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Hailing from Lebanon, PA, I am a senior majoring in print journalism. Things I enjoy include lovesacs, denim, mullets, Fight Milk, Jonny Moseley, and "hang in there" kitten posters. Things that bother me include "fun" sized candy bars (not fun), fish, shoobies, wet door knobs, baby leashes, and Jake Lloyd.

0 Jim’s Army & Navy: The Greatest Store Ever

For those of you who have ventured onto the west side of Beaver Avenue, there is a good chance you have passed by Jim’s Army & Navy. If you are one of those people, your first thought when passing by Jim’s was most likely, “What the hell is going on in this store?” When a store’s window display boasts handcuffs (they even come in pink), switchblades, throwing stars, machetes, other swords, and ammunition, you really have no choice but to be utterly confounded. Little did I know that I was about to walk into the greatest store ever.

0 The ‘Indiana Jones of Virus Hunting’ is Coming

GlobeMed, along with the support of several other student organizations, will be hosting its 6th annual Global Health Conference, hoping to inspire attendants to become more active in the movement toward social justice and global health equity. The conference will begin with keynote speaker, Dr. Nathan Wolfe, or as he is known, the “Indiana Jones of Virus Hunting.”

0 Rob Schneider: ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend’

As beloved Theatre 100 Professor Rob Schneider’s time at Penn State comes to a close this spring, he shares how he fell in love with the theatre, how he ended up in Happy Valley, and his plans for after his departure. Schneider also leaves some last words for the students and faculty here at Penn State, as well as answering some of the art’s most hotly contested mysteries.

0 A THON Proposal: Jake & Diane

Whenever you witness something incredible – a proposal – at a large event – THON – you can’t help but think, “I wonder if I know who those people are…” Usually, once you figure out all the details, the closest you are to that event is the friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend… But sometimes, your brother calls you shortly after that proposal and tells you that his girlfriend happens to be best friends with the guy that just proposed. Enter Jake Feathers, and his fiancée Diane Mowery.

0 Final Dancer Update: Jerry Agosta, Hour 41

When I asked Jerry to take his picture for this post, he said, “Come on, Ryan. I’m crying.” I told him not to worry about it because in an hour or so, we are all going to be crying (can’t even see the tears in the picture, Jerry). And, just so you know, I may or may not have let out a few mansobs as I read through this post in the media room.

0 Final Dancer Update: Joel Kreider, Hour 41

There isn’t much that I can say about this last update. I know Joel is extremely tired (aren’t we all?), but in a matter of an hour, the Final Four Hours will commence, and before he knows it, he will be sitting on the BJC floor.

0 Dancer Update: Jerry Agosta, Hour 27

As I approached Jerry, I could see that he was starting to feel the pain of standing for 27 hours. However, desperate fleeting grimaces of physical discomfort, his spirit was as high as it could possibly be. Here is what he had to say:

0 Dancer Update: Joel Kreider, Hour 26

Looking strong as an ox, Joel approached me with a smile that would swoon even the coldest of hearts. Confessing that he is awful at writing blog posts, Joel left us with few words again. But that’s all he needed to share his modest perspective of the first half of his dancing experience:

0 Dancer Update: Jerry Agosta, Hour 10

Adding to our list of Dancers, we now have Jerry Agosta. Jerry is a senior and he is representing the Penn State Marketing Association (PSMA) on the dance floor. Catching up with Jerry at hour 10, all he could do was smile and laugh. Here’s what Jerry had to say about the first (almost) quarter of his THON 2013 journey:

0 Dancers React to the 2013 Line Dance

As the BJC crowd begins to get a grasp (well, maybe not everyone) on this year’s Line Dance, we heard what a few of the committee members, org members and spectators thought of it. However, we wanted to get the Dancer’s opinions on the new Line Dance, as they are the ones who will be doing it all weekend.

