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Mifflin streak
Overheard returns one last time this year at the Mifflin Streak.
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I joined Onward State in the Fall with the hope that I would be part of the group that was going to sustain this blog after the founders, Davis, Eli and Evan, graduated. It didn't turn out that way. So it's time for my good bye post. It's not a senior column, since I'm not graduating and I'm not in undergrad anymore. Anyway, this is my good bye post.
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John Mulaney
When I heard that John Mulaney was coming to Penn State, I called dibs on dibs on dibs on writing the review. As a self-entitled comedy groupie, I was ecstatic. I had seen the debut of his Comedy Central special, New In Town, and I was sold on what is definitely going to be a huge mainstream success. More on Mulaney's set, Joe Mande's opener and my really high expectations, after the jump.
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We realized that print is actually not going to die. So we're jumping ship to print, but only on Sunday. Find out more about the decision behind doing "Onward State on Sunday".
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Jerry Seinfeld
Last night, with a lot of entertainment options in Happy Valley, an almost packed Eisenhower Auditorium chose legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld. With new and old material alike, Seinfeld crafted a different show about nothing in particular and life in general, which garnered him a standing ovation.