Follow The Lion


There in the field, a short distance from where the crowd meets.
In the tall grass, the Lion lay for dead, his heart no longer beats.

An innocent victim of evil, heart broken by the loss of his Master.
Word would have to get to his followers soon, they would have to assemble faster.

When the search was over, and their mascot they did find.
They approached slowly, only to see the Lions spirit starting to leave his body behind.

Blue-stained tears tracked the Lions face.
For an evil like no other had come to this beautiful place.

One brave follower, a warrior that bleeds blue.
Noticed the rising spirit, and returned it to the Lions body, making him feel new.

As the Lion rose, he led the followers back to the painted field.
From that day forth they would help the victims of this evil heal.

As they all marched to the campus street.
The followers brought the Lion to his new Master to meet.

And upon return, he let out the mightiest roar.
It was then, the followers knew their pride would once again soar.

For on this day, and in this year, evil would not prevail.
The one that brought this evil was now living the rest of his life in jail.

For if a Nation and a world thought that silencing us was our fate.
They were fooled, for the only spirit that rose this year was looking down saying “We Are Penn State”.


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