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I am a junior majoring in print journalism. I am American. I am a Lion.

9 Eat Your Alcohol

For some reason, college students are always looking for a different way to consume their alcohol. So, it’s only natural that booze enthusiasts would develop ways to more or less eat your alcohol.

0 Top 10 Winter Styles on Campus

With the exception of earlier this week when students were walking around campus in shorts and t-shirts, December temperatures in State College are chilly. That means a whole different wardrobe for those long walks home after a late night study session.

1 Tips on How to Finish Out the Semester Strong

Well, we’re back. For some students, that’s no problem. They’ve been on their game all semester. Then there are the students who are still digesting their turkey and moaning about that project they put off until the bitter end. Read on to see how you can finish out this semester strong.

1 Top 10 Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

One of the greatest eating days of the year is upon us. College students everywhere are rejoicing in the fact that they will be eating food that wasn’t prepared at a pizzeria or in a microwave. Here’s how some of your Thanksgiving favorites ranked.

2 Top 10 Fall Walking Tunes

Autumn is the best time of year for walking. Whether walking between classes, walking downtown for a pumpkin spice latte or walking up to Beaver Stadium, here are some solid fall tunes to keep your feet moving and your mind content.

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