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First things first. It's not a bar tour. Do not call it a bar tour.
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Penn State's Center for Pollinator Research just received over a million dollars in three separate grants. That's enough funds to keep them very buzzy (okay, I'm done with the puns) as they study the effects of disease, pesticides, and habitat problems on honeybees.
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The first upset of the NCAA tournament is already in the books, as 6-seed Ohio State fell to Dayton 59-60 earlier this afternoon. Penn State basketball somehow managed to beat the Buckeyes twice this year, and it looks like our fans are still taking solace in Ohio State's defeat.
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[Video] Watch as the 2014 THON Executive Committee reveal the record-breaking THON total.
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"Last year we had about 25 active members," explained the club's VP, Mike Buchanan. "The year before that maybe 6. This year we have about 60 active members. We're just growing exponentially."
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Every single banner at THON.
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A Love Letter to LionCash +
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You may remember last year when Joe Marcus traded a pen all the way up to a Ford F250 pick-up truck. Well, the Trader Challenge is now an annual event at Penn State and any Penn State student can get in on the action!
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His time spent as a student earned him respect among the Penn State community, but it wasn’t until after graduation that Arnelle’s role in shaping the community would truly come to fruition.
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Onward State sent a couple of geed's around with a camera. Here is our wholly uncomprehensive list of the festivities.
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Several other companies and organizations that utilized strikingly similar slogans, embodying the spirit of conservative political pundits, Olympians, and fried chicken enthusiasts alike.
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Whether it’s charting Mayan ruins, drinking moonshine with rednecks for his own TV show, or exploring outrageous claims of buried Knights Templar treasures in rural Pennsylvania, Dr. French’s experiences put him in a league of his own.
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I wouldn't describe it as fun, but it was an oddly therapeutic experience that was made even more worthwhile by the 15 dollars I was given at the end.
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You've probably heard the big news by now. Coach Bill O'Brien issued a statement yesterday, but was a little more candid in an interivew with Big Ten Live later in the afternoon. O'Brien elaborated on his reaction to the news and on what the modifications mean for Penn State.
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Penn State's athletic director, David Joyner, has assured fans that STEP has been a success. Apparently, success is measured in money.
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I've already posted about some of the best apps for college. This time I've narrowed the focus to be a bit more Penn State specific.
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There's this big expectation that we pick people up and throw them down the stairs but we don't do that.
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Baz had the questions, and Penn State’s own James L. W. West III had the answers. West—an Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English—is an expert on all things Fitzgerald. It only made sense that when questions arose, the movies producers turned to him.
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Some call him a savior. Some call him the worst thing to ever throw a football in the NFL. We all call him Tim Tebow. After winning the Heisman Trophy, leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011, and becoming Skip Bayless' best friend, Tim Tebow has only one thing left to do: Conquer the lecture tour and win the hearts of the denizens of America (as part of his plot to take over the world).
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Casimir Loxsom is the fastest thing on this side of the Mississippi...on two legs...that goes to college. But still, that's pretty fast.
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With 64 All-Big Ten Academic honorees, Penn State's winter sports athletes prove they can dominate athletics AND academics.
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Need a new ride? Forget about heading down to the dealership and trading in your old car. Instead, take a page out of Joseph Marcus' book and trade a $1.25 pen for a 4x4 pickup truck.
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"I like to fly under the radar," says the guy with the biggest afro on campus.
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We have the exact same political agenda as the warlord Joseph Kony: to enslave children and build a youthful militia in our quest to take over the nation of Uganda. Seriously, we just want to entertain and remind people that you should never take yourselves too seriously.
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Photo by Steve Osborn
After a huge game against Michigan last week where the #7 Lady Lions (22-3 overall, 13-1 BigTen) clinched a share of the Big Ten regular-season title, they will head to Minnesota (16-12, 5-9) where a win will secure the Big Ten championship outright. A win tonight would be the third time the Lady Lions have won back-to-back Big Ten regular season titles, and the first time since the 2002-03 and 2003-04 seasons.
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In the smartphone age, educational technology has never been more accessible or helpful. To make the most out of your phone these apps are a must:
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Maggie Lucas
While Maggie Lucas has had no problem making it happen for the Lady Lions, this time around she needs the fans help as she is a finalist for the Premier Player of Women's College Basketball Trophy. You can vote on the award here. At the end of February the top five finalists will be placed into a new poll, so make sure you vote by the end of the month!
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Biolife Bldg
If you're not interested in getting an actual job (who is?), State College offers a few other ways to score some dough.
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Thirty-four hours into THON the dancers are still going strong. There's still a long way left before their tired legs can get a real break, but State College's Integrative Bodywork School of Massage Therapy is helping them stay on their feet.
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Mitchell Wilston
At three in the morning, THON organizations are starting to see their numbers drop. The passion is still here, as well as the football game + second half of a Harlem Shake video atmosphere, but people eventually have to sleep. Despite all that, Delta Chi and Kappa Kappa Gamma are still going HAM.
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