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Whether you decorate to stand out from your fellow peers, to be witty, or to honor those who have helped you cross that stage, there are an infinite amount of ways to make your cap pop. Here is your guide to some of the most popular mortarboard designs.
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The 2nd annual College Town Film Festival is well underway at the State Theater and one of the most prominent features of this year’s festival is special guest James Denton also known as Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives. The festival features the screenings of several independent films as well as several shorts, one of which stars Denton.
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In 1855, James Irvin of Bellefonte, Pa donated 200 acres to start the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania, which eventually became our beloved Penn State University. Irvin’s Great-Great-Great-Grandson, Steve Irvin, now wants the land back, which will result in Penn State’s eviction from State College, Pa.
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While going to class every day might seem like a drag to most of us (senioritis anyone?), to Life Link students it is an incredible opportunity to learn about independence, life skills, and of course gain knowledge.
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Lt. Murphy’s legacy will continue to be honored this weekend with Omega Delta Sigma’s annual Warrior Games and spaghetti dinner benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Lt. Murphy was an avid fan of Crossfit, a fitness and exercise program known for its intense workouts that combine multiple disciplines of strength training.
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#GanjamStyle might have popped up on your Twitter feed last week, and no, luckily, it is not the comeback of the Gangnam Style dance, but rather the campaign tagline of UPUA presidential candidate Anand Ganjam.
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For the first time so far this weekend, the Bryce Jordan Center has officially reached capacity triggering THON's newly created back-up plan. The doors to the BJC are now officially closed, and every hour on the hour THON will release updates on the numbers on the coded bracelets who will be allowed to enter into the BJC (if any)
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“To watch you grow and become the largest student-run philanthropy in the world has been an overwhelming experience."
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charles millard
We spoke to Charles Millard and daughter Irma Millard, founders of the Four Diamonds Fund, the sole beneficiary of THON, about what it is like to be at his 37th THON and how THON has grown.
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He's got your nose, Nittany Lion! (Photo by: Bobby Chen)
With THON only 2 days away, volunteers are in overdrive working out the final details of THON weekend and hoping to raise more funds to add to the total that will be revealed during the culmination of a years worth of work. In order to give the THON community some motivation in the final stretch, we reached out to some Four Diamonds families to ask them what THON means to them. Here are their responses:
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Morale has been a staple of the Penn State Dance Marathon for years and was the first official committee of the world's largest student-run philanthropy. Known for keeping dancers motivated and energized while they stand on their feet for 46 hours, moralers are responsible for keeping the energy up, maintaining dancer safety, and being huge fans of the color yellow. With THON a short three days away, we asked ourselves, "What if we had a moraler for everyday life?"
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Last year we gave you a beginner's guide to THON 2013, complete with the people, places, and terms you need to know to make it through your first THON weekend. We decided to help out all the newbs again by giving you a refreshed and updated list of how to make your first THON experience the best it can be. Here is your unofficial beginner’s guide to THON weekend.
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With THON a short 15 days away, the list of dancers who will be standing for 46 hours has just been released, and just like last year is breaking a new record. Gone are the days of the traditional 708 dancers-- this year the BJC will be home to 711 dancers during THON weekend. Earlier this year it was announced that dancer couples would become a thing of the past, allowing organizations to have an odd number of dancers for the first time in the Dance Marathon's history. A discrepancy similar to last year's that allowed for 710 dancers pushed this year's number to 711.
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T'yanna Wallace is not your average Penn State student. While most of us aren't doing a whole lot with our weekends besides waiting in line for the Phyrst, Wallace spends her time working on her clothing line named after her father -- you might have heard of him -- Notorious B.I.G. Yep, her dad is the one and only Biggie Smalls. The Penn State Hazleton junior sat down with us to talk about what it's like to have a notorious dad.
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Her battle began around March of last year when she began to notices twitches and small movements. After suffering multiple seizures, the diagnosis was confirmed as cancer. Since the last time we caught up with Kayla, she has hit a couple of "speed bumps," including being taken out of a chemotherapy study and put into a different one because her low blood levels called for a blood transfusion in late November.
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THON2011 linedoors
More details are emerging about THON's new digital line procedure to help alleviate the line issues that have arisen in recent years.
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Ram Squad, Damon Raynor
RAM Squad will be hosting its 11th annual Rhythm Spotlight this Saturday from 3 p.m.- 11 p.m in Heritage Hall.
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If you still have yet to check out Pegula Ice Arena or have dreams of skating on the fancy new ice, THON is here to make your dreams a reality, all while raising money For The Kids.
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The Penn State Dance Marathon has officially entered Project for Awesome's annual contest in which the winning charities "decrease the overall level of world suck." Every year, the total money raised by Project for Awesome is dived between wining charities, and this year, THON is in the running among hundreds of other causes
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After both her father and grandfather were diagnosed with kidney cancer, Alison Willie was brought out of her hometown of Happy Valley, Ore., to a new Happy Valley -- the one we all know and love.
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What do Adam Taliaferro, Evan Pugh, and Pat Chambers all have in common? Besides being Penn State legends, of course, they've all got sandwiches named after them at the Fraser Street Deli. Now, you can too!
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Chiddy Bang
Philadelphia based rapper Chiddy Bang took Alumni Hall by storm Friday night performing both new and old songs in their free show hosted by SPA.
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We sat down with Go Go Gadjet for 10 questions on everything from life as a band to performing at THON to their famous "power hours."
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Everyone knows that feeling: your heartbeat quickens and palms start to sweat as you stare at the ground with utter dread. You dropped your phone. Sometimes you pick it up just to breathe a sigh of relief that it's unharmed, but the unlucky few barely contain a sob of devastation at the cracked screen of their phones. Even just looking around a lecture hall, it's easy to spot dozens of shattered iPhones -- the result of too many nights out and not enough money to spend on a new phone.
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Penn Tower
Between the hundreds of apartments around State College, we know there are some prime balconies around, and we want to know about them! Simply e-mail and tell us about a balcony that you think is the best of the best, and you (or your friends) might just be featured on Onward State!
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Earlier last week we asked readers to fill us in on their upcoming THON fundraisers. Here is your guide to making your November as FTK as your October was, which will be updated as events are submitted. You can still submit your November fundraiser here.
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So what are the signs that will help you figure out if you've been involved with THON too long? Just kidding, there's no such thing as "too long" when it comes to THON -- but we made a list of the top 10 symptoms that show up if you've been more involved with THON (or more dedicated to it!) than the average Penn Stater.
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Here is your opportunity to have your org’s fundraiser featured in our list of November THON fundraisers! Simply fill out the form below and be featured on Onward State’s list!
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THON announced last night via Facebook that it will create a new initiative to "Gold Out" the stands for this Saturday's game against Illinois to help show support for pediatric cancer awareness.
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The first big event of the THON season kicked off on Saturday with the annual FT5K. The 5K began with a multitude of festivities before the race began, including the always-inspiring Kid’s Race.
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