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0 Music Monday: Mildly Musing Melodies

Students, Alumni, Faculty, lend me your ears! Yes, it’s Monday again. The start of a new week may be tough to get through, but don’t be scared. Music Monday is here to make your life a little bit easier. These six tracks have been meticulously chosen for your listening pleasure. So turn on, tune in, and drop out as you let the music sink into the caverns of your mind.

1 Music Monday: Relevant Songs of the Week

Music Monday is back. Half of you opened this post for the sake of breaking away from the usual cog-in-the-machine routine of life to be entertained by my words and the music I present to you. The other half will whine because the songs I chose for this week don’t meet your aesthetic standards. If the latter is dissatisfied with the list I’ve made, send any suggestions for Music Monday tracks to [email protected] Now, here are nine relevant songs from this past week.

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