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0 UPUA Diversity Chair in Twubble

Update 8:49 PM: Karn has resigned from his position. He was not present at the meeting. UPUA President Christian Ragland read his statement, found here.

According to the Daily Collegian,

Newly appointed UPUA Student Life and Diversity Chairman Noah Karn has come under fire for racial and gay slurs posted on his Twitter page.

Onward State has acquired the screenshots in question, found after the jump.

0 2009 Senior Class Gift Comes Home

The Pattee Mall between Old Main and Willard Building has been busy with construction over the past few weeks. It’s not just some routine maintenance by OPP, as the workers have been busily completing the seating area that makes up an important part of the 2009 Senior Class Gift.

Today, the restored Old Main Bell was put in place at the new site. The next step in the process is for OPP to finish the concrete walkways that surround the seating area. The gift will be dedicated on Friday, April 23rd at 10:15 AM.

In attendance at the ceremony will be President Spanier, Martha Jordan (Volunteer Chair for the Office of Annual Giving), and Avery Peechatka (2009 Senior Class Gift Communications Overall). As part of the event, they will ring the bell and say a few words. At the same ceremony, the completion of the 2005 and 2008 Senior Class Gifts will also be recognized.

Read on for a statement from the Assistant Director of the Penn State Office of Annual Giving.

0 CAS 100H Class Brings Kevin Salwen To Campus

When Kevin Salwen’s daughter was 14, confronted by the existence of tremendous wealth next to abject poverty, she convinced her family to sell their home, move into a smaller one, and donate the proceeds to charity. Now, three years later, Salwen is on campus today talking about the need to re-examine the “relationships you make in life — with both people and your ‘stuff’– and on the power we each have within us to trigger positive change.”

Niko Kovacevic, one of the students in the CAS 100H class responsible for the speech, said, “We’re bringing him to Penn State because his philosophy concerning ethics, specifically the ethics of justice, wealth and charity, applies directly to the material our class is studying.”

Read more about this talk after the jump.

0 Faculty Senate Resolution Passes After Lengthy Filibuster

After serious disagreement over a subsection of a Faculty Senate resolution, Christopher Mullin of the College of Agricultural Sciences used the last option at his disposal. With no time limits on the debate and not enough votes for cloture, Mullin just started talking… and talking… and talking… for the next 24 hours. His filibuster, which lasted from Tuesday night to Wednesday, concerned a specific provision of the Faculty Senate resolution establishing a Faculty Senate Music Festival.

The overall resolution has widespread support in the Senate, but the provision in question has raised the hackles of many Senators. It seeks to have the Festival in the Fall, instead of the Spring, the traditional Penn State Music Festival season.

The mission of the FacSen Music Festival (its working title) is to spread awareness about the role of the Faculty Senate on campus. Often referred to by students as “the UPUA but for old people,” the Festival seeks to correct such misinformation. While the Festival is an example of wasteful spending, which puts it right up UPUA’s alley, Senator David Babb of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences was quick to note that “we actually do a lot of important stuff too.” When pressed to divulge some of what those things were, Babb just scratched his head.

For more details on this measure, read the full post.

0 UPUA Legal Clinic to Open Today

After two years of hard work, the University Park Undergraduate Association Office of Student Legal Services is set to open in 135 Boucke Building today. UPUA President Gavin Keirans said, “Last year, we went through a year long process with the student activity fee board to establish funding for this service. This year I have co-chaired the search committee for the selection of the director.”

Under the guidance of Attorney Carolyn M. Larrabee, the office will be able to mount a legal defense for students on a variety of issues, including landlord-tenant complaints and minor criminal offenses. Interestingly enough, the office will not be able to represent students in cases against other students or against the University.

When asked about the best part of the new office, Keirans noted, “The great thing about legal services is that it will not just be advice, but rather actual legal representation. You are going to have an advocate and attorney in your corner.”

After the jump: Thoughts on the Office of Legal Services from the UPUA presidential candidates.

0 Keirans Endorses Ragland for UPUA President

Yesterday afternoon, President Gavin Keirans and Vice-President Hillary Gupta announced their unequivocal endorsement of Christian Ragland for UPUA President and Colleen Smith for Vice-President. Citing Christian’s relationships with both student leaders and the administration, as well as Colleen’s work on advancing student interests in local and state government, Keirans called the duo “the best choice to lead”.

