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I am a junior majoring in print journalism. I am American. I am a Lion.

Student Life
9 Eat Your Alcohol

For some reason, college students are always looking for a different way to consume their alcohol. So, it’s only natural that booze enthusiasts would develop ways to more or less eat your alcohol.

Student Life
0 Top 10 Winter Styles on Campus

With the exception of earlier this week when students were walking around campus in shorts and t-shirts, December temperatures in State College are chilly. That means a whole different wardrobe for those long walks home after a late night study session.

Student Life
2 Top 10 Fall Walking Tunes

Autumn is the best time of year for walking. Whether walking between classes, walking downtown for a pumpkin spice latte or walking up to Beaver Stadium, here are some solid fall tunes to keep your feet moving and your mind content.

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