Author Bailey Siegel

Bailey is a Public Relations major and Psychology and Sociology minor from right outside Washington D.C. with a passion for Penn State Football and good music.

0 Staying Motivated in the 17th Hour

It’s the 17th hour in the BJC, and from the looks of it, it’s filled with energy and enthusiasm in the stands and on the floor. That being said, I know there are parts of the BJC that we can’t see from inside of THON, and I know there are some committee members that have shifts in places where there isn’t much going on, and times where standing just doesn’t sound so appealing anymore.

0 Break Out Those Vintage THON T-Shirts

Better dig through the attic — that ratty old THON t-shirt you have from the 70’s could end up winning you a free one. THON will be hosting a contest this Saturday to reward the alumni who presents the most vintage THON t-shirt.

0 10 Questions With Nittanyville Pres. Allen Sheffield

Allen Sheffield (@allen_sheffield), a junior in the College of Communications, was recently elected as the President of Nittanyville. You may think the tents outside of Gate A just appear out of thin air, but there is actually a lot that of work that goes into Nittanyville to make sure everything runs smoothly and all traditions are continued.

0 “It Gets Better” Project To Inspire Students in Eisenhower

Come to the Eisenhower Auditorium Thursday Night as “It Gets Better” inspires students. The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles will present It Gets Better on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Eisenhower Auditorium. “It Gets Better” is a moving web-based project that was created to show young LGBT people a bright future for their lives if they can just get through their teen years, when struggles are often paramount.

0 THON Hoops is Tomorrow

Come to the Bryce Jordan Center at 1 p.m. tomorrow as the Men’s Basketball team takes on Nebraska. Nittany Nation will be selling $5 tickets in the HUB today from 10-3, and all proceeds go to THON.

0 A Charlie Brown Christmas, For The Kids

Charlie Brown is having some trouble finding the true meaning of Christmas, and is inviting you to come along and help.

From December 14-16, the Pavilion Theatre will be showing “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for students and families in State College to get you in the holiday spirit and give you a break from the stress of finals.

0 Blue Band Senior Day Proposal

To state the obvious, Saturday’s Wisconsin game was a special one for all Penn State students and alumni. It was even more special for a former Blue Band member and a current Blue Band senior.

0 Make Every Tweet FTK with PSUPledge

With the final canning weekend of the season in the books, two passionate Penn Staters are helping the cause by allowing Tweeters to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund on The THON total in 2012 was $10.6 million. And maybe, with the help of Twitter and PSUPledge, our best is yet to come.

0 Rocky Horror Picture Show Playing in the HUB Tonight

For all you science fiction and horror fans out there, The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be playing in Alumni Hall in the HUB tonight at 9 p.m. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween in a more laid back way than repeating last weekend’s festivities and foreshadowing for this weekend.

0 Penn State Ranked 24th in ESPN Power Rankings

ESPN released its Week 9 Power Rankings today, and Penn State finally jumped in as the twenty-fourth ranked team. Every Penn Stater knows this is a huge accomplishment for a team that has gone through so much adversity for the past year, and it is about time people starts noticing how much we deserve this.

0 7 Things You’ll Actually Miss About Dorm Living

Everyone always thinks moving into your first apartment means more freedom, daylong drinking, and maybe even your own bedroom. The fact of the matter is, it’s much more than just that. It means more responsibility, a shit load of chores, and a lot more money (believe it or not, toilet paper can’t be purchased with meal points). To all the freshmen and dorm-livers out there, here are the top things you’ll miss when you finally get sick of sharing a room with your roommate who sleeps all day or never cleans.