The endorsement went on to compliment David Adewumi on his charisma and passion, but noted his lack of experience as a distinct disadvantage. Ragland said, “It is an honor to have both Gavin and Hilary endorse us as together they have accomplished a lot.” In addition to Keirans and Gupta, the campaign has also received the endorsement of numerous other individuals and organizations.

Read on after the jump for Adewumi’s heated response to Keirans’s endorsement of Ragland.

0 THON 2011 Overall Chair Announced

Sunday night was one that Kirsten Kelly will not soon forget. At around 11pm, it was announced that she would be the 2011 THON Overall Chairperson. Kelly wanted to be the Overall Chair because, in her words, “I believe in the role THON is playing in the fight against pediatric cancer and want to take THON to the next level. I want to take advantage of the opportunities THON has for growth and improvement so we can provide outstanding emotional and financial support to the children, families, researchers and staff of the Four Diamonds Fund.”

Having spent THON 2010 as the Merchandise Overall Chairperson, Kelly has already played a very important role in THON’s success. She had this to say about how her experiences in the past year will aid her in the next: “[My experiences] have taught me a lot about communication, leadership and what THON needs in the future. The interaction I had with the THON community through that position will be an asset to my year as the Overall Chair. Not to mention I have tons of THON gear to wear after this past year!”

Read the full post for the next steps on the road towards THON 2011.

0 More Administrators Come Out Against State Patty’s

Coming on the heels of Dean David Wormley’s letter to College of Engineering students and Dean Christian Brady’s blog post to Schreyer Scholars, Dr. Eric White, Executive Director of DUS, recently sent an email out to his young charges echoing their sentiments.

White basically said that students do many good things, like THON, but also some things that don’t make them look so good, State Patty’s being one of them.

Read on for the full email.

0 Big Ten Endowments Report

Following up on earlier research, Onward State has examined the latest NACUBO College Endowment Study and updated our findings. Nothing groundbreaking here. The economy was poor, and in fiscal year 2009, the Big Ten endowments continued their decline from fiscal year 2008.

Penn State’s endowment lost nearly 21% of its value, which is in fact a middle-of-the-road figure relative to the rest of the Big Ten. Northwestern University experienced the largest decrease in endowment value by percent, almost 25%. Purdue escaped 2009 with less damage to its endowment than any other Big Ten university, suffering only a 16% loss.

The news isn’t all bad however. The Collegian reported that Penn State, along with many other universities, has experienced an increase in its endowment since the NACUBO numbers were complied.

From a low of $1.26 billion, the university’s endowment has risen to $1.46 billion, a 16% increase. Onward State recently solicited the other schools in the Big Ten for their endowment figures from the end of calendar year 2009 to see how Penn State stacked up.

0 Breakdancing at THON

What feels like forever ago, we blogged about a breakdance circle that came together on the floor towards the back of the BJC.

Cumberland Valley THON was lucky enough to get a video of the dancers as they were getting down.

0 2010 Line Dance Full Text

Our friends over at the Daily Collegian transcribed the lyrics…

Penn State, look around/ See this love that we have found

New decade: 2010/ For the Kids once again
BJC, show your pride/ Move your Diamonds side to side
Lions, Tigers, Mud, oh my!/ Joe Paterno, still our guy
Homecoming in the snow/ Sorry to see PJ go
Women volley for three-peat/ National Champs, can’t be beat!

The rest is after the jump.

0 Greeks Tired of Being Scapegoats

Aaron Clark is frustrated that the Greek Community has been blamed, almost exclusively, for the drinking problem at Penn State.

This frustration recently manifested itself in a manner that has become all too familiar… he made a Facebook group.

The group, titled “Greeks for Equal Accountability“, was created “to bring attention to the fact that the IFC, its chapters, and all Greek organizations are making the most concerted effort to minimize risk, excessive drinking, and the negative stigma we began to carry when we were announced #1 Party School.”

0 DJ Ryan Resigns, Reveals UPUA-CCSG Rift

Those in attendance last night at the UPUA meeting may not have been expecting anything interesting to happen, but they were in for quite a treat.

