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0 Coach Mike Morse: Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk, Briskly

Mike Morse, known by his students simply as Coach, or Coach Morse, currently teaches fitness walking, bowhunting, and men’s basketball as a part of the Kinesiology Physical Activity Program (KPAP). He is often seen leading a pack of students through campus, donning a baseball cap and a towel draped around his neck. The sight is somewhat reminiscent of Forrest Gump running in the desert with a pack of clueless followers behind. And from the life stories told by Coach Morse, it seems as though he may have a lot more in common with Forrest than your average Joe.

0 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained During Graduation

Here at Onward State, we want the Class of 2014 to enjoy the graduation ceremony instead of it being ingrained in their memory as a brutal time commitment. Sure, listen to the graduation speeches, but here are some things for you to do to make your time sitting through commencement a bit more entertaining.

0 409 Things I Will Teach My Future Probably Penn State Daughter

Attending Penn State was the best decision I made so far in my twenty-two years of fruitful life. I can only hope that my future children make the same decision and attend Penn State as well. Anticipating that my future daughter will attend Penn State, here are 409 things I will tell my beloved Penn Stater daughter.

0 Men’s Gymnastics Discusses Its Pep Rally Performance

Though they did not take the prize as the winning team, the men’s gymnastics team flipped, twisted, and partially danced its way to have a phenomenal performance at the Pep Rally. We caught up with Captain Adrian Evans to learn a bit more of what went into putting the performance together.

0 Floor Access Unavailable Until After Pep Rally

Per Rules and Regulations Committee members, the initial ticket booths which offer receipts to give a fifteen minute time frame to enter the floor access line is not handing out receipts at the moment. In addition, those waiting in the floor access line will have to wait until after the pep rally to gain access to the event level

0 Tadashi: Legit and Delectable

Being teased by posters of familiar Japanese foods on the glass windows, I eagerly went to Tadashi with two friends to figure out how the new Japanese restaurant stacked up to my expectations.

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