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1 Game Day Observations: Army

Penn State won its fourth game in a row Saturday, but it sure didn’t feel like it. An ugly offensive performance, a tense postgame press conference, and the continued spread of the injury bug left the Nittany Lions with more questions than answers. Here are our game day observations from the stressful affair.

0 Game Day Observations: Buffalo

Penn State is back at .500 with a win in the home opener against Buffalo. After raising many questions in a brutal opening loss at Temple, the Nittany Lions got back on track against the Bulls. Here are some things we noticed watching from the press box.

24 Community Content: Christmas in State College

Like the many knots in an otherwise perfect string of Christmas lights, the lies in the Sandusky story are now relics of lazy indifference. It’s sad, indeed, that nearly everyone now agrees, the fate Paterno got was a fate he did not deserve. Frank Fina said inasmuch. Corbett has now said that. Bob Costas has admitted that.

3 A Walk Full of Memories

Most of my memories stem from my time at the helm of Onward State during the last two years, and from the relationships gained as a result. It has been the honor of my life to be a part of this community experiment, but the real joy has come by learning from the thousands of people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the last four years.

0 Advice From a Broad, Abroad

Now that I’ve been abroad for almost three months, I am an expert about all things Europe. Lucky for you, I want to impart some of my wisdom on those who are abroad now, about to go abroad this summer or those who want to or wished they enlightened themselves in Europe, just like me.

2 Why My Major Rules: Agricultural and Extension Education

All of us have that “30-second elevator speech” prepared and ready to go whenever we meet a new person and are faced with the question, “So, what are you majoring in?” I dread that question, and I know I am not alone. My major is awesome, but complicated. Although I sometimes wonder whether or not I should take the time to try and explain, I know it’s oh so worth it.

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