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1 Why Did We Need An Opportunity To Critique THON?

This weekend, we published a post about Penn Staters who choose not to THON. People were grateful for an opportunity to share their perspectives on THON, and one writer thinks this says something about the conversations our campus is able to have about THON. She says that critiquing Penn State, all parts of it, is an important way to help our university grow.

0 The Daily Collegian Hates THON Hype And We’re Confused

Here at Onward State, we like to have our fun with our media “rivals” over at the Daily Collegian, whether that fun is at their expense, the expense of their writers, or even in the form of a legitimate attempt at befriending them. Usually it’s light-hearted and general fun-having, but yesterday, when I made the terrible, horrible, no good mistake of clicking on their editorial about State College’s name change come THON weekend, I could feel myself losing brain cells. This editorial was just too bad to go unopposed.

4 PS4RS Endorses One Of Its Own for Trustee Seat

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship, the advocacy organization that has acted as kingmaker in the last two Board of Trustees alumni elections, announced its slate of endorsed candidates today. As expected, trustees Anthony Lubrano and Ryan McCombie, whose terms are up this year, will both seek a second term with PS4RS support. The third PS4RS candidate, who will run for Adam Taliaferro’s open spot on the board, is Harrisburg-based attorney and 1991 graduate Robert Tribeck.

1 OS Staff Picks: Best Campus Dining Hall Foods

In a perfect world, I could afford to indulge in Chipotle burritos and Irving’s breakfast sandwiches on a daily basis. However, most days I find myself swiping my meal points away at the dining halls. To help keep the on-campus meals exciting, the Onward State staff is sharing some of its favorite dining hall dishes.

15 OS Staff Picks: Our Favorite State College Bar Bands

Penn State is chock full of opinionated students, and that becomes extremely evident when discussing State College favorites. From a preferred bar to your burrito place of choice, Staters are rarely neutral. In the latest edition of our OS Staff Picks series — in which our writers break down a personal favorite related to the university or town — we collaborated to discuss the best bar bands in State College. Here’s what Onward State’s staff had to say on the subject.

24 Community Content: Christmas in State College

Like the many knots in an otherwise perfect string of Christmas lights, the lies in the Sandusky story are now relics of lazy indifference. It’s sad, indeed, that nearly everyone now agrees, the fate Paterno got was a fate he did not deserve. Frank Fina said inasmuch. Corbett has now said that. Bob Costas has admitted that.

15 It’s Time For Penn State Football To Wear Pink & Black Throwbacks

Penn State football needs to take a page out of the basketball team’s book. That’s a sentence you don’t hear often, if at all, but with Pat Chamber’s squad hitting seven wins — one more than football had all season — by early December, perhaps it isn’t such a crazy idea for James Franklin to start emulating his colleague. But where to start? Well, how about throwback jerseys?

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