The Real Truth Behind My Victim 2 Story


I have made a lot of mistakes during this process of trying to correct the historical record about what really happened at Penn State regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal. I have also been right about a lot of issues which no one else has had the guts to say. One thing is for sure however, I have never lied. I am a lot things, good and bad, but anyone who knows me at all knows that “liar” is not on the list of legitimate descriptions.

So, as I have been brutally and unfairly attacked by major outlets in nearly every way, almost exactly as I predicted days before I went on the Today Show (an appearance on which I almost bailed at several moments in the days just before the appearance, including when I was getting out of the limo to enter the studio), the one hit piece that I wish to respond to at this time is from “Onward State” because it accuses me of being a liar.

It also does so, much like the vast majority of the gutless media, without even having the courtesy to speak to me first and claims that I concocted an entire scenario to hide the fact that I wanted to “out” victim of child sex abuse.

Here is the story of what really happened with regard to the use of the name of Victim 2 in the McQueary episode.

First, you need to understand that Victim 2 has already “outed” himself on this story (this concept, much like the difference between defending Joe Paterno as opposed to Jerry Sandusky, is apparently very difficult for the media to comprehend). He wrote a letter to the editor in his own name (as a 24 year old married member of the Marine Corps) which was published in multiple newspapers in May 2011, after the allegations first surfaced, in which he strongly backs Jerry Sandusky.

At this point, he is effectively a “public figure” on this story and has no right to anonymity after he turns into a victim. The proof of this reality is the story of Matt Sandusky who did exactly the same thing and is always referred to by his name.

I even spoke to a current U.S. Congressman with a strong media background, and a nationally famous sports journalist, and both them agreed with my take on this. Jim Clemente, the “Paterno Report” sex crimes expert, with whom I was in constant communication both before and after the Sandusky interview, also told me that it was legitimate to do this, though he also warned me that I would be criticized for it.

So, it was my full intention to reveal his full identity when I went on the Today Show and that this would be the headline from the appearance (the media, as stupid as they are, always needs to be fed what the headline is going to be).

Everything was going according to plan until Friday when the Today Show bizarrely promoted the planned Monday event as if it was Jerry Sandusky who was doing an interview from prison. This understandably provoked victim rights organizations to object to the interview even happening. This also caused the narrative to be immediately set in a very negative direction.

Then late on Friday I spoke twice with a Today Show producer for a “pre interview.” During those discussions I mentioned that it was my intent to name Victim 2.

In a previous conference call with Matt Lauer I had strongly implied I was going to do this and there was no objection raised. So I was stunned when the producer seemed freaked out by this concept. It was obvious that she didn’t have the full background on the story in order to understand why this act was perfectly legitimate and when she objected I made it clear that I was willing to not say the name as long as I could provide the important details of the story.

Unfortunately, this producer became so worried about the conversation that she set off alarm bells at the Today Show and things started to unravel in an immediate downward spiral. On Saturday, it looked as if the Today Show interview was off as the changed circumstances (the interview would now be taped early Monday morning and my website would not be overtly promoted) didn’t seem to benefit either party. My gut told me that I should cancel the interview entirely, but out of misplaced loyalty to others involved I decided to go ahead with it.

When I arrived in New York, the parameters of what I was allowed to say were still becoming even more restrictive. Even as I was getting of the car to go into the studio I was being given new, completely absurd, restrictions from the NBC corporate suits with regard to what I could say about Victim 2. I came within a whisker of getting back into the car.

I wish that I had.

The interview itself was incredibly frustrating on several levels, but I was extremely proud of how I handled it. “Live” with Matt Lauer and with five people from NBC’s legal department watching me like a hungry hawk, I somehow threaded the needle like a world-class surgeon and somehow got the primary gist of my argument across. I humbly submit that no one could have handled it better under the circumstances.

One NBC producer was so incredibly impressed that he couldn’t believe that I had forced the NBC suits to review the tape several times before finally concluding, like a NFL officials reviewing instant replay, that my feet had just barely stayed in bounds. Even the NBC corporate lawyer seemed shocked that, when he looked at the tape, I had somehow pulled it off. I should mention that Matt Lauer actually handled this situation extremely well, backing me up as much as I possibly could have imagined.

While I was not happy with the content of the appearance (it was not focused on the things I actually wanted to talk about), I did think that I was well positioned to reveal all about Victim 2 that night at after my appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan show. However, in the limo on the way to the studio, Jim Clemente suddenly called me to ask that I reconsider my intent to name Victim 2 because he had heard the man was upset by this prospect.

This put me in an extremely difficult position. First, Jim, despite all the enormous time we had spent together on the phone over the past month, had been unable, in spite of what he says was his best effort, to keep Scott Paterno quiet during all of this (Scott had emailed me to say, in what would turn out to be a lie, that as long as Jim was on board with what I was doing that he would refrain from comment). Now, he was essentially asking me for a favor to not do something that he previously said would be appropriate. My first reaction was to say, “go f—- yourself” (though I don’t think I used that exact language).

Then, after my slugfest with Piers Morgan, I thought about an alternative plan that might work for everyone. I told Jim that I would hold off on identifying Victim 2 if the man simply called me, totally off the record, and explained why he felt he was in need of special consideration. Jim thought this was a decent plan and said he would look into it.

How this got spun by TMZ (with whom I had done a live interview on Monday explaining my position on this) into me “threatening” Victim 2 unless he participated in my documentary is beyond my comprehension. Here I was trying to be sensitive and instead I am getting accused of being a complete jackass (numerous attempts for me to have my response be aired by TMZ went unresponded to).

As it turns out, Jim’s contact did not, as he had implied, actually have a connection to Victim 2 and so that plan went nowhere. I didn’t know this until Tuesday afternoon. At that point, after another sleepless night and having already done about three hours of radio interviews, I was extremely conflicted.

I then went on Kevin Slaten’s radio show at 4:20 pm eastern time to discuss the dilemma I was in