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Eli Formal
Senior columns, with all their melodrama and platitudes, usually leave me eye-rolling and shaking my head with a vigor usually reserved for study abroad blog posts. But, as I graduate a week from today, I figured I should give it a go myself. Rather than discuss the origins of Onward State like Evan,  I'd just like to briefly thank a few individuals who have defined my Penn State experience.
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PSU graduation
It's one of those things about college, like a particularly boozy night or where your freshman writing classroom was, that, looking back in 20 or 30 years, you will not remember, but at the time seem particularly important (especially where the classroom is). Snagging a high-profile commencement speaker, these days, is seen as a sign of cachet, a way to set a university apart. There are slideshows of the best college commencement speakers of 2012. Penn State... will not be on that list.
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The Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 is one of my favorite pieces of legislation. A Congress atrophied by the Civil War sent a bill to President Lincoln that, when signed in to law, changed the face of tertiary education in America. In a research report I did in seventh grade about Penn State, discussion of the Morrill Act took up more pages than it probably should have. It made a higher education both affordable and valuable to the common man. This was an Act designed not to increase the number of scholars of law or divinity, but of botany, agriculture, and the "mechanical arts." Penn State became one of the nation's first land grant institutions.
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Global Programs
Students studying abroad and looking to pick up the International Studies (INTST) concurrent major may have to look a little harder to find it. In fact, as of the Summer 2011 term, the major no longer exists. In its place is the new Global and International Studies (GLOBE) major.
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Beaver Stadium student section
As a Penn Stater, there are many rites of passage as we move inevitably down the path to graduation. First fraternity party. First Canyon Pizza. First football game. Last fraternity party (for some, this may be the same as their first). First Peachy Paterno. State Patty’s Day. Until this year, standing in the senior section was one of them. After attending the Indiana State game, Eli thinks it needs to be brought back.
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I know I said I wouldn't write about study abroad, but allow me to indulge a bit for this one column. On my program so far, I've met people from a wide range of universities. The schools represented run the gambit from the University of Missouri and the University of Colorado-Boulder to Georgetown and Williams. Course subject matter here ranges from economics and history to film and architecture. The existence of sufficient academic rigor in many study abroad programs, this one included, is debatable however. European pedagogy is different than in the States, and as a result, home universities treat study abroad classes differently.
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onward state
It's that time of year again. Time for aspiring snark writers, fantastic photographers, and anal-retentive copy editors to turn their dreams into reality by joining Onward State, the premier online, independent, student-run media outlet at our fine University. Find out more after the jump!
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G-Span gets into the Halloween spirit. (via Penn State Live)

Having been with Onward State from its dorm room beginnings in November 2008, my spring semester abroad has me feeling a little out of sorts. Don’t get me wrong though. While I’m looking forward to the experience, missing out on the day-to-day madness that is Onward State will be strange.

Sorting through emails, planning future coverage, and providing writer feedback took up a sizable portion of my time, as my roommates last semester can attest. While much of my new-found free time will be spent exploring Prague and the rest of Europe, Onward State, and the service it provides to the Penn State community, is very important to me.

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Screen shot 2010-12-05 at 6.25.46 PM
A while back, Onward State set out to make a video that incorporated one of Penn State's most recognizable landmarks: the Nittany Lion Shrine. Since then, we've been pretty busy and haven't found time to post it. As we start the last week of fall semester class today, take a break from your studies and check it out. On a viral scale, is it 1918 Spanish flu or just a sore throat?
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Onward State wishes you a very enjoyable Thanksgiving Break.

Meet up with those high school friends that you still talk to. Awkwardly run in to those you don’t. Deal with living with your parents after a few months of independence. Do that work professors felt necessary to assign (Everyone knows Christmas break is the only true break).

Onward Staters are real people too, and will be taking full advantage of their time away from State College. As a result, the blog won’t be updated as regularly over the next week. We are very thankful for your readership and support these past few months (and two years), and we look forward to coming back strong after break.

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A resolution introduced by our very own Rep. Glenn Thompson honoring Coach Joe Paterno for his 400th win and a lifetime of achievements, both on and off the field, passed the House today.

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Onward State turns two today. If Onward State were a person, it would be capable of feeding itself. It could say small phrases. It could run. However, Onward State is not a person. If you did not know this, you are an idiot. Onward State is a blog, one with over 3,000 posts and 5,000 comments. We're much more than that though.
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Penn State Shot Glass

Finally coming to the realization that a University working to cut down on dangerous drinking should probably not be profiting from drinking paraphernalia, Penn State recently announced that it will no longer license shot glasses that say “Penn State” or have any University logos.

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Sam Settle
Vice President Biden's visit led to some confrontation outside the Pollock Road entrance of the HUB. In one such instance, Sam Settle of Young Americans for Freedom got in an argument with Steven Heppelmann, a Penn State physics professor. Hilarity ensues in the video after the jump.
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In Animal Farm, all were equal, but some were more equal than others. Until Tuesday night, it was the same with IFC fraternities. On Tuesday, the IFC adopted more just sanctioning guidelines for policy violations.
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Someone took out their anger on this poor, defenseless parking meter over the weekend. It was found in the elevator at the Meridian.

