New Penn State App, ERODR, Donates to THON With Each New Download


erodr thonBig fan of social media? How about THON?
Starting today and running up until Friday night at 8 p.m., if you download Erodr, Penn State’s newest social media application, $.50 will be donated to THON from the Erodr Corporation itself. All you have to do is download the app and post about THON for your $.50 to be counted.

What is Erodr and why should I download it?
Everyone at one point or another has spent a significant amount of time going through your social media accounts deleting questionable pictures and statuses you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. With future and current employers having the ability to see every word one posts on the internet, it is easy to see why we go through the hassle of covering up our tracks from high school until now.

For the past couple of years our generation has developed a need for social media that doesn’t have a paper trail with everything you’ve posted since the account has been created. Erodr is an iPhone/iPad (soon coming to Android) application that fills this need. It is a free social media application that was started at the University of Missouri and has begun to branch out to universities across the country.

The beauty of Erodr is that all posts delete within 24 hours of being posted. It’s a timeline of posts based on your location and the school you attend. Here at Penn State, this application spans a radius of ten miles and is growing with popularity by the day. Lately people have been posting about their plans for nights out which has included what bars or parties are fun and which ones are not. Erodr can help you plan your next night out!

What’s the difference between other apps and erodr?
Erodr also has functions that many other social media outlets do not have. A dislike function lets a user dislike a post completely anonymously. Conversely, the liking function works in the opposite fashion and lets the poster know who liked the post. Another function of the application is anonymous posting. This is especially helpful in that you can say what you want without dealing with the repercussions of people knowing that you said that.

Where can I download this application again?
You can download Erodr for free in the applications store for your iPad or iPhone. It’s for a good cause and costs nothing and you join a rapidly growing social media outlet that will benefit your social life! You can register online at or in the App Store.

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