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4 Crying Freshmen and Library Naps: Finals Week Prop Bets

It’s Monday, which sadly means that the dreaded end-of-semester Finals Week is finally upon us. You’re pulling all-nighters, downing Adderall — legally prescribed of course — like TicTacs, and keeping Nittany Notes in business. But most of all, you’re terribly miserable. That’s why we’ve put together a list of prop bets for our classmates as a way to spice up this week of Hell.

8 The 20 Worst (Or Best?) Penn State Pickup Lines

If you’re like me, you have absolutely no game. I’m talking a complete inability to say anything clever, funny, or sexy to anyone, regardless of sobriety level. Realizing my shortcomings, the Onward State staff decided to help out and compile a list of Penn State-themed pickup lines. We’ll provide a list here for your viewing pleasure, and hope you utilize them to the best of your abilities.

0 Five Freshman Seminar Alternatives

Welcome freshmen! I see you’ve survived your first month here as a Penn State student. By now you’ve undoubtedly Instagrammed a photo of Old Main, argued or watched someone argue with the Willard Preacher, eaten a West cookie and told 13 different people the same uninteresting story about just how drunk you were last weekend and how much you can’t even (Don’t worry, we’ve noticed your progress). Staples of your first month in Happy Valley, no doubt.

0 Willard Preacher Bingo

The Willard Preacher has been outside of Willard doing his thing for years. The content is always controversial but frankly, it’s getting kind of stale. So, we came up with a game to keep things interesting. Next time you’re sitting outside Willard, pull out this bingo board and see how many you can get.

1 Onward Debate: The West Cookies Saga

Inside Waring Commons’ West Food District lies a dessert straight out of Penn State lore, up there with Berkey Creamery ice cream and Grilled Stickies: West Cookies. When you say the phrase, everyone knows what you mean. Everyone knows what to picture: warm, gooey, fresh-baked rounds placed underneath sliding glass, gently laid on a bed of wax paper atop the baking sheet. What could anyone possibly have against them?

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