ANGEL is Not Good


The following phrase is something I wish even my worst enemy never has to see. It’s something I have nightmares about. It’s something that makes me curse at my computer whenever I see it. Here it goes… “You must close all open browser windows before you can log back into ANGEL.”

Penn State’s course management system, ANGEL, is a big headache for the students and teachers who have to use it. Students hate using it, and teachers don’t know how to use it.

ANGEL stands for “A New Global Environment for Learning,” but what they should really call it is DEVIL: “Don’t Ever Visit If you want to Learn.”

In particular, there are few things about ANGEL that really grind my gears:

  1. Lack of Google Chrome support. How is it possible that ANGEL does not support one of the most popular browsers in use today? Why can’t I upload attachments if I’m using Chrome? There is no reason that uploading files should not work in Chrome. ANGEL, make it work.
  2. Lack of mobile support. We are using our mobile devices more and more every day, but it’s almost impossible to use ANGEL on your iPhone or Droid. By the way, you can add Mobile Safari to the list of ANGEL’s unsupported browsers (see above). ANGEL, please add mobile support.
  3. Downtime every day from 4am to 6am. I understand they need to run maintenance on a system that is as widely used as ANGEL, but for two hours every day? That’s ridiculous. There have been plenty of times that I have needed to use ANGEL during this timeslot while up studying for an exam, and I’m sure others have run into this problem as well. ANGEL, can you at least cut the downtime to an hour?

And the list goes on and on.. There’s been a lot of chatter recently about whether Penn State will renew its contract with ANGEL, but while we wait for Penn State to make up its mind, let’s continue to let Old State know how much we despise the system we are forced to use on a daily basis. (Also, if you’re on Twitter, feel free to use the #ANGELsucks tag)

What do you hate the most about ANGEL? Maybe someone important out there is listening.


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Eric is a senior majoring in Information Sciences and Technology with a minor in Security and Risk Analysis. He enjoys playing tennis, eating Milano cookies, and drinking Gatorade G2. Eric designed and developed Onward State's website, including Onward State Mobile.


  1. My school uses Angel Learning for a lot of its activities. It’s awful. I have to resubmit my files multiple times just to get the assignments sent to the teacher, all because the compatibility issues with my browser. I need to use IE just to submit crap, which takes more time than it freakin’ needs. The site engineers need to majorly fix the interface (a clusterfuck of links), and re-haul the site.