Future Penn State RAINNmaker Raises Awareness


With the support of my father, Charles, (a 1996 graduate of Penn State), I created Bands4RAINN in January and have raised over $13,000 to date!!! With my Bat Mitzvah now over, I have decided that this is too important a cause to let drop…Bands4RAINN will continue into the forseeable future. My revised, short-term goal is to raise a total $25,000 by April 1, 2013 (April is Child Abuse Awareness Month). That means i need your help to raise $12,000 more…


We have sold them at many different events, with the largest event being the Penn State Blue and White game back in April 2012. You can help the fight against sexual violence by donating to my campaign or buying a Bands4RAINN at store.rainn.org.

Be sure to join my Bands4RAINN supporters in our “SURVIVORS’ STORIES CAN’T BE SILENCED” campaign. Take a picture of yourself with duct tape over your mouth with “Bands4RAINN” written on it and post it to my FACEBOOK page and tweet with #bands4RAINN. Help me and my friends (including VH-1 reality star, Jennifer Toof – AKA “Toastee”) make this viral.

Being a RAINNmaker has been one of the most important things I’ve ever done. With your help, we can make a huge difference for survivors of sexual violence!

Please visit me on Facebook and twitter as well — every ‘like’ and ‘follow’ helps awareness.

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Bands4RAINN

My true goal is to bring HOPE. COURAGE. STRENGTH. To survivors by having everyone wear a Band4RAINN and show them we care.


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