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Halloween is arguably the greatest weekend here at Penn State--costume parties and candy, what could be better? Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive. If you want to do Halloween properly, you have to have at least three clever costumes, because repeating is lame, and not dressing up is even lamer. Pre-made Halloween costumes happen to be incredibly expensive, and pretty much super boring. So, your options are pretty limited. Your best bet is scouring thrift shops and your own closet to DIY your own perfect costumes. Here are a few options that we came up with.
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sick nittany lion
While I'll admit that I existed solely on boxes of Cheez-Its as a freshman (and still managed to avoid the ever-feared freshman fifteen), I'll also admit that I did not escape freshman year with my health. That was the precisely year that I acquired some sort of mono-pink-eye-strep-throat combination. Two years later, as sick season quickly approaches, all of you now-freshmen are in danger of acquiring this plague and many others. So, here are a few steps to avoid the freshman fifteen, the plague, and to stay relatively healthy.
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Fall Stock Graphic 2
If you're one of those who loves pumpkin flavored things but fears being called "basic," don't worry, being basic is really in right now. So embrace your love of pumpkin spice by trying out these essential pumpkin-y products downtown this fall, and let the haters hate.
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By day, they are the Special Education Department, esteemed professors and academics, but by night David McNaughton, Charlie Hughes, David Lee, and Douglas Dexter transform. With the help of their instruments they become the Grateful SPLED, Penn State's favorite cover band.
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Photo: Eric Weiss
The Willard Preacher has been outside of Willard doing his thing for years. The content is always controversial but frankly, it's getting kind of stale. So, we came up with a game to keep things interesting. Next time you're sitting outside Willard, pull out this bingo board and see how many you can get.
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This year, Penn State caused a stir when it relocated its designated Americans with Disabilities Act parking lots for football games. The lots were moved to Innovation Park, two miles from the stadium. After people with disabilities made their complaints known, Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics announced upgrades for ADA parking.
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Okay, it's only September, and you're only just starting to get used to the roommates you have now. You're barely settled in. Unfortunately, though, here at Penn State things move fast, and it's already time to start apartment hunting for next year. It's a stressful process, especially if you're a freshman. So, in the spirit of simplifying things, here's a breakdown of the basics.
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fall penn state old main
In the past week, a cold has descended upon Happy Valley. For those of you who showed up to class covered in sweat for the first few weeks of classes, this cold comes as a relief. You can finally make friends! For the rest of us, though, the weather poses a dilemma. How can we dress glam and stay warm at the same time? We took to campus to find out.
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When UMass comes to Penn State this Saturday it's not just going to be a battle between our football teams, it's going to be a battle between fans. It's time to prove that the Penn State fan base has the swaggiest fans around. But how do you do that when we're all poor college students? The answer, my friends, is DIY. Grab some fabric paint and paintbrushes, and we will show you how it's done.
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Americans are known for being loud and obnoxious while abroad, so much so that it's kind of our thing. But only Penn Staters would bring something SO loud to Dublin that the natives would wonder if the city was under attack.
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Every day 86 Americans commit suicide. Though the numbers are staggering and many lives are effected by suicide, it is still a taboo topic. On Tuesday, the Centre County Board of Commissions paired with members of the Jana Marie Foundation to declare September 10 Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day. The day of awareness will hopefully shed light on the many facets of a very tragic issue.
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We're all about the Nittany Lion here at Penn State, but before there was the Lion there was Old Coaly, Penn State's favorite mule and original mascot. Though Old Coaly passed away in 1893, Penn State clearly had problems letting him go, and his bones are on display in the HUB. Let's be honest, some of us (me) thought the bones were dinosaur bones. Really though, those bones are there to remind students of Coaly's characteristics, characteristics that all Penn Staters should possess--strength, surefootedness, endurance, long service, and loyalty.
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On August 4, the THON community lost Four Diamonds child Dominique Bigler as she ended her long battle with Synovial Sarcoma. Now, in the wake of their heartbreaking loss, the Bigler family is reaching out to ask for help in the planning of her funeral. They recently set up a website asking for donations to fund funeral expenses.
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Early this morning, the THON community tragically lost nineteen-year-old Four Diamond's child Dominique Bigler. Dominique battled with cancer since she was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma at age thirteen.
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Hearts melted earlier this week when this heartwarming video starring a young cancer patient and her nurse became a viral phenomenon. The video stars Kamryn, a 7-year-old battling Kidney Cancer and her nurse, a former Penn Stater and avid THONer, Tom Shelley lip syncing to the classic tune “Love is an Open Door,” from Frozen. What started as a simple way to cheer Kamryn up during a trip to the hospital for a blood transfusion soon gained national attention when Kamryn's mother and biggest supporter uploaded the video to the #TeamKamrynn Facebook page on July 3.
