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1 Recruiter Turnout At Career Days Up Nine Percent

Despite everything that has happened over the last year, job recruitments for Penn State students is looking better — not worse — than it did last fall. Penn State’s Career Services announced that the 2012 Fall Career Days will most likely see a nine percent increase in company turnout from last year’s career fair, jumping from 500 to 545 potential employers in attendance.

1 Making Moves Over Summer: Flashback Forward

Pulling styles from many spectrum of rock, jazz and classical; Flashback Forward weaves together a diverse troupe of musical pasts into a mulch-faceted musical product that plays off inspiration from bands such as U2, Muse, Coldplay, The Who, Michael Buble, State Radio and John Mayer. But The Passenger isn’t simply a re-issuing of the band’s scattered styles and influences, a clear lineage of cut-out-the-fat straight rock-your-face-off attitude runs like a freight trains through their album. Learn more about Flashback Forward’s debut EP and where you can see the band perform live after the jump.

3 10 Football Players You Might Not Know Yet

The Penn State Football team that takes the field this coming Saturday against Ohio will look much different than the squad that walked off the field in Dallas on January 2nd after losing to Houston 30-14. While familiar faces like Matt McGloin, Michael Zordich, and Michael Mauti remain, there will be many former backups thrust into starting roles and some young players asked to contribute right away.

Student Life
28 How to Speak Happy Valley

It wasn’t until the end of my first semester that I began to understand Happy Valley slang — and I’ll admit that I continue to learn new terms from time to time. However, since I’d never wish that pitiful feeling of sheer cluelessness upon any innocent freshmen, I decided to compile a list of these terms. Call it Penn State’s version of Urban Dictionary.

Student Life
0 A Beginner’s Guide to “Troll Hunting”

as you come to value a multitude of aspects the school has to offer, you’ll certainly find many detractors on comment boards and Twitter — “trolls” if you will. These trolls will do nothing but speak contorted ills of Dear Old State and her students. You may feel compelled to defend your college. But remember, don’t feed the trolls!

2 UPUA Speaks Out at Borough Council Meeting

But in all seriousness, the State College Borough Council did a good thing this week. The controversial Pennsylvania Voter ID Law was upheld by the courts last week, which requires voters to show ID’s at the polls, and potentially disenfranchises thousands of voters who didn’t have the foresight or means to obtain proper ID. Borough Council decided to hold a public forum where citizens could come and voice their opinion on a council resolution that would condemn the new law.

Student Life
0 Penn State No Longer Top 10 Party School

Penn State, who once held the infamous #1 party school rating back in 2009, has seen its ranking plummet to 11th nationally. The rating, from of the Princeton Review and reported yesterday by multiple outlets, comes at a time when the last thing Penn State needs is another hit to its reputation. Given everything thats happened, is this such a bad thing?

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