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Homecoming Logo
The Homecoming Executive Committee has announced the members of the 2010 Homecoming Court. The selectees are: Ladies: Danielle DaSilva, Marina Johnson, Katherine Larimer, Jessica Pelliciotta, Katy Poole Gentleman: Dan Cartwright, Dan Florencio, Curran McCready, Jared McKnight, Justin Ross The ten hopefuls were chosen late Tuesday night after earning nominations from their peers, completing an application and interviewing with senior faculty, staff and distinguished members of the Penn State Alumni Association. Read on to find out more about the Homecoming Court...
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tom richards

Thomas Richards, a Schreyer Scholar and incoming member of the Presidential Leadership Academy, died early this morning after having a seizure. The tragic incident occurred at Camp Blue Diamond where Tom was a teaching assistant for this year’s Leadership Jumpstart class.

At the time of his death, Tom was about to enter his sophomore year, studying political science and history.

Funeral arrangements have yet to be finalized. Onward State wishes to extend its deepest sympathies to the Richards family and Tom’s friends during this difficult time.

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chaz powell
Ah, media day. The one time of the year where all the football players (excluding freshmen) and all the coaches gather at Beaver Stadium to be continuously pounded with the same questions over and over again, and respond with usually the same, seemingly rehearsed responses. However, many questions were answered for this coming season, while many remain very cloudy. Read on for some insight on the coming season...
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As some of you may have heard, either through Twitter or the PSUTXT system, the Mont Alto campus was locked down at 1:40 pm this afternoon. The message sent over PSUTXT announcing that something was afoot read,

Campus Lockdown :: Police searching for gunman in area. Campus is locking all doors. Stay indoors until further notice.

An hour later, after police found the gunman, the lockdown ended and campus reopened. The plot thickens from there though. Read on to learn more…

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Yesterday, the State Theater announced the ticket sale for Big Head Todd and the Monsters' upcoming show. Tickets will be available at 11 a.m.this morning, both online and at the State Theater box office. Tickets for the September 29th rock/blues show will be $25. If you want to get an idea about what to expect, you can check out some tracks from their most recent album here.
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UPUA has announced that it will not renew the lease of its downtown office at 103 E. Beaver Ave., Suite 11. This does not come as a shock to many as, during the spring's presidential campaign, the old office was frequently mentioned as an example of student money wasted. Read on to learn how UPUA came to its decision...
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Delta Sigma Phi and Sigma Delta Tau Logos
Yesterday Dr. Roy Baker, Director of Greek Life, released the Greek Community Academic Report for spring 2010. The report breaks down the average GPAs for all Greek organizations and compares them to University averages, based on statistics given to the Office of Greek Life by the University Registrar. Read on to see how the Councils did and what chapters came out on top...
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Tucker Haas
According to Paulina Jones, a THON PR Captain, Tucker Haas, who's rendition of the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" had the BJC going crazy at THON, will be performing on Fox and Friends, the morning news show on Fox News Channel, this week. Tucker is scheduled to be on the show Tuesday, June 22nd, at 8:50am. If you're up getting ready for the day and want to give someone near and dear to Penn State some support, check it out. For those that don't remember Tucker or maybe just need a refresher, a YouTube video of his THON performance, found after the jump, has almost 400,000 views.
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The Spaniers will be living in Schreyer House until at least 2015. The new contract, agreed upon between the Board of Trustees and Dr. Spanier, amounts to a three-year extension for the man who, according to Penn State Live, has been called "one of the most influential college presidents of our time." Come 2015, only President George Atherton will have held the position longer. Read on past the jump to learn more.
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Finals Week has come and gone. Summer is upon us. As you pack up your car and prepare to leave Happy Valley for a few months, know that Onward State isn't going anywhere. Just as we have been your go-to source for interesting news about Penn State and the surrounding community throughout the school year, the summer promises more of the same. Read more after the jump.
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onward state
Since November 2008, Onward State has quickly become the go-to source for information about the topics students, faculty, staff, and alumni find relevant. This year alone, we have been featured on Mashable.com, the Chronicle of Higher Education, College Media Matters, and the Huffington Post, among others. For the Fall 2010 semester, we are looking to expand our staff significantly. Read on for more details, or just submit an application.
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Update 2:02 pm: A Facebook group has been created to help find Robbie. It currently has 319 members.

We are following up on a tip we received with the following information:

Robert “Robbie” McGrath was last seen around 4 PM on Sunday April 18, 2010 in downtown State College, PA. He graduated in December 2009 and was in town visiting friends.

We will update this post as more information comes in.

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Noah Karn

The Interfraternity Council announced Thursday that Noah Karn decided to resign from his position as IFC Representative. “The Interfraternity Council supports Noah’s decision to remove himself from the UPUA general assembly,” said IFC President Max Wendkos. “We represent a contingent of fraternities whose core beliefs are rooted in tolerance and acceptance and we will never […]

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Sorry Picture
Noah Karn resigned, effective this afternoon, from his position as UPUA Student Life and Diversity Chair. His full letter of resignation can be found after the jump.