Browns Tweet Photo Of Jonathan Sutherland Instead Of Saquon Barkley


Update Sunday, Jan. 7: The Browns deleted their Jonathan Sutherland tweet without a trace in favor of tweeting a close-up photo of Saquon Barkley with the same caption SundayĀ morning. You can see the new tweet embedded below, followed by a screenshot of the original tweet.

The BrownsĀ have also apparently updated their photo choice policies, so don’t expect any photos from the franchise of “Barkley” with his helmet on to come around again any time soon.

Original story: The Cleveland Browns clinched the number one pick in the 2018 NFL draft, leaving the struggling winless-in-2017 teamĀ its choice of the field come April.

Saquon Barkley is currently the number two player in the draft according to ESPN draft expert Todd McShay, right behind UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen.

They Browns decided to analyze whether taking a running back (read: Saquon Barkley) in the modern NFL is worth the number one pick on the official team Twitter account for the “Browns Mailbag,” which is a fair debate. But they made one fatal mistake.

The Browns used aĀ photo of Penn State’s No. 26 at the Fiesta Bowl. But it’s not Saquon Barkley. The photo actually features freshman safety Jonathan Sutherland.

The difference in sleeve size and visor areĀ the minute details to notice in the difference between players. AlongĀ Sutherland’s left shoulder by the number, also hard to notice on first glance, you canĀ see one of his long dreadlocks.

Penn Staters wasted no time calling the Browns out on their mistake, and it’s clear some Nittany Lions fans areĀ dreading the chance for Cleveland to draft Barkley.

This could have happened to anyone or any team, but itĀ just seems like a Browns thing to do.


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