More Than Half Of Beaver Stadium Turf Replaced After Happy Valley Jam


Approximately 70 percent of Beaver Stadium’s surface was replaced with brand new turf after the Happy Valley Jam in July, according to the Centre Daily Times.

The turf was covered by flooring for the three days before and during the concert, but the amount of construction equipment used to build and take down the stage also caused enough damage to the point where 40,000 square feet of turf needed to be replaced.

The process of installing the new turf began within a week of the Happy Valley Jam, and was completed in just two weeks, according to assistant athletic director for outdoor athletic facilities Herb Combs.

During these two weeks, the old turf was ripped out, the soil was prepared, and a layer of new 1.75-inch Kentucky Bluegrass sod was installed on top of it. The project cost the university approximately $34,000, including delivery from a turf farm in New Jersey.

After a quick fix, the playing surface is ready for use, starting this Saturday when the No. 6 Nittany Lions kick off their Big Ten title defense against Akron.

Photo By: Penn State

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