“Keep Joe” Sales to Benefit THON


THON weekend is coming up fast! Students from around the campuses are coming together in one final push to increase this year’s total. With only three canning weekends and such bad weather, students are making a larger push with on-line fundraising.

Sometimes it is hard however to simply push our alumni and friends to make donations without giving them something in return. Something to hold, or cherish as a reminder that they helped this wonderful cause. This is why many students are coming up with new merchandise to tap into larger and better markets of possible donors.

One student-run website “www.KeepJoeCloseToHeart.com” will be donating $5 to THON from everything sold up to and through THON weekend. The site sells very high quality JoePa commemorative items engraved with the quote “Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.” It’s operator also promises that if enough sales are made prior to THON weekend, an extra $100 will be donated from the site in the name of the organization who sent the most customers!

This website was made to help commemorate Joe Paterno’s legacy here at Penn State, and to provide mementos to the alumni and fans who still support this great man through all the recent events. The site offers high quality sterling silver necklaces and key-chains as well as excellent desk items like picture frames and clocks. The quote on each item is inspiring and provides a reminder at a glance, that all of us can overcome challenges, and each and every one of us can “do great things.”

This site is live at www.keepjoeclosetoheart.com and is managed by students at University Park. Items can be shipped from State College for a small fee, or picked up on campus at the HUB after ordering online. The items range from $15.00-$25.00 and $5.00 from each purchase benefits THON. The necklaces and key-chains are also available downtown at McLanahan’s.


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  1. I can’t believe how misguided this idea was. Children who were sexually abused while former PSU leaders looked the other way, are just as important as the children whose health people are working to support in charity fundraising. Why would fundraising associated with Joe Paterno be an appropriate way to raise charity fundraising for a children’s health cause?