Mark Hall Pours His Milk Before His Cereal. No, Really.


Penn State 174-pounder Mark Hall is pretty atypical. He won a Minnesota state high school championship as a seventh grader, his first of six state titles. This past January, as a redshirt freshman, he placed first at the Southern Scuffle, the nation’s toughest in-season tournament. Two and a half months later, after burning his redshirt midway through the season, he became the first Penn State true freshman to win a national title.

Hall’s most recent abnormality doesn’t come on the wrestling mat and may not be an unprecedented accomplishment. However, it is an unusual installment of a one-sided, age-old debate.

Mark Hall pours his milk before his cereal.

That wasn’t a diss written on a sign at College GameDay, but rather, Hall’s actual preference for the breakfast/midnight snack favorite. A friend of Hall’s tweeted a series of Snapchats from him on Thursday night that instructed followers how “to eat a proper bowl of cereal.”

Although he employs a good strategy to better estimate how much milk one has poured, Hall appears to be in the minority on this debate and to enjoy making a mess with the milk splashing out of the bowl. His lone favorable opinion in the tweet is that Apple Jacks are “the 🐐 cereal.”

The cereal tweet wasn’t Hall’s first notable Twitter interaction. On May 6, he went to prom in Michigan with a follower after promising her that she could take him if she received 2,000 retweets, a benchmark that she met handily.

With wrestling season still six months away, Hall has limited opportunities to distinguish himself from the average college wrestler even more so. For now, the only thing left for him to do to stand out even further and turn social media even more on its head is to declare that a hot dog is a sandwich.

Photo By: Alex Bauer

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