Author Steven Boyle

0 Behind the Hashtag #WDYDF (Who Do You Dance For?)

In this Instagram Series, The College of Communications Photo Journalism Students asked THON volunteers, “Who Do You Dance For?” In this series we see the parents, children, dancers, and moralers of THON give their respective answers. The result is a powerful thing, and refreshing reminder of the beauty in humanity. Follow Hashtag #WDYDF for more stories

0 THON’s Obstacle Course Concourse

Navigating the concourse during THON is no cakewalk. Obstacles are everywhere, and they come in many different forms. Learning how to get around during the chaos that is FTK is important, and mastering the challenges will guarantee safe passage from concession to portal. Good Luck out there.

0 Superheros Are FTK (Comi-THON)

The BJC is currently full of heroes. I am talking about the thousands of dancers, moralers, supporters, and of course, the children and families who inspire us to dance. However some people have taken the role of being a hero very seriously and dressed up as their super FTK alter-egos. Here are some of the best of Comi-THON.

0 Sandy Hook Anniversary Vigil Set For Saturday

This Saturday at 7:00 p.m., Penn State will gather to reflect on the terrible events that took place that day, and to honor the families whose most precious gifts were stolen away from them by a man capable of unimaginable evil.

0 A Meeting and a Reading with Ms. Salli K

She is located in a small neighborhood behind the Sheetz on the way towards towards the mall. It’s a little tricky to find, but eventually you’ll find yourself driving down a little dirt road and you will see her office at the bottom of a small hill. Inside you are greeted by Ms. Salli K herself, State College’s only professional psychic, the only one for about seventy square miles. Onward State writer Steven Boyle reports on his tarot card reading, and if this Penn State psychic is the real deal.

0 Mission Code: All Pumpkin Everything

My fellow State College Pumpkinheads, I have traveled far and wide in State College to complete my pumpkin quest. With Halloween only two weeks away, I compiled a list of everything that looks, smells, or tastes like pumpkin in the area.

0 LGBTA’s Home-Coming Out Week Schedule

You may notice an increase in rainbow flags, flashy clothing, or perhaps catchy music that would make even the most Ron Swanson-esque bro want to shake his hips a bit more this week. That’s because this is National Coming Out Week, which the Penn State LGBTA is celebrating. The week concludes with Coming Out Day on October 11.

0 Downtown Ink: Tattoo Culture in Happy Valley

I went on a mission to find out all I could about State College’s tattoo culture straight from the sources. I visited every shop in State College to talk with anyone who would give me the time of day to see how many people they’ve inked in Happy Valley, what kind of stuff makes them cringe, and whether they had any particularly good stories after working in a business that was born from the taboo.

0 Kicking It With Ikonic Ink, State College’s Newest Tattoo Parlor

If you are thinking about sinking the ink anytime soon you should check out the new contender in State College’s tattoo and piercing scene, Ikonic Ink. Located in between Saint’s Cafe and Green Bowl and owned by local Dave Faussette, you can find the new boutique-like parlor at 127 W. Beaver Ave where artists Adam Zimmer and Shawn Elliot are doing what they love.

0 Taking Off With Purple Planes

Student-founded clothing line, Purple Planes, launched its 2013 winter line last night at Chrome Bar and Hookah Lounge. Founder Daba Kora discusses how the fashion and entertainment team got together, how the Chrome event came to be, and how Purple Planes was born.

0 Gay Valley

I want to believe that there is some small chance that I might be able to lend a hand to a young person like yourself, who is in the best time ever in US history to be gay/lesbian/queer/trans/allied or otherwise different, and isn’t having the best time.