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Finals Week Library
“Do less,” our ancient ancestor bros once cried as they shotgunned their ancient Nattys. It's a philosophy that many human sloths, like myself, live by. Up until recently, this lifestyle has come with a heaping helping of guilt. Shouldn't I start that paper that was assigned today? Shouldn't I color code my planner? Shouldn't I just generally work harder than I do? Well, human sloths, rejoice! A team of Penn State psychologists has proven that “pre-crastinating” is just as harmful as procrastinating.
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The sun is out in State College, the birds are bumpin', and the ducks are back at the duck pond. Some of the ducks that is. Anybody with any duck knowledge (I'm looking at you, Ag Majors), may have noticed that the only mallards to spend any time at the pond are exclusively male. We here at Onward State began to worry—where did the lady ducks go? Why aren't they with their men? So we did a little research.
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THON 2014 Executive Committee
THON 2015 gets closer every day. Spring Captain applications are officially live, and anybody who thinks they have what it takes to lead a committee in the 2014-2015 school year can head to the THINK website and begin filling theirs out.
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We all pretty much hate ANGEL. To put it kindly, ANGEL is a very bland and inconvenient course management system. All the same, we're also all pretty much stuck with it for the time being. Luckily, there's a silver lining. As it turns out, ANGEL offers some amazingly obscure themes in its personal settings. We went through them and picked out the very best, just for you. Pick your favorite and make using ANGEL a little bit more hilarious for yourself.
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We all look up into that big night's sky sometimes and long for the days of the nine planet Solar System. Many of us even liked some variation of Like If You Wish Pluto Was Still A Planet on Facebook. Yes, we're all still doing what we can to cope with the loss of Pluto as the 9th planet, but now we have even more to cope with. As it turns out, our beloved Penn State was involved in this life changing decision.
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Welcome, LionCash+ users, to the Pendergast era. That’s right, LionCash+ has finally chosen their new face, and this time it’s none other than Mary Pendergast. For the next year, she’ll be representing all LionCash+ card users by spending a lot of LionCash+ and posing for photos. Yes, soon we’ll know her face well, but what about her mind? Here’s a peak inside.

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EcoCAR 2
It's taken nearly three years to turn a plain old Chevrolet Malibu into an emissions free, eco-friendly ride, but Penn State students are almost there.
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There were a lot of improvements made to THON this year--line overflow at the Pegula, a new wristband system, dancer support passes. Nonetheless, as the sun rises in Happy Valley, it's becoming more and more apparent that we need a few more improvements. Here's a short list of things that could improve the experience!
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Rules and Regs
THON's worst kept secret is that Rules and Regulations is almost everybody's least favorite committee. I've earned my right to say that, because I served my time on an R&R committee last year. It's currently early hours in the BJC and we're at full capacity. These are the perfect conditions for mutiny against Rules and Regs.
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When the 90's ended we all thought (and hoped) that fanny packs were a thing of the past. This weekend, however, they are alive and well in the BJC. Fanny packs are a staple of the classic THON outfit, where else would you keep your snacks and tennis ball? (I mean, maybe a drawstring back, but who am I to judge?) Anyway, some THONners really brought their fanny pack A game this weekend, and here's a list!
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Bridget Markham
This weekend Blue in the Face dancers, Andrew Adamietz and Carly Presher, dance to remember THON child Bella Rinier.
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Bridget Markham
Anybody involved in THON knows what it's like to beg for donations. For months we've stood on street corners, sent letters, held fundraisers all in the hopes of raising more money for the kids. But what about the other details that go into THON weekend? Who begs for the streamers, the balloons, the aspects that are often overlooked? A small committee of 22 captains and 1 director has that covered. All year long the Supply Logistics committee contacts vendors in the hopes that they'll be willing to supply kind donations--items other and money and food--that are instrumental in running THON weekend.
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When Mary Gazikas stepped outside Thursday morning, she slipped on a patch of ice and landed on broken glass. Hands covered in blood, Gazikas prayed that this was not an indication of how the rest of her day would go. After all, Thursday was the day before THON, and as Mary is a member of Morale, she had work to do. Every committee scrambles to tie up loose ends on the eve of THON, but THON dancers depend on Moralers especially, causing added pressure. So here's a look at THON Eve from the eyes of a Moraler:
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THON is less than a week away so it's time to figure out what you're going to wear. If you're in any sort of club affiliated with Penn State chances are you've already bought at least fifteen THON shirts in varying neons. So you're probably set from the waist up, but what about the rest of you? First of all, you're going to need shorts so that you don't melt in the BJC. Second of all, you're going to need knee high socks, because everybody else is going to be wearing them, and that's what it takes to be cool. Lucky for you, all you need is a little fabric paint, stencils, and some sequins and you'll have the THON outfit of your dreams.
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If you're lucky enough to have a Valentine this year, you could celebrate privately like a respectable couple, or you could give all of us single people something to enjoy and invest in a Singing Valentine. That way, we all benefit from a ten minute distraction from class, and a ten minute distraction from how lonely our lives are. The Dreamers of Phi Mu Alpha are the kings of mortifying peoples' loved ones for them.