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Halloween Crowd
Should students wear costumes to the Maryland game on Saturday? Two of our writers debate whether the practice should continue.
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John Amaechi, an NBA sensation and 2013 Homecoming Grand Marshal, reflected on his connections with Jerry Sandusky, his time at the Second Mile, and the scandal that followed.
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After a week of exciting developments, HBO announced it has suspended the Al Pacino movie 'Happy Valley' because of budgetary restrictions. This is the first time that a studio has claimed it was behind the screen adaptation of Joe Posnanski's 'Paterno.'
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Were you worried the upcoming Joe Paterno biopic 'Happy Valley' was cancelled? Don't fret! Al Pacino reveals how he's preparing himself to play the late football coach.
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By: Kellen Micah
The Buffalo Bills franchise has invited the Penn State Blue Band to perform at Ralph Wilson Stadium on November 3. The Bills will play the Kansas City Chiefs for an early afternoon game. This will mark a busy weekend for the Blue Band, as Beaver Stadium will host a game between the Nittany Lions and Fighting Illini.
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Rock in America
Night Ranger, a rock band founded in 1982, will play State Theatre on Tuesday, August 20. Their performance will mark the opening salvo of a semester full of musical acts.
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Camden Riversharks Nittany Lion
You don't have to wait until August to have a THON Night in the Philadelphia area. The Camden Riversharks, from the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, will raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund on Tuesday. Tickets purchased before Monday evening will have some of the proceeds donated to THON.
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The Department of Education said the law didn't apply. The Office of Open Records said the law didn't apply. But the Commonwealth Court said the Right-to-Know law applies to the state Secretary of Education in his or her capacity as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees.
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The DC Superior Court ruled that Michael Mann, a world-renown climatologist and Penn State professor, can proceed in his lawsuit against the National Review and Competitive Enterprise Institute. Last July, the two conservative organizations shared an article that compared the professor to Jerry Sandusky.
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Kathleen Kane_Cole
Earlier this week, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the state Supreme Court removed Barry Feudale as the supervising judge of grand jury investigations. This came at the request of Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Kane alleged that Feudale belittled her and Linda Kelly, the previous state Attorney General. Kane also stated that the judge brandished a knife in her office.
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Another one bit the dust. Today, Governor Corbett announced the forced resignation of Richard Allan, his secretary of the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources. Allan is also an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees and was present during the entirety of the Sandusky Scandal.
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Seal of the University
Some individuals would have you believe that a Winter Soldier is one who stands by himself. However, in his senior column, Doug Dooling argues that Winter Soldiers are people who overcome difficulties together.
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THON 2013 Twitter Story
If you thought THON couldn't take any more of your money, think again. THON publicly announced they will open a permanent location in the HUB around May 2015. This endeavor comes with other renovations that are a part of HUB Expansion. The Board of Trustees will vote on expanding the student union at their meeting next month.
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On Tuesday, US District Judge Yvette Kane ruled that oral arguments for the NCAA's motion to dismiss will begin on May 1. The governing body of college sports argues that the Commonwealth's lawsuit to overturn sanctions on the Nittany Lions football program is without merit.
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in front of a JVP cardboard cutout
On Friday afternoon, Franco Harris will moderate “Upon Further Review: One Year Later,” a panel which will discuss the myths and truths surrounding the Sandusky Scandal. The event promises to reveal unreported information about the Grand Jury Presentment. Panelists will include John Ziegler and Anthony Lubrano.
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Former state senator Bob Jubelirer has scored one of the highest-profile endorsements for the Board of Trustees alumni election. Yesterday, Senator Jubelirer shared on his Facebook page that Tom Ridge, who resigned the Pennsylvania governorship in 2011 to become the first Homeland Security Secretary, endorsed him for Trustee. This announcement came after the first day of alumni voting.
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Don't know whom to vote for in the upcoming alumni election for Board of Trustees? Let these people decide for you!
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Few people heard of Bill Cluck before Ken Frazier's tirade. Now, Dr. Cluck, a candidate for an alumni seat on the Board of Trustees, earned the first celebrity endorsement of this election. Valerie Plame Wilson, a former CIA operative and novelist, endorsed Cluck for Penn State's Board of Trustees.
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Regis Becker

The University named Regis Becker its first Director of Ethics and Compliance yesterday. With this title, Becker will be charged with supervision of all federal, state, and local laws, as well as internal policies. His post comes from the preliminary recommendations of Louis Freeh.

“Regis Becker’s range of distinguished experience in corporate compliance, security and law enforcement makes him the ideal person to implement and oversee clear, comprehensive and exemplary principles and procedures for the University,” President Rod Erickson said in a release.

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Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 4.11.26 PM
Senator John Yudichak says the Freeh Report will cost the university one-hundred fifty million dollars. "That's a lot of money to be spent on an incomplete report."
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City Hall (Philadelphia)
Penn State University experienced a legal setback last week, as the Superior Court of Pennsylvania determined that its trial with its insurer, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association Insurance Company will be held in Philadelphia County, not Centre County as it had hoped.
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By: Doug Dooling
How does a dancer get through Sunday Morning. Jon, who is dancer for Help Every Angel Live (HEAL) shared his tips.
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Taken: Doug Dooling
After serving cancer-hating patrons chicken fingers and walking burritos, Hospitality Committee members get to spend their relaxing time on the dance floor.
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Your child is dancing in THON. Are you so excited that he or she has this amazing opportunity? Or are you worried about the adverse health effects. Onward State found that not every parent felt the same way about his or her child dancing.
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Alpha Chi Omega THON13
Alpha Chi Omega finished among the Top Five of Greek Organizations last year, with their partners at Pi Kappa Phi. Why are they so motivated to be a part of THON? Their sisters shared why they enjoy THON weekend.
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PSU Irish Society
One month after the last day of THON, it's Saint Patrick's Day. Coincidence? Yes. Anyway, we interviewed members of the Penn State Irish Society to find out why they THON.
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Snowboard Club THON
Who says snowboarders don't care about anything worthwhile. The Snowboard Club raised more than twenty-five thousand dollars for the kids.
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Penn State Schuylkill THON
If you think only University Park students THON, think again. THON organizations exist at every Commonwealth campus. Although UPark students often forget Commonwealth students' contributions, they play a vital role in the fight against pediatric cancer. Onward State interviewed Schuylkill THON to learn the impact they had on THON 2013.
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Airborne, the pilots head back to base on a beautiful Sunday October morning in Happy Valley.
Unmanned aircraft have been crucial in the War on Terror, but are they necessary on a college campus? Penn State University thinks so. The Electronic Frontier Foundation learned the University has petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration for a drone license.
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Erickson Diversity
Yesterday night, while the lot of your were preparing for Thirsty Thursday, the Student Black Caucus, Latino Caucus, and Asian Pacific American Caucus held an open forum, where members of the public could lob questions and comments to President Rodney Erickson. Although the questions could have been about anything, they hinged on the university efforts to promote tolerance and diversity.