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I believe when historians look back at this period in Penn State's history, the story will be one of terrific grit, solid determination, amazing spirit, and extraordinary resiliency. The stories of Penn State have not only been written in the past, but they are being written right now, and most of us in the Penn State Community are part of them.
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Photo by Zach Berger
Four writers wandered around north campus during SOMA's Arts Crawl on Friday evening to embrace a variety of musical perspectives.
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Whether you may or may not have heard it, there is an old adage that simply showing up is a major part of being successful in the political field. As someone who has been involved in politics their whole life, I would have to wholeheartedly agree.
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pizza heaven
So maybe it didn’t exactly come from Italy, but we all know and love it just the same. Oh yeah, I’m talking about pizza. But not just any pizza, no sir. I’m here to tell you a little bit about the top five surprisingly wonderful pizza places a townie like myself can’t live a day without.
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This year, however, I do not recommend voting for a ticket. We need Gavin Keirans on the Board. He is the best candidate I know who will thoughtfully and fearlessly tackle the issues that face our Penn State family.
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Smeal Graduation 2012
Another year, another list of generally forgettable commencement speakers at University Park. It's a recurring theme -- at least in recent history -- to recruit graduate students or faculty to give the spring commencement address for the various colleges.
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Manas Rajaram recaps HackPSU, Penn State's hackathon, and offers her view on its implications for the future.
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Graduate student after graduate student in recent weeks have approached colleagues, faculty members and administrators with a heavy burden. Ever since late February when graduate students were notified en masse that their health care costs would significantly increase, fears about “Can I stay in school? How will I feed my family?” have dominated the minds of graduate students.

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The team's season has been over for a little more than week. Let's take a look back on the 2013-14 Penn State Nittany Lion basketball team.
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Anand Ganjam and running mate Emily McDonald enter the election with the most thorough and comprehensive platform and a history of leadership, student government experience, and tangible change in their past. As such, Onward State has chosen to endorse the Ganjam-McDonald ticket in this year's UPUA election, taking place this coming Wednesday.
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My name is Brian Aynardi, a candidate running for GSA Treasurer (Ph.D. College of Ag). As a disclaimer – I am currently a member of the Judiciary, but have removed myself from the elections process in order to run for this position. In the essence of transparency, I felt an obligation to provide the graduate and professional student community with pertinent information regarding an extremely important concern: healthcare.
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The Nittany Lions could have been a dangerous tournament bubble team, at the very least, if it wasn't for a few key roster changes that most notably saw the program lose Jermaine Marshall to Arizona State, where the graduate student guard scored 15.1 points per game on his way to an NCAA tournament appearance with the Sun Devils.
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Tim Frazier's career as a Penn State basketball player will come to an end sometime soon. When that happens, he will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest to ever don the Blue and White.
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Penn State is a great place to be during any month of the year. That said, some months are better than others.
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Some of the greatest Penn State football memories have come when Beaver Stadium is cloaked in white. Moments this big deserve a shirt worthy of the game being played, and this year's final four entries are now public. I'll break them down for you and recommend which you should vote for.
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The loudest voices in this upcoming Board of Trustees election are those who are living in the past, driven primarily by an unhealthy thirst for vengeance. They refuse to acknowledge that the present poses new and distinct challenges, and that our Trustees are the ones who must lead this university through an uncertain future.
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The best of Penn State was on display last weekend and for alumni, it confirms what we already know about our alma mater. THON weekend is the culmination of a yearlong effort led by students and supported by alumni, donors,volunteers, and Penn Staters everywhere. Students continue to make us proud as they stand with the families of The Four Diamonds Fund.
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We decided to rank the eight best bar bands in State College. This list isn't gospel, it's just one asshole's rankings of the various bands in this town. You're probably going to disagree. I respect that.
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What do you think of the THON 2014 Line Dance? Personally, I'm not too impressed. Here's why.
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Lynn Brobst, a 29 year old cancer survivor and THON child shared with us what THON means to her. We dance in less than an hour!
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THON stage good
There are generally certain songs that get played a lot. If they’ve got references to staying up all night, dancing, saving the world, or diamonds, you’ll be hearing them quite often this weekend.
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If you simply look at the team's record, the 2013-2014 season for Penn State’s women’s hockey doesn’t jump off the page. But a season should not simply be judged by wins and losses - especially for a program in its infancy.
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White Loop
With the announcement that Penn State Transportation Services will now fund the late night CATA White Loop, the time is right to tell the story of how late night White Loop service came to be and to recognize the multiple parties that played a role in its success.
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The one thing that sucks the most about Penn State basketball, more than losing or the BJC or the heartburn you get after having nine dollar hot dogs, is the crowds at games. Mother of God, the crowds at Penn State basketball games are quite possibly the most pathetic crowds in all of major college basketball.
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Being teased by posters of familiar Japanese foods on the glass windows, I eagerly went to Tadashi with two friends to figure out how the new Japanese restaurant stacked up to my expectations.
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Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.50.04 AM

Remember Code Blue? Neither do we. In an effort to reenergize the students rewards world, Penn State released the We Are! app, a loyalty rewards system to replace the former and grossly underutilized fan loyalty program. The goal is to generate interest around some of Penn State’s non-revenue sports teams and reward students for attending games. The app was not widely publicized — which was probably Code Blue’s ultimate fate — but it has recently been advertised in the Bryce Jordan Center during basketball games.

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Bike rack
Sidewalk Bikers, get this: It’s called a sidewalk for a reason.
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Your student activity fee is very likely going to increase by $6 at Friday's Student Activity Fee Board meeting. It's an all too familiar tune and one I hope that our student leaders fight with vigor. But to really understand what this means, it's important to have some historical on the fee and how administrators have used it to raise tuition over the years.
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Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.07.43 PM
Lone Survivor has been a hit the box office since it was released on January 10, not only among Penn Staters, but nationwide. The movie depicts the true story of a four-man Navy SEAL team on a mission in Afghanistan, and stars Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell, the real life “lone survivor,” along with Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and Ben Foster as the other members of Luttrell’s SEAL team.
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For the second time in two years, the Penn State athletic department had to organize a search committee and hire a new head coach for the football team. Two years ago, a relatively unknown NFL assistant named Bill O'Brien was the last man standing when the dust settled. This time around, the Nittany Lions landed one of the hottest names in the football world, convincing Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin to ditch the Commodores and replace O'Brien at Penn State. Let's take a look back at the hiring process and hand out a grade to the search committee now that the hire has been made.
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