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about 2 years ago

Penn State Euntrepernoure Celebrates St. Patty’s Day

When Peter Ginzburg was a senior at Penn State, he had his own business called GinzVelo to develop human-electric-vehicles all the while gearing up to graduate and start a full time job at Siemens. In the midst of all excitement, Peter was still unsatisfied with his progress and was seeking opportunities to flex his new Entrepreneurship Minor.

In February 2011 he got his chance. Derek Gross and Peter Ginzburg teamed up and created commemorative shot glasses and T-Shirts to help students celebrate the unique holiday that students created from scratch.

Now in 2013 after thousands of glasses and shirts have been sold, Peter launched his own site to celebrate St. Patty’s day. All proceeded from the sales will be used to bolster R&D for GinzVelo.

Check out GinzVelo.net and IceRocksYou.com to see what your celebrations will be sponsoring!

Thank you PSU and everyone who helped Peter along the way.

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