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Located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, State College is a college town heavily influenced by the campus life of Penn State University and have gained the nickname “Happy Valley” for its resilience during the Great Depression. Downtown State College provide the public with essential resource, accommodation, and entertainment that stretch along College Ave and Beaver Ave. In 2010, CQ Press ranked State College as the third-safest metropolitan area in the country. They say there’s something magical about the Nittany Valley, where time just seems to stand still. Updates on the downtown area’s current affairs and additions can be located on this topic page.

0 First Night State College Returns Tomorrow

Alcohol is a wonderful thing: the cause and salve of all man’s problems. However one does not always need alcohol to have fun. Downtown State College is certainly in agreement with this statement, as the local event known as “First Night” can attest to. First Night is a big celebration of the past year and a fun way to ring in the new one.

7 75 Bags of Heroin Seized at Imperial 400 Motel

And so it was yesterday afternoon, the Centre County Drug Task Force obtained a search warrant and came knocking at Room 202 of the Imperial 400 Motel along with agents from the Attorney General’s Office. In the room, they found 75 bags of heroin with a street value of $1875.00, approximately 12 grams of synthetic marijuana with a street value of $200.00, cell phones, and $915.00 in cash.

8 Flex Your Rights: 10 Rules of dealing with Police

If you need to speak to an officer while driving, on the street or at your home, there are 10 rules you should know to protect yourself and to protect your rights — knowing these rules can prevent fines and unnecessary interactions with police.

I learned these rules in a presentation last night from “Flex Your Rights”, which was given by the ACLU of Penn State.

11 Natural Gas Pipeline May Parallel College Avenue

Environmental groups have successful lobbied the University to turn its steam powered plant over to natural gas. However, the Board of Trustees have decided that it would be unwise to construct a natural gas pipeline through campus because it could hurt infrastructure. The university has been meeting with residents of State College to transport the fuel on a street that parallels State College.

1 India Pavilion: A Review

I didn’t grow up on Indian food — I didn’t even taste my first bite of it until a high school friend invited me over to his house. His mom would always insist on cooking for us, even if we weren’t hungry, creating a dazzling spread of naan, saag paneer, and lentils. The combination of warm spices and love are, what I think, the things that make Indian food so welcoming (especially on a cold day). India Pavilion is the epitome of what Indian food is all about.

11 Bars Will Stay Open on State Patty’s Day

Student Body President Courtney Lennartz announced in her comments for the good of the order at last night’s meeting that she met with the Tavern Association earlier this week, and that downtown bars will NOT close on State Patty’s Day this year despite her request.

Lennartz cited the fact that downtown bars lost over $100,000 on State Patty’s Day last year by not opening. Were they really surprised?

3 Meet the Vamos! Lion Chariot Man

State College is full of, er, personalities. Boombox Guy, McLanaman, the Willard Preacher, the Squirrel Whisperer, Mike the Mailman – the list goes on.

One of the newer players to the game is Todd of the Vamos! Lion Chariot. You probably have seen him riding around campus or downtown honking his bike horn and waving hello at just about everyone.

3 Trader Joe’s Opens in State College

After months of anticipation, and almost an exact year after their original opening date, Trader Joe’s finally opened in State College. This small specialty store is located in the aptly named “Trader Joe’s Plaza” right off of North Atherton street, their only competition so far being a Pier 1 next door.

10 Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in State College

A lot of students have begun vegetarian diets for numerous reasons. Whether you’ve jumped on this diet bandwagon for the health benefits, saving the animals, or an excuse to not shower or shave your legs, there’s no doubt that you have run into the dead end that is State College’s vegetarian options. But have no fear! I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 vegetarian-friendly places to chow in State College.

47 What’s Happened to The Diner?

The Diner has established itself as one of the most iconic places to State College. Every year during big weekends and large events, hundreds will cram in to get a small taste of nostalgia that was their days at Dear Ol’ State. However, the place that would capture the dreams of little kids has now become a place that is barely recognized by thousands of students.

26 State College Police Investigating Paige Raque

On October 13, Paige Raque fell five stories from Calder Commons. She sustained life-threatening injuries but her health has made steady progress. Her recovery has been a rallying point for the Penn State and cheerleading communities. Yesterday, WJAC reported that the State College Police Department is investigating Paige Raque for underage alcohol consumption.

4 Who’s on the Ballot in State College?

With the national election less than 24 hours away, do you know who you’re voting for, Penn State? You may know who you’re supporting for president, but what about the rest of the ballot? Here is a comprehensive look at every candidate on the ballot in State College voting districts so you don’t just vote for whoever has the coolest name.

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