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Pattee Library and Mall
As one digs deeper and travels through the massive building, one begins to realize that Pattee and Paterno Library are more than just stacks of books. There are several items and services that the library has to offer that students may not have realized yet.
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Stone an Atheist
Have a dollar and want to throw something at heathens? Well then here's the event for you. The Atheist/Agnostic Association is setting up Stone an Atheist, three days of throwing water balloons at Penn State's own resident atheists and non-believers.
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Dining Hall App
For a long time, it's been a nuisance to get on a computer -- and an even bigger nuisance to pick up the Daily Collegian -- to check what is going to be served in the dining halls. I was relieved when I heard about the new dining app, which would seem to an easy and convenient solution for navigating the dining halls. How wrong I was.
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uncool amanda
All my life I have been that socially awkward person standing in the back of the room. Now that I am at college I discovered.... well, some things don't change much. My freshman year is almost over at Penn State and I've spent all my time indoors eating Ramen noodles and reading my math textbook.
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Starting off the tour for their third album Ghostory, School of Seven Bells' first stop was Chronic Town, bringing along their indie rock/ dream pop tunes to Penn State Tuesday night. Opening for them was Think Twice, Dublin, State College's own local melancholic dream pop band.
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Paranormal Activity 3
I went into this week's HUB movie fully expecting it to be as disappointing as its predecessors. Low budget films with a few effects thrown in, but not really living up to the title of being a horror movie. But Paranormal Activity 3 actually made me jump out of my seat.
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Roller Derby-5
It's that time of the year once again for tough chicks to break out their fishnet stockings and eyeliner. Roller derby season is upon us. Just in case you didn't see Whip It, roller derby is that sport where chicks on wheels beat the living day lights of each other to score points.
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Penn State is prejudiced against the tall. I have only been on campus for 3 months now, but I have noticed the rampant intolerance against everything vertical. As a 6'0" girl I have hit my head and bent over backwards (literally) at this college too many times to count. My curiosity was sparked; how tall are the problematic places on campus? So armed with a tape measure and a camera I sought out spots on campus that just don't suit the tall.
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Don't have $1.50 in exact change each way? You might not need it soon—we may soon see payment options on CATA buses that accept LionCash.