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A farm girl and a smarty pants from Eastern PA. Lover of dogs, Brand New, Kitten Mittens, sunshine and Flyers hockey.

Penn State
0 Penn State Knows Grass

Penn State can add another accomplishment to its winning traditions by becoming the first university ever to have alumni overseeing the course facilities for all three U.S. major golf tournaments; the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship and the Masters.

8 Urban Gaming Club: More Than Just Eating Brains

Arriving a few minutes early for the Urban Gaming Club meeting, I sat by myself in an empty room in Willard wondering what exactly the next hour of my life was going to be like. I had expected this meeting to be sitting in a classroom with Nerf darts flying in the air, people talking over one another and general dysfunctional every where. For the most part, I was right. But I was also surprisingly wrong.

0 THON Is Literally Tomorrow

There were many issues brought to light during THON Weekend 2013. While some are inevitable, others are being to investigated avoid any catastrophes that could potentially arise during future THON Weekends. The overall committee announced this weekend that THON 2014 has been moved to the second to last weekend in April to combat any issues with the cold weather.

Penn State
9 Why You Should Care About Finding Penn State’s New President

Ever since the Jerry Sandusky Scandal broke in November of 2011, Penn State students have been vocal about the situation since the very start. During the months following it seemed as though you couldn’t get on Twitter or Facebook without seeing someone express their dismay for Sandusky, their praise for Joe Paterno, and any other opinion they possibly had. So why don’t we care about expressing our opinion about the new future president?

1 Procrastination: A Diary of the Wait-Till-Last-Minuter

Procrastination: the infectious disease that most can’t seem to shake, the kryptonite of the common student. No matter how many things we write out in our planner or how productive we tell ourselves we are going to be, we always have those Thursday nights at 11:30 when a 10-page paper is due at midnight…and we aren’t even sure what we’re supposed to be writing about.

2 Why My Major Rules: Agricultural and Extension Education

All of us have that “30-second elevator speech” prepared and ready to go whenever we meet a new person and are faced with the question, “So, what are you majoring in?” I dread that question, and I know I am not alone. My major is awesome, but complicated. Although I sometimes wonder whether or not I should take the time to try and explain, I know it’s oh so worth it.

2 THON and Greek Life: A Breakup in the Making?

THON is just around the corner. Although many other organizations have had an overwhelmingly powerful impact on the event, you can’t deny that Greek Life has had a huge presence from the very beginning. Greek Life and THON, were soul mates — they were meant to be together. But might the story of Greek Life and THON at Penn State be slowly coming to an end?