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If you need to speak to an officer while driving, on the street or at your home, there are 10 rules you should know to protect yourself and to protect your rights -- knowing these rules can prevent fines and unnecessary interactions with police. I learned these rules in a presentation last night from "Flex Your Rights", which was given by the ACLU of Penn State.
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Sparks Building Staircase
The one weekend during the year where we all get to dress up in slutty outfits and pretend that it's cute has come and gone. In the spirit of this spectacular holiday, I decided to go around campus and find some creepy spots that tend to go unnoticed.
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A Penn State team is working in a contest from Google to send a space craft to the moon before 2015. I can't believe this isn't like, huge news - but it's been happening since 2011. They have students and Penn State advisers working together to send the Lunar Lion to the moon - except landing on the surface isn't enough! Read more to find out what the Lunar Lion is.
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Chaz Bono At Home
Chaz Bono, an advocate for the LGBTA community, will be visiting Penn State on October 10 to speak at the HUB during the promotion and celebration of National Coming Out Week.
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You should take the time today speak in an open discussion with President Rodney Erickson. Why not be a member of the public and participate? Join in at the Student Town Hall Forum today in the HUB Auditorium. Read more for clarity and anecdotal humor.
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During the past few months, I’ve committed myself to a deep cleansing sabbatical of philosophical purification. Suddenly, all of my answers were questioned last week when I learned about the try-outs. I felt I needed to try out and begin my career as a journalist at the Collegian. September, whatever Thursday’s date was last week, at approximately 5:14 p.m, I began to prepare for my try-out. But I didn’t get that interview and I woke up into a nightmare. I didn’t make the cut. That’s when Onward State came to me. At my weakest moment of complete despair, they found a place for me. Sure, I had to re-agree to some ridiculous terms, like deadlines and participating, but they welcomed me with open arms. I shred myself of my Frat-tire, put on a dirty Pacsun v-neck, smoked a Marlboro red and entered the realm of my people.

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Penn State SM Fail
Tuesday, on Penn State's Facebook page, fans of the page were informed of policies that prohibit any political advocation for Board candidates, but in their own comments, they unintentionally called the board "horrible".
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Some may have heard of an eccentric Dutchman by the name of Wim Hof. What’s so extraordinary about him is that he has “the ability to control the thermostat” in his head. The idea behind that seems hard to believe, but it’s been documented on video for his daredevil feats that seem to defy normal human threshold. But for Justin Rosales, a Penn State graduate, the ability to defy normal human standards became the catalyst the drove him onto a vision quest and eventually led him to publishing his story

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Joe was ready. He died surrounded by his loved ones and his family. He left knowing he had finished everything that he had ever started. We were never truly alone while he was living, and we certainly aren't alone now. He made all of it possible and he left us to continue the tradition of excellence he bestowed upon our school. And that is what should give us the most comfort, the most solace, on a day like today.
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Penn State Board of Trustees
The "Board of Trustees" has been thrown around in conversation very generally as if to explain an omnipotent identity when for the most part, its actual structure and power dynamics are overlooked. It is the purpose of this article to explain the bigger picture, to answer the questions "What is the Board of Trustees?" and "What makes one eligible to be on the board?".
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Are you feeling lonely? Do you need a pocket-sized confidante? Do worthless rubber novelties get your rocks off? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the White Building can give you exactly what you need: Sports themed Rubber Duckies!
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How does a 5 hour commute to and from work every day sound? That's just the average time if you're going underwater at a depth of 12,500 feet. Though a vast majority of people can expect never to go that deep underwater, Robert Ballard is one of the lucky few.
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Here at Penn State, it is rumored that the three most recognizable people are Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, and Gary Catell, who is appropriately named the Willard Preacher. Whether or not that's true, nearly every single student sees the Willard Preacher and for someone who is in his own right a human landmark, barely anyone knows who he actually is.
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An injustice was committed against us, and it's personal. @Kris_Helfer announced that The Daily Collegian received an offering of condoms and "goodies" from Trojan. We consider this to be a low blow from Trojan, who has situated Ms. Helfer and The Daily Collegian the position to receive a generous endowment without even taking a moment to slow down and understand what large impact this package may leave on everyone.
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The allure of guising oneself is fascinating. We have been trying to hide ourselves behind masks for thousands of years, yet this inexplicable fixation on the occult or macabre continues to this day.
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Homecoming Parade King and Queen
...The immortal custom of not being sober is celebrated among the masses, and both undergrads and alumni alike can be found throwing up together in cadence on Beaver Avenue--a spectacle to behold, which reflects the true intrinsic meaning of searching for our roots. But what is Homecoming to us? What does this event, which has been happening since 1920, mean?
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chad snugg

It’s that time of year again, where for whatever reason, the extremely weather-appropriate demographic at Penn State celebrates the slightly less than warm weather. We just have to admit it and realize there is no use in denying: it’s SNUGG season, everyone. Spandex, North Face, and UGGs: these have become the obligatory novelty that no one seems to point out, despite its ubiquity ad nauseam. There is no coincidence that UGG is also a self-referencing onomatopoeia for those of us who just can’t deal with this ridiculous trend anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really care what people wear. It’s the frequency that I see girls wearing this exact outfit that bothers me. And it’s not just how often I see that bothers me, it’s really why I see it so often that does. It has become a fashionable way to dress down. Which doesn’t make any sense.