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With so many venues to choose from in State College. Passion ensues as our staff debates who has the best wings in town.
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Image by Hailey Rohn
Over the weekend, the 2015 Senior Class Gift Committee announced the three finalists for this year's class gift. Seniors have three extremely different options to leave their mark on Penn State, and are able to vote for their favorite gift online by midnight Saturday. With that said, three of our senior writers present our latest Onward Debate: Which Senior Class Gift is the best?
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East Halls, Penn State University Park
Somehow, just over six weeks into the semester, it's time to start thinking about where you're living next year. State College boasts numerous beautiful livable apartment buildings, as well as houses, and, of course, dorms. Choosing which apartment, house, or dorm to live in is no easy task, so we here at Onward State want to help you take the first step in choosing -- deciding whether to live on or off campus.
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Despite riding an ugly two game losing streak, the Penn State Nittany Lions are still bowl eligible, and only need to win two more games in order to ensure that they will be playing this postseason. If the past two games have been any indication, Penn State, which sits at 4-2, will most likely be out of the inaugural four team playoff race, barring any freak occurrences. With that said, there are a number of notable bowl games that the team could wind up playing in come December.
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Saturday's performance was an embarrassing display of offensive ineptitude, mind-numbing play call decisions, and laughable time management. Not only did James Franklin shoot the team in the foot repeatedly, but he stood by the questionable decisions made after the game. Heading into yet another bye week, the Nittany Lions have numerous issues to address, hoping to right this ship before it becomes too late.
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Ask any group of Penn State students what the biggest issue is facing the university today and you're likely to hear tuition first almost every time. Such was the central topic of discussion last night at the Schreyer Honors College's Shaping the Future Summit, which featured a keynote address from President Eric Barron.
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Marco Rubio Speech On Innovation At Uber's DC Offices
Tired of making the long trek up to Beaver Stadium on game day? Miss the White Loop and need a safe, reliable way home? This is your chance to stand up for what you deserve and send a message to your elected officials that all Pennsylvanians need access to uberX ridesharing.
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Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 6.44.55 PM
It often seems that the best restaurants in State College are the most unassuming, humble, and modest storefronts in the downtown area. One such culinary gem is Little Szechuan, a small Asian restaurant located in the small College Avenue strip mall between Fraser Street and Burrowes Street.
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UPUA sealfinal2
A former UPUA representative criticizes the current assembly for closing its meeting last night.
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waffle shop homefries
Breakfast is very important to the citizens of State College. Something as simple as "how do you take your coffee?" can lead to a discussion on the relative merits of sugar and an origin story on Colombia's best blend. In a place with such a high population density, being able to stand out amongst your peers is enough of a struggle. Now, when you're catering to the angry whims of hungover, tired college students -- many of whom hail from the New York/New Jersey area and are subsequently complete elitists about bagels -- this task becomes even more tricky. For that reason, our staff got together and argued about the best spot for an early meal downtown, with divisive results.
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PSU vs Iowa_8
I thought that Penn State and the surrounding area boast a cornucopia of eateries for every dietary preference and restriction. Boy, was I wrong.
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The service industry works hard to get you what you need, so help them out by tipping them properly.
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We sent a trio of writers to review the only McAlister's Deli in Pennsylvania, located in the HUB. They were mildly entertained.
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The University Park Undergraduate Association exists, as defined in its own constitution, to represent the undergraduate student body at Penn State. The assembly’s decision to hold a closed session in order to discuss the Freeh Report next Wednesday directly contradicts everything that the organization claims to stand for and strives to be.
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It’s been 31 days since the first day of school. And while I hope those 31 days have been perfect, it's OK if they're not. Trust me, I know.
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Any of us could die in a car crash. That’s why we don’t romanticize it. But there’s only one Joe Dado. And the sooner we all stop to acknowledge that, to understand just what it tells us about ourselves, the better.
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board of trustees nittany lion inn
The Pennsylvania State University is academically one of the best universities in the country, and I recommend it over any Ivy League institution. Students get equally good educations, and for far less money. The University's governance is, however, more like that of a stereotypical banana republic than that of any kind of reputable organization.
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Whether you remember them from your own tours way back when or have heard them in passing, here are some of the lies tour guides tell their tour groups.
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Until Rutgers fans can figure out how to have a rivalry and be hospitable to opposing fans, nobody is going to respect the Big Ten's newest member. One of our writers spent the game on the field and left with a negative impression of Scarlet Knights fans after being cursed and spit at throughout the game.
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The Rutgers game gave us much to ponder and discuss for the weeks ahead.
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Image Today, 7-58-35 PM
What happens when Rutgers tries to start a rivalry? We come back with 107k strong.
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One of our staff writers recently fell in love with Rutgers. Here is his love letter to the University.
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Lawrence Lokman

At long last, the days of Penn State’s administration standing behind canned marketing ploys like “Penn State Lives Here” could be a thing of the past. Penn State announced the appointment of Lawrence H. Lokman yesterday to be its next vice president for strategic communications, pending approval at next week’s Board of Trustees meeting. Lokman is the founder and managing director of Window In Communications in Los Angeles, and served as a vice chancellor in UCLA’s communications department from 2002 to 2010.

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nittany lion football
Penn State football is officially back on the map. After taking two years off from postseason eligibility thanks to unprecedented NCAA sanctions, the bowl ban has been lifted, the scholarships scheduled to be reinstated, and the program set free to wreak havoc on the world of college football as it has for many years and as it will for many years to come.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.31.12 PM
The NCAA sanctions met their abrupt and (almost) total end today, in what is sure to be a day that goes down in Penn State history as one of its best. It's a day for celebration for sure -- a celebration of a partially righted wrong, like a wrongfully convicted prisoner going free.
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Beaver Stadium's new scoreboards are as nice as they get. They're absolutely massive and they feature crisp, high-definition video, but a lack of actual game information (like the score, time, down, and distance) coupled with a ton of advertising hurt the debut of the stadium's newest addition.
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Image Today, 12-37-26 PM
The Wall Street Journal, a newspaper that primarily covers business and economic stories, took a stab at ranking all 128 Football Bowl Subdivision teams based on how good at they are at football, and how they rate on a scale of "embarrassing" to "admirable". Penn State finished dead last in the latter category, but writer Zach Berger tells you why it was a bunch of subjective crap.
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After last week's debacle in Dublin, we have one request for ESPN: Please give us a better broadcast team.
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IM Building 3
How do you feel about paying for your yearly gym membership? Our writers debate.
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Street View of Margarita's PIzza
If you’re looking for something more on the craftsmanship side of things when it comes to pizza, it is this humble writer’s recommendation to visit a little shop on Beaver Avenue between a parking garage and Beaver Plaza called Margarita’s Pizza.