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ESPN's Mike and Mike had viewers send in questions for Mark Emmert. The responses they received were hilarious.
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Former Penn State defensive end and current Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali may have a future in music after his football career ends. Hali released a rap/R&B song a few days back called "Hell Yeah," and it's actually pretty good.
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For the first time, you have a chance to explore the State College pizza scene with Coach Hand at the inaugural Herb Hand Pizza Crawl on Sunday, April 27. It's $20 to sign-up, and each attendee will receive a limited edition Pizza Crawl t-shirt, a 'Hope, Courage, Strength' wristband from Bands4RAINN, and a slice of pizza at all five scheduled stops.
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25 - Michigan - Mic Man
We need your help to help send our staff to Ireland for the Croke Park Classic vs. Central Florida.
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There are all sorts of types of Penn State Dads. See if you can spot them all during this Blue-White Weekend.
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If you want to try an outlet for the fear you face about graduation that isn't going to kill your liver, perhaps you can try listening to some über-depressing music. As Onward State's resident sad music guy, I've got your back.
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As is the case in just about any election, from national to student government, there are bound to be a few interesting write-in votes once the ballots are tallied. In last week’s UPUA election, which officially elected Penn State’s Ninth Assembly of undergraduate representatives, plenty of amusing write-in votes were, well, written in.
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We all pretty much hate ANGEL. To put it kindly, ANGEL is a very bland and inconvenient course management system. All the same, we're also all pretty much stuck with it for the time being. Luckily, there's a silver lining. As it turns out, ANGEL offers some amazingly obscure themes in its personal settings. We went through them and picked out the very best, just for you. Pick your favorite and make using ANGEL a little bit more hilarious for yourself.
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In 1855, James Irvin of Bellefonte, Pa donated 200 acres to start the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania, which eventually became our beloved Penn State University. Irvin’s Great-Great-Great-Grandson, Steve Irvin, now wants the land back, which will result in Penn State’s eviction from State College, Pa.
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Multiple sources have told Onward State that a student in the HUB has picked up a copy of The Daily Collegian and actually read it.
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University of Pittsburgh
Just kidding.
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Famed OS commenter Laura Strobl is stepping out from the Facebook page and joining the Onward State staff.
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It has just been announced that Canyon Pizza will be raising its slices to $1.50, effective April 2nd.
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According to several eyewitnesses, The Willard Preacher suddenly said, “You know what? Fuck this. Seriously, fuck this,” and promptly became an Atheist today.
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The Daily Collegian's sex columnists Dick and Jane are newly born-again virgins. They have stopped writing their sex column to pursue a new topic: Abstinence. They will now write for Onward State every Thursday about not having sex and why it's awesome.
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imgneil diamond4
After several years of arguing that the Neil Diamond hit "Sweet Caroline" should be played in Beaver Stadium, PS4RS has switched its stance, and is now opposed to the song being played anywhere within a 60 mile radius of State College.
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THON has just announced that bouncers from the Shandygaff will serve as the newest Rules and Regulations Captains for 2015.
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Sources now confirm that Penn Stater’s will finally get a chance to see the pop queen, as this year’s surprise headlining act at the Movin’ On spring music festival.
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It's that time of the year again. After what seems like an entire year of winter, Mother Nature has finally graced us with some much-needed sunshine, which means at least one thing here at Penn State – daylong season. Just like any other party, there is a list of unwritten rules that one must abide by to insure each precious day of daylong season is executed correctly.
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In the name of journalism -- ok, it was mostly because the Drunk Deliveries people haven't expanded to breakfast yet -- I ventured down to the Taco Bell on E. College Ave at 7 a.m. when the doors opened. This one is for history.
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Earlier this week, we asked for your funniest parent texts. We received some gems and noticed a few trends among the responses. Enjoy.
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hub (800x533)
With 987 clubs listed at University Park, you may have thought that Penn State has covered all of the bases for extracurricular activities. You couldn't have been more wrong. Here's our intensive list of what we're missing out on.
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Help us find the funniest texts from Penn State parents!
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There are fans, and then there are fans who rewrite Billy Joel's "Piano Man."
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Coming from an expert (townie who does this daily), I can assure you that there are many different ways to dodge those geeks and freaks you used to call your classmates.
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tinder app
It's everybody's favorite app, that nobody will admit to using— Tinder. Here are the top ten kinds of people you'll find on Tinder at Penn State.
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Now that the Olympics are over, your fix for absurd and/or extreme sporting events may need some serious quenching. Have no fear, as Onward State has you covered with a version of the winter games you can play right here in State College.
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State Patty’s Day is this weekend. The rowdy, ridiculous, “rootinest, tootinest, shootinest” binge-drinking extravaganza descends annually upon downtown State College every March, leading to unparalleled levels of debauchery.
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Backstreet Boys
If you were at THON this weekend, you definitely noticed "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" by the Backstreet Boys starting off the line dance. Well, way before most undergrads were even teenagers, the Backstreet Boys performed at the BJC as a part of their "Into the Millennium Tour" two nights in a row, on February 11 and 12, 2000. The concerts were filmed and lucky for us, someone put them on YouTube.
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As it turns out, the app we were using maxes out at 110 dBA. The unified roar got to that easily, but because it was sustained, the app crashed, meaning we may have broken the 137.6 dBa world record for unified yell. We'll never really be sure, but it's better to believe, isn't it?
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