0 Dancer Update: Joel Kreider, Hour 3

Hailing from Lancaster, PA, senior Joel Kreider earned his spot on the floor as an Independent Dancer. Only three hours into THON, Joel found it difficult to put his recent experiences into words. Expression became more difficult as Charles Millard approached the table we were standing at, stopping for a picture and a quick exchange. Here’s what Joel had to say:

0 Let’s Get THON 2013 To Do The Harlem Shake

There isn’t a single person in the universe who doesn’t love the Harlem Shake. While most viral trends create an immediate divide between fans and haters, the Harlem Shake is different. It’s all about showing off each individual’s personality and looking absolutely ridiculous, providing a unique experience with each video.

The debate about which version is the best never seems to end. But we could change that. I hereby propose that at some point during THON Weekend (preferably a time with high traffic, like around the pep rally) the whole BJC does the Harlem Shake.

0 How Far We’ve Come: Emily’s Journey

Many of you are familiar with Emily Whitehead, a THON child, who recently was the first child to receive a CART-19 T-Cell transplant. Since the procedure, Emily has significantly recovered. Savannah Smith, a communications student here at Penn State, recently put together a multimedia video focusing on Emily’s miraculous turnaround.

0 A Syllabus From The Gods

This past week we spent a large number of our classes running through syllabuses, painfully combing through each section of the do’s and don’t’s of each class. Some left us in despair, realizing that our first paper of a million is due in less than a week. Others brought us joy with the information that there will be no final. So what exactly would the “perfect” syllabus entail? These are the dreams of the Onward State staff members.

0 Meet the THON 2013 Overalls: SL

As THON 2013 creeps closer each day, I compiled a little background information on each of the overalls. Today features Supply Logistics Overall Matthew Scorzafave. Also, make sure to watch the SL Committee of the Week video at the end of the post!

0 Raise Money FTK with 6 ABC News

With full bellies, loving family, and (hopefully) a layer of snow visible, the holiday spirit is thick this break. When feeling so blessed, the best thing to do is give. While many pockets may be empty, 6 ABC Action News has your FTK solution. Find out how you can help after the jump.

0 THON 2013 Logo Revealed at Family Carnival

Four Diamonds Families, captains, and committee members packed in the White Building gym to celebrate this year’s Family Carnival. Under the theme of superheroes, children and students ran about, engaging in gallant balloon-sword battles and breaking through cardboard brick walls, donning capes and FTK designed masks.

The Four Diamonds Children coursed through a multitude of games, including ski ball and whac-a-mole (whac-a-committee-member technically), taking breaks to show off their dance moves on the stage to the upbeat tunes of Larry Moore. Smiles, laughter, and relief filled the afternoon, as everyone awaited the revealing of the 2013 logo.

0 From Stupid Blog to World Sensation: Ascension of the Squirrel Whisperer

There probably isn’t one person on our campus who hasn’t heard of Mary Krupa and Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel.
Since the article was written just over a month ago, Krupa’s Facebook page for Sneezy has gone from a handful of likes to 4,867 and climbing. A quick glance through the page shows that it is not just Onward State readers that have fallen into the cult of squirrel benevloence, but fans worldwide. So how did the Squirrel Whisperer go from a post on a stupid blog to international sensation? Let’s take a look.

0 So, When Will Penn State Celebrate Halloween?

We have a serious dilemma on our hands here. Halloween falls on a Wednesday and it is yet to be decided when exactly Penn State will celebrate the holiday. In order to get Happy Valley all on the same page, Onward State takes a look at the pros and cons of each possible weekend.

0 THON Releases 2012 Fundraising Summary

According to the American Institute of Philanthropy, “most highly efficient philanthropies donate 75 percent of their revenue directly to their beneficiary.” Of the 2012 total, $10,289,884.60 (96.06%) was donated to the The Four Diamonds Fund.

0 Jay Paterno Should Not Have Appeared on ESPN

Today was another horrible day on top of a horrible year for the Paterno family. Joe Paterno was damned by the Freeh Report, his name was taken off of the Nike Child Development Center, and the Internet has declared war on the Paterno statue.

As they usually do, the Paterno’s were quick to respond this morning after the release of the Freeh Report. But that wasn’t enough. A little over an hour ago, Jay Paterno went on Sports Center to discuss his opinions of the Freeh Report and uphold his family’s honor… He probably shouldn’t have done that.

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