Author Ben Berkman

Ben Berkman

State College, PA

1 Geno Thorpe To Leave Penn State Basketball Team

Penn State basketball announced Thursday evening that Geno Thorpe would not return to the team next season. Thorpe, a sophomore guard known for his defensive intensity, quirky attitude, and occasional offensive explosiveness, was poised to be one of the most experienced returning starters next season.

13 Pi Kapp Goes Out With A Bang

Pi Kappa Phi doesn’t seem to be taking its three-year suspension too painfully. At a daylong two weekends ago, which spilled into the streets before police broke it up, some apparent brothers filmed a music video, and took a few shots at Kappa Delta Rho and the cops in the process.

0 Carl Nassib Named To BTN All-Conference Spring Team

Carl Nassib’s received plenty of hype this spring. He was labeled a “beast” by defensive coordinator Bob Shoop, and was repeatedly tagged as a standout player from James Franklin and teammates alike. Now, the defensive end has been placed on the Big Ten Network’s Tim Dienhart’s All-Big Ten Spring Team.

0 Ron Paul And Barney Frank Discuss Role Of Government In Lively Debate

What happens when you put one of the most hardline libertarians in the same room with one of the most fundamentally liberal pundits in political culture? Well, you get a pretty good debate. It was just that Monday evening as Ron Paul and Barney Frank parleyed the role of government in a civil society in Schwab Auditorium in The Great Debate, made possible by the College Republicans and College Democrats.

3 John Amaechi To Speak On Campus Friday

Penn Stater and former NBA basketball player John Amaechi will return to State College this Friday for a talk hosted by the Institute for the Arts and Humanities titled “More Chance of Being Hit by a Meteor: What to do when your dreams defy probability and exceed other people’s imagination.”

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