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Would these calls have affected the outcome of the game? That's always the most frustrating part. The fact that Penn State fought valiantly and took the 13th best team in the country into overtime when nobody said they could is reason for optimism. But thinking about what could have been -- and what a win like this would have meant to the program -- well, I should just stop watching that GIF over and over again.
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Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was boozing in downtown State College last night, leaving enormous tips in his path.
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There are just some things I never imagined I'd write about. This is one of those things.
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The latest bipartisan poll has Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf up 23 points on incumbent Tom Corbett only two weeks before election day. Barring some sort of meltdown, Wolf will be Pennsylvania's next governor. With 631,000 living alumni, more than half of which live in Pennsylvania, Penn State should be at the top of the next governor's list of priorities.
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At long last, Penn State's most dangerous fugitives have been brought to justice.
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Snapchat users may be familiar with its Our Story feature, which has been used to curate user-generated snaps from major events based on geolocation. Today, Snapchat users using Penn Sate's wifi started noticing a similar feature called College Campus Live. Penn State is one of four universities -- along with UCLA, USC, and UT Austin -- to pilot the new Snapchat feature.
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The New York Times did a great user-generated feature this spring collecting haikus to describe what New York City meant to its diverse communities. Like New York, I believe our community in the Nittany Valley elicits profound emotions that could be conveyed beautifully through haiku.
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Well that happened. For the first time since 2007 -- the first time any current Penn State student has ever known -- Penn State lost to Michigan. It sucked. I was there, which sucked even more. Nonetheless, the Big House is a college football institution, and after taking an extra day to mourn, here are my observations.
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Ask any group of Penn State students what the biggest issue is facing the university today and you're likely to hear tuition first almost every time. Such was the central topic of discussion last night at the Schreyer Honors College's Shaping the Future Summit, which featured a keynote address from President Eric Barron.
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Game Day Observations comes at you from the Northwestern game, although we'd rather just forget about it.
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Michael Pilato certainly had a busy Homecoming week, with several major additions on his Heister Street mural. Football fans should recognize some of these new faces next to the "main" Joe Paterno mural image.
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Everyone knows Penn State is a massive place with tons of students. What you might not have known is that Penn State is one of only six schools in the United States with a student population of more than 40,000.
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During halftime of the Northwestern game on Saturday, Kevin Bunce and Kenya Crawford became the newest couple to ascend the Penn State Homecoming throne, succeeding last year's King and Queen John Satira and Rhonda Bates.
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A Penn State student died in a car accident today while driving a Penn Stater Conference Center van.
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Everyone knows by now that James Franklin is a recruiting nut. He may also be single-handedly keeping the USPS in business.
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Any of us could die in a car crash. That’s why we don’t romanticize it. But there’s only one Joe Dado. And the sooner we all stop to acknowledge that, to understand just what it tells us about ourselves, the better.
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Patriot News columnist David Jones described this game as "a beautiful day for a ritual sacrifice." A more apt phrase has never been written. UMass is bad -- one of the worst teams in the FBS -- and it was, indeed, a beautiful day in Happy Valley, with temperatures in the low 70s and the ambiance downtown at its perfect peak.
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A Penn State Young Americans for Freedom video has been making waves in libertarian circles this week after being posted to the conservative website Breitbart.
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Marco Rubio Speech On Innovation At Uber's DC Offices
The fast-growing and tepidly controversial ride-sharing company Uber is apparently looking to expand its services to State College.
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Penn State couldn't quite crack the top-25 in the AP or USA Today Coach's polls after beating Rutgers this weekend, but at least Sports Illustrated is giving the Nittany Lions some respect.
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"When you put on a Penn State helmet, you cannot be beaten. It's your suit of armor, baby. There's no way you can be beaten."
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It turns out its not only Rutgers fans that lack tact and decency -- it's the school's official social media account as well.
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by zach berger
The environment in the second year of the Pegula Ice Arena is set to be just as exciting as the first. Nearly 1,000 student season tickets sold out at 7:03 a.m. this morning after only three minutes.
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Your 2014 Homecoming Court was officially crowned yesterday during the annual "court crash" process. Ten students and ten faculty members, split evenly by gender, were surprised by visits from Homecoming members to their classroom or office to inform them of their status on the court.
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Lawrence Lokman

At long last, the days of Penn State’s administration standing behind canned marketing ploys like “Penn State Lives Here” could be a thing of the past. Penn State announced the appointment of Lawrence H. Lokman yesterday to be its next vice president for strategic communications, pending approval at next week’s Board of Trustees meeting. Lokman is the founder and managing director of Window In Communications in Los Angeles, and served as a vice chancellor in UCLA’s communications department from 2002 to 2010.

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There's typically not a whole lot to remember about noon games against MAC opponents, but the home opener tends to lead way for some surprises with the game day experience. A new marketing-obsessed coach made those changes even more palpable than usual. It wasn't the most fun three hours of football I've ever seen, but here are your Akron observations this week.
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The NCAA sanctions met their abrupt and (almost) total end today, in what is sure to be a day that goes down in Penn State history as one of its best. It's a day for celebration for sure -- a celebration of a partially righted wrong, like a wrongfully convicted prisoner going free.
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Penn State v Alabama
Sen. George Mitchell's report, which could include some relief for Penn State from the NCAA sanctions, is due out in the coming days. For now, though, the second winning coach in college football history -- or winningest, if you put any weight into NCAA statistics -- Bobby Bowden came out in favor of giving back Joe Paterno his 111 victories back in the official record.
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45 - Nebraska - Blue Band
The Penn State Blue Band will have a slightly different gameday routine in 2014. After the athletic department clandestinely canceled the band's Tailgreat pregame show at the Bryce Jordan Center two weeks ago, the band announced what it will do in its stead.
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Game Day Observations is a recurring series from Onward State now in its fourth season taking you in the stands and analyzing the minutiae of every Penn State football game, home and away.