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Eric hutchinson
Pop crooner Eric Hutchinson will be performing in Happy Valley as part of SPA's 3rd Annual Nittany Block Party when the school year begins on August 30th. His performance is one that will keep everybody in great spirits.
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Icy Snow
Singing in public can be scary for some people, but Icy Snow KTV is a new place in State College to ease your fears. Who wouldn't want to sing in a room in front of people you know, as opposed to complete strangers?
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Ben Howard puts it nicely: "Keep your head up, keep your heart strong." Remember that phrase as you go on with your lives.
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On Monday night, laughter filled Alumni Hall, as comedian Chris Hardwick performed a stand-up set filled with his unique blend of "nerd humor," as part of SPA's Comedy Month.
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Ah, spring. It's a beautiful season that allows for a brighter display of outfits on campus. The Natty Nittany caught up with some of the most colorful, vibrant outfits on campus, perfect for the warmer weather!
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In the wake of the Boston tragedy, a walk to Beaver Stadium from Downtown before the Blue/White will be held at 10 a.m. before the Blue/White Game in support of the victims and their families.
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Judge Greg Mathis, of the popular court show, Judge Mathis, will be coming to Penn State to give a presentation about his story of struggle that led to success. His presentation is sponsored by the Multicultural Undergraduate Law Association.
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Nestled in the northern part of campus, the Palmer Museum of Art is quite the gem and often goes under appreciated by Penn State students. Did you know that there's a Picasso piece there? What about some fantastic sculptures in their sculpture garden? Or maybe you're quite fond of Renaissance-era art and don't want to go out to a big art museum to see pieces like that. If you haven't ventured out to the Palmer, maybe it's time to take in some really neat art pieces and see for yourself.
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As I lay Dying
On Friday night, the metalcore band As I Lay Dying brought their heavy, melodic guitar riffs, screaming vocals, and high energy to Alumni Hall at the HUB to perform a high-energy show for the metalheads in State College.
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Eleven Penn State fencers traveled to San Antonio, Texas, to compete in the NCAA Championships, against schools like Notre Dame, Princeton, Ohio State, and more. The team took third this year with great fencing all across the board.
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Start-Up Week is upon us here at Penn State, showcasing the "success of young entrepreneurs and innovators in technology and security." But did you know that some start-ups go beyond all of that? Some utilize technology to bring stores from all over the world to one place online, where you can shop from the comfort of your own room, without stepping foot on a plane. That's where Shoptiques comes into play.
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Smeal Graduation 2012
Graduation is supposed to be an exciting time in every collegiate's career. However, what happens after graduation? How do people really feel about finding a job right after graduation? One of our writers has opened up to speak about her personal feelings about her experience finding a job after college.
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The College of Communications has just announced that George Bodenheimer, executive chairman of ESPN, will be the 2013 commencement speaker.
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THON 1981 Logo
Marion Roger designed the logo for the 1981 THON. Now, she has generously donated her beautiful diamond ring to the Four Diamonds Fund.
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Spectators at the BJC were treated to heartwarming performances Sunday morning, including one by the crowd-favorite, Tucker Haas!
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Late at night on the concourse of the BJC is pretty interesting. The Natty Nittany decided to take a look and see what sorts of outfits were out on parade.
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Ariela Rossberg reads to a small crowd at Webster's.
Earlier today, Penn State grad Ariela Rossberg held her Read FTK! event at Webster’s to a small crowd of people, comprised of children at heart.
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Suzanne Graney is the Director of the Four Diamonds Fund. She also sang the national anthem at the 2011 and 2012 THON events. She loves her job very much, and sat down with Onward State for a brief interview during the first day of THON.
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ariela rossberg
THON weekend is going to be jam-packed with many events taking place in the Bryce Jordan Center. But did you know that a Penn State graduate wrote a book that just made it on Amazon's Best Seller Children's Book list? Ariela Rossberg will hold a reading event at Webster's on February 16 to benefit THON.
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The winter season makes everybody bring out some of their less desirable fashion choices. Of course, no matter what the season, people are always going to wear some pretty ridiculous things.
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PSU Fencing
Over the weekend, two Penn State fencers traveled to Paris, France, where they helped Team USA bring home the gold in the Men's Team Foil event.
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Ryan Buell
Ryan Buell, director of the hit A&E show, Paranormal State, and Penn State graduate, will be coming to speak about his experiences coming out as a bisexual man, while trying to balance his feelings as a Catholic. He will be a keynote speaker for the College of Communications' Office of Multicultural Affairs.
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If you logged onto ANGEL last week, you might have seen a new notice on the homepage encouraging students, faculty, and staff to give their input for future improvements, because apparently the much maligned course management system is going to be sticking around for a long time.
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John Legend 2
John Legend spoke to a large crowd at Penn State, giving them a chance to be empowered, and speaking about some of his philanthropic work with organizations such as Teach for America and his Show Me Campaign. He also performed a small set of songs following his speech.
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Buying textbooks can be a huge pain, but it doesn't have to put a hole in your wallet! Read on to find out more information on how to get better deals on buying books, to avoid being ripped off at the bookstore.
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OS Old MAin 2
When we return to classes, parts of Old Main will be closed off because of a renovation project that is projected to be finished by the upcoming fall semester.
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On a daily basis, parasitic organisms take control of unsuspecting hosts, turning them into zombie-like creatures. This is fairly common in nature, despite how scary it sounds. Luckily, zombie viruses haven't affected humans...yet.
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Frank Warren of PostSecret came to Penn State to share some secrets that he has received in his mailbox, and to invite the community to share some of their own.
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Music Monday
It's December, and that means we'll all be inundated with Christmas music soon enough. For this week's Music Monday, the Onward State staff mixed things up a bit. Instead of focusing on five songs, this week we're focusing on a large mix of songs for your upcoming ugly Christmas sweater parties, and to help get everybody into the holiday spirit. Don't be a Grinch -- break out the eggnog, and put some cheer in your life!
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On Wednesday, PRSSA is hosting their semi-annual Electric State: Battle of the DJs at Indigo. Four DJs will battle it out for a chance to spin in between Go Go Gadjet's sets that night.