-year-old Sanderson has already accomplished a lifetime of wrestling greatness, going undefeated in college (159-0) at Iowa State and winning Olympic Gold in Athens. Now, he’s building quite a dynasty in his eighth year in charge of the Penn State program.

You don’t just mess around and get a flavor named after you, so if anyone should join that rare fraternity next, it’s Cael.

As for our flavor recommendation? Pecan Sanderson has a nice ring to it. The Creamery has dished out Butter Pecan for years, but crumbled up cookie pieces of Pecan Sandies would take things to the next level.

Photo By: Trevor Hayes

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