Blue-White Weekend Expected To Be Cool And Cloudy


While much of the home stretch of the spring semester has been filled with sunny 70-degree days, the premier event of the end of the school year will likely not have as much good fortune when the Blue-White game kicks off at 3 pm. Saturday.

Earlier in the week, the forecasts projected rain for Saturday, but the latest predictions now show a partly cloudy sky for most of the day, other than the chance of an early morning shower that only the most dedicated RV-lot goers will endure.

Penn State’s own AccuWeather says the temperature will hover around 50 degrees throughout the morning when tailgating commences but climb up to 59 degrees at the time of kickoff. Accuweather and are split on whether the once-predicted rain will arrive Saturday night.

For the rest of the weekend, with thousands of alumni, families, and fans visiting, Friday evening will be about 60 degrees with a chance of showers, while Sunday will likely see similar temperatures to Saturday, but a bit sunnier.

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