Drama ensued partway through the marathon session when DJ Ryan, CCSG Liaison to UPUA, resigned his position, effective immediately. The resignation was not a personal decision of Mr. Ryan, but of CCSG as an organization. CCSG, after attempting to collaborate with UPUA on many issues of importance, decided that they were not interested in continuing a formal relationship with a group that did not want to work with them.

0 David Sanborn Quartet at the State Theatre

David Sanborn and crew played their version of jazz at the State Theatre last night to a packed house of older folks. Sanborn, on alto saxophone, was backed by keyboards, a drummer, and the famous Joey DeFrancesco on the B-3 organ. The whole evening he had the crowd, the median age of which was easily 55, clapping their hands and snapping their fingers in time with the music. Personally however, while I am an avid fan of jazz music, I am not a fan of his type of jazz music. Sanborn’s music is usually categorized as smooth jazz. I don’t think that’s a very fair classification. For those unfamiliar, smooth jazz is a genre dominated by the infamous Kenny G. Having taken MUSIC 007, the Evolution of Jazz, with the great Dan Yoder, I learned that this is the lowest genre of jazz. Sanborn, on the other hand, I would describe as  a funkier version of the aforementioned Kenny G. So, a little better, but not much.

Sanborn is touring for his latest album, his 24th, titled “On Everything”, the title track of which is about his first grandchild, Genevieve. In addition to songs from that album, he played many others including the popular standard “Let the Good Times Roll”. That was probably the group’s best song of the evening. Sanborn filled the breaks between songs with stories about his new granddaughter. He complimented the State Theatre, noting that he had never been to State College before, unless he was here in the 70s, because, he joked, no one remembers the 70s. Humor aside, musically, the night was dominated musically by Joey DeFrancesco. The organist Sanborn called the “Philosopher of Funk” soloed throughout the night and was immensely more creative and entertaining than Sanborn himself. There was a reason the show was billed as “Featuring Joey DeFrancesco”. Sanborn’s solos were short and predictable, and he had a habit of continuing playing after the band had stopped, almost as if he needed to have the last word. That being said, Sanborn has clearly been doing something right throughout his career, having garnered six Grammy Awards. But, if Taylor Swift can win over Gaga, then maybe that’s not such a big deal either.

Sanborn’s next stop is the Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel tomorrow if you want to see how your impressions match up to my review. Additionally, if you are interested in jazz music, WPSU has a jazz show Fridays from 9-11 pm. One of the hosts of the show attended the Sanborn concert and is interested in local feedback about her jazz programming and any requests you may have. She goes by the name of Rain and will be broadcasting next on February 12th. Her email address can be found here.

Photographer: Stefan Choquette, Onward State Editor of Photography || [email protected]

0 WPSU to Auction Off Signed JoePa Glasses

You read correctly.

Local public media outlet WPSU will be auctioning off an autographed pair of JoePa’s signature glasses at its Connoisseur’s Dinner and Auction on February 20th. The event, which will be held in the Alumni Ballroom at the Nittany Lion Inn, is the place to be if you want to rub shoulders with the elite of the local public broadcasting community. In order to bid on and possibly win the famous specs however, you need not attend. Bidding will begin online this Monday for the glasses as well as for a signed Derek Jeter baseball bat. In the past, WPSU has auctioned off other JoePa memorabilia including autographed khakis and socks, but this is the first time his iconic glasses will cross the auctioneer’s stand.

If you want to go to the dinner and help local public broadcasting, be prepared to pay for it. Tickets are $180.00 per person and can be purchased here. Though, I suspect that if you are in the market for JoePa’s glasses, $180 is small potatoes.

0 Penn State Brings Home Academic BCS Victory

hen you sit down to watch Texas and Alabama square off in the BCS National Championship tomorrow, take some solace in the fact that if the BCS was based on academics, neither team would be in the Big Game.

Instead, you’d be cheering on Dear Old State (ranked #1) as they battled against Stanford (ranked #2) in Pasadena. In the New America Foundation academic ratings of the Top 25 ranked teams, Alabama ends up ranked 8th and Texas ranked a lowly 25th.

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