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Old Main flowers
Attending Penn State was the best decision I made so far in my twenty-two years of fruitful life. I can only hope that my future children make the same decision and attend Penn State as well. Anticipating that my future daughter will attend Penn State, here are 409 things I will tell my beloved Penn Stater daughter.
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It has just been announced that Canyon Pizza will be raising its slices to $1.50, effective April 2nd.
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big dong
It's remarkable what Penn Staters can do with a bit of alcohol-induced creativity and a proper art medium.
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ryan henrici
Ryan Henrici was recently among the students mentioned in Business Insider's "18 Incredibly Impressive Students At Penn State." Though he spends hours a day in the lab, he takes a break from his lab work to sit down and talk to me about his medical research.
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by Mike Misciagno
It's upon us: the final home stretch. We compiled a list of ten things that should be completed before caps and gowns time.
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If you don't own certain Penn State clothing items, it is inevitable that you will one day face a catastrophic deficit in your dresser/closet during your time in Happy Valley.
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maggie harding
Meet Maggie Harding, captain of the national champion women's volleyball team and Treasurer of the Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB), for which she is dancing.
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Though they did not take the prize as the winning team, the men's gymnastics team flipped, twisted, and partially danced its way to have a phenomenal performance at the Pep Rally. We caught up with Captain Adrian Evans to learn a bit more of what went into putting the performance together.
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The third engagement during THON 2014 belonged to Rich Lion and Jess O'Lock.
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THON2011 Pass Line
Per Rules and Regulations Committee members, the initial ticket booths which offer receipts to give a fifteen minute time frame to enter the floor access line is not handing out receipts at the moment. In addition, those waiting in the floor access line will have to wait until after the pep rally to gain access to the event level
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Among the thousands of Penn State students present at THON 2014 is a group of students from the University of Delaware who, like all the people in the BJC, are fighting for the kids.
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The new trend for the cutout letters at THON 2014 is seemingly, "Go Big or Go Home."
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Gymnastics NCAAs
This Saturday, the 8th ranked men's gymnastics team comes face to face with Temple for what may be the last meet against the Owls.
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Nittanyville has newly elected its next batch of officers. We caught up with its new president, Brian Sanvido, a senior in Architectural Engineering.
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Being teased by posters of familiar Japanese foods on the glass windows, I eagerly went to Tadashi with two friends to figure out how the new Japanese restaurant stacked up to my expectations.
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pslh banner
Nothing lasts forever, things change, things are taken from us too soon, things get lost, and people go missing.
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Bear with me, for some of these predictions may be quite unbelievable.
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By size, Penn State has the tenth biggest international student population in the country. But how well are these students adapting to the Penn State way of life?
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We all know the new "Penn State Lives Here" campaign is a little hokey and certainly unoriginal, but what hasn't been discussed much are the more serious problems behind the marketing ploy. Last Friday, a focus group was held in Old Main with the creators of the campaign to discuss whether or not the slogan accurately represents diversity in the Penn State community.
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shawn johnson
Penn State welcomed Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson to Eisenhower Auditorium last night as the first of SPA's Distinguished Speaker Series this semester. Johnson spoke to an awestruck crowd on her impressive achievements as an Olympian, Dancing with the Stars champion, and 2009 MLB Celebrity Softball Game participant (not to be ignored).
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penn state crew
There was a time when I thought that waking up at 6:23a.m. for my 8a.m. class was early and warranted some sort of golden star for the day. Then, I met some members of the Penn State Crew Team.
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There is no denying that there are certain places you wish you could drop your dollars at, but are unfortunately unavailable in Happy Valley. Sure, State College is great, but these places could make it just a little better.
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forum rain
Though the entirety of your college career at Penn State may seem to be the best time of your life, there are those darned situations you can't seem to avoid. Though these following situations are highly relatable by most of the Penn State population, you can't help but witness them happening to others and think, "You hate to see it."
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State College is well deserving of its Happy Valley alias, at least according to Business Insider. In a list of The 20 Most Fun Colleges in America, Penn State has been crowned the title of being the "most fun!"
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Indigo, the only nightclub left in State College following the closing of the shortlived Duo Nightclub, has been ranked 21st on the list of the 25 Best College Bars in America by TheDailyMeal.com.
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To the good people of Penn State, brace yourselves. An app is storming through the Penn State community that is everyone's worst nightmare. I'm saying this app has the potential to ruin your interpersonal relationships. Still interested? Read on.
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old main
Penn State received its first internal report last week on the findings of an investigation launched by the U.S. Department of Education into Penn State's Clery Act compliance. Due to federal regulations, the university is prohibited from publicly releasing the details disclosed in the report until the entire review process is completed.
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Gymnastics NCAAs
It was quite the thrilling and emotional ride at Rec Hall this weekend, with the Penn State Men's Gymnastics Team playing host to the NCAA Championships
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rec hall
Blue and White weekend is highlighted by the Blue and White Game, where in the end, essentially everybody wins and the points don't matter. Across campus at Recreation Hall, a very different sort of competition will be held. This competition involves a building full of collegiate athletes with very low body fat percentages and back flips.
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psu crushes
Dear PSU Crushes, Your Twitter account has only been in operation for a few weeks, but what you have done in since that first tweet on March 19 has the impact of a lifetime.
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