Author Grant Brown

Grant is currently a Junior majoring in Advertising and Minoring in Business. In his (limited) free time, he enjoys reading, writing, recording and editing music, cooking, and sleeping.

1 A Brief History of the Schreyer House

We looked into the history behind President-elect Barron’s new home come May, the Schreyer House. The 10,000 square foot home has a storied history since it was built in 1928, sold to Penn State in 1985, and renovated shortly after. Today it sits on 76 acres of north campus, serving as the President’s Residence, and a venue for hosting important University guests.

9 Jay Paterno Speaks Candidly at THON 2014

Jay Paterno took some time off from campaigning to come speak at THON this afternoon. Paterno had the crowd quieter than I’ve heard in hours as they listened intently, but at times, he had everyone cheering louder than ever — thanks in part to a little light-hearted profanity.

6 Lone Survivor Chronicles the Final Moments of Michael Murphy’s Life

Lone Survivor has been a hit the box office since it was released on January 10, not only among Penn Staters, but nationwide. The movie depicts the true story of a four-man Navy SEAL team on a mission in Afghanistan, and stars Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell, the real life “lone survivor,” along with Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and Ben Foster as the other members of Luttrell’s SEAL team.

0 College Republicans and Democrats Talk Guns

The College Republicans and College Democrats came together last night to talk about a hot topic both in Washington, and nation-wide. In the wake of some of the most tragic and deadly shootings in America, gun control debates are raging across the country, and for about an hour or so, Penn State had our very own in 073 Willard.

1 Total Whiteout Was Awesome

There’s just really no other way to put it. There is no way, none, that any recap I could write would do Total Whitout’s performance justice. They made me laugh, cry, sing along, fist pump, and jump up and down, all in their hourlong set. However, since I have to write something or I lose my seat in Press Row, here goes nothing as I try to put one of the best live music experiences I’ve had into words.

0 Gone Like the Wind

“I can’t Te’o how hard this is, but we have to break up”. Even though I pleaded with her, her mind was made up. She got up and swiftly left my life, as quickly as she had entered it. Lennay Kekua was gone in an instant, as if she never even existed at all.