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IHOP excitement
Having never been to an IHOP before, I awaited it's arrival to dear old State College with apprehension and excitement. After push back upon push back it seemed like we were doomed to be IHOP-less forever. But then suddenly, and without warning, "poof". It appeared.
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spicy hot pot
State College seems to have a limitless array of Asian cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, the list goes on. So it may not cause a big stir whenever a new restaurant serving Pan-Asian inspired food opens it doors. But Happy Valley's newest Chinese restaurant "100 Degree Hot Pot" should not remain unnoticed.
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Happy Valley Brewing Company Beer
The Happy Valley Brewing Company opened around a month ago, and are now finally offering their own beers. We were impressed the last time we went, but no review can be complete without sampling a micro brewery's hand crafted beer. Fellow writer Steve and I took it upon ourselves to do some hard hitting journalism, and we recently traveled to the HVBC to taste their new selection.
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Top Shelf Tavern place setting
It's that time of year again, the time where the Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management majors serve up some delicious food via their creative theme dinners. Last nights dinner, titled Spirited Food, aimed to create "beer, wine, and spirit infused cuisine." Not ones to pass up on a good meal (especially one with alcohol in the title) myself as well as staff writer Steve Boyle and newly poached Black Sheep writer Noel Purcell, took it upon ourselves to treat ourselves while serving up our own review.
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old main fall
November 22 marked a momentous occasion in Penn State's online information community, as the Board of Trustees formally approved the transition to a new student software: LionPATH.
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Want to host a Thanksgiving for all your friends? Check out our college-proof guide to a delicious meal.
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Donating blood
November 4th marked the kick-off of this year's PSU-MSU Blood Donor Challenge. The American Red Cross is giving us Nittany Lions yet another chance to kick Michigan's ass (albeit off the field) and for a good cause!
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Forum Class
After several years of studying at Penn State, everyone seems to rack up a list of classroom pet peeves, you know, the little things people do that aren't really a big deal but for some reason just drive you NUTS. We all have 'em, and we've all been guilty of 'em. We gathered several annoying classroom habits that made the top of our lists.
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downstairs bar
Centre County is no exception to the recent trend in local microbreweries. Locals and students alike can already enjoy the delicious craft beer offerings at Otto's, The Gamble Mill, and Elk Creek Cafe. This past Sunday brought about the opening of another such establishment: The Happy Valley Brewing Company.
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Penn State Military Student
If you think your past week of classes was hard, just imagine working your way towards your degree while fighting for your country oversees. The Military Students of the Penn State World Campus do just that.
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wall shot
Mamma Mia's giant spoon is still missing! One writer tries to solve the case with some good old fashioned sleuthing.
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If you aren't quite satisfied with all the fall festivities offered up by downtown State College then you might want to check out the Shaver's Creek Fall Harvest Festival. For those of you that don't know, Shaver's Creek is an educational nature center located in Petersburg, PA, and home of birds of prey and live reptile exhibits, as well as nature hikes and student run programs.
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mental health brain
You know that feeling where you nearly avoid hitting another car? When your stomach is in your throat, your heart is about to burst out of your chest, and it feels like your veins are full of Red Bull? This is how every day feels when you have an anxiety disorder.
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active minds booth
Today kicks off Mental Health Awareness Week here at Penn State. Throughout the week several student associations will be hosting activities at the HUB including relaxation rooms, body image workshops, and even a TED talk by Kevin Breel. The purpose of this week is to create a dialog about mental health and to create an awareness here on campus.
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Pumpkin Festival - Adult entry category 2012-10-20
Although it just turned October, Halloween will be upon us before you know it. If you’re like me and still carve pumpkins every year in order to keep yourself from trick-or-treating into a coma and stealing candy from all the real kids, you’re in for a treat.
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Like Ron Swanson, I too am a red blooded American who prefers to eat steak and bacon over "the food my food eats" i.e. salad. So you can imagine my intrigue when I noticed an advertisement for Bradley's Cheesesteak Eating Competition.
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Waffle Shop
Everyone knows that there's only one place to get a delicious handmade breakfast that's lightening fast to boot: The Waffle Shop. Everyone also probably knows that there are three Waffle Shops to choose from: West College, East College, and Atherton. Well I'm going to let you all in on a townie secret that most people don't know -- one of these things is not like the other.
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sorting cermony
While many students dream about going to Penn State, for some, it's only second best. A mere default after not receiving their Hogwarts acceptance letters by owl years earlier. These students band together in Penn State's very own Harry Potter Club.
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Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.03.13 AM
Sometimes I think I have an abusive relationship with food.
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hershey chocolate tour
If you're looking to escape State College's hectic move in weekend, come down to Hershey for the Penn State Chocolate Tour for some exercise, fun, and, of course, chocolate.
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beer expo
If you consider yourself to be a fan of beer you might want to pull your bar stool a little closer and listen up.
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Moofins for PS News_0

Did you know that Penn State has a Food Science Product Development Team? Yeah, neither did I, but apparently they’re kind of nationally acclaimed.

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Mike Lynch Overlook
Thomas Shakely, a former Penn State student who served as President & General Manager of The LION 90.7fm and founder of Safeguard Old State, decided that there needed to be a book that told the real story of Mount Nittany, how close we came to losing it, and how the Mount Nittany Conservancy saved it.
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Winos rejoice and get your Penn State stemware ready! For those of us who despise Natty light and prefer to get tipsy in a more "highbrow" manner, the upcoming WPSU International Wine Festival on September 29 is one wine-and-cheese party you won't want to miss.
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Having a car on campus kind of sucks. The amount of money that the average student pays for a semester-long parking pass could easily buy almost 300 slices of Canyon pizza. Then, once you get to your spot, you have to hoof it to catch the nearest Blue Loop, only to make it to class approximately an hour after you set out from your apartment to begin with.
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Face it: feeding the meter sucks. It's basically a black hole that eats all the loose change you find on the floor of your car. Not to mention the anxiety of getting your errands done before your meter runs dry and sets off the "Spidey Sense" of any nearby meter maids. Well Penn State, your hero has arrived...
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Fasta Pasta 2
I have a confession: I could eat pasta for every meal, 365 days a year. Fettucini, orrachetti, farfalle, penne, or my personal favorite bucatini -- it doesn't matter -- I love them all. I eat them all with exorbitant amounts of pleasure and delight. I know I am not alone in my obsession, for there are already over 400 people who plan on attending Fasta Pasta's "Free Pasta Day" this Friday, according to the Facebook event.
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This Wednesday, April 24, Redifer commons is hosting a meal in conjunction with several members of the local agricultural community here in Centre County.
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El Gringo taco truck
This weekend is known for one of Penn State's greatest traditions -- the Blue and White game. But after seeing an ad for a wine and taco pairing at the Mount Nittany Vineyard and Winery, I smell a new one.
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It's no secret that college students are often portrayed as having little money -- the Ramen eating, penny pinching, "poor college student" stereotype has come from a lot of truth. However as students we don't really get the chance to learn about money or how to handle it, which can be a huge problem when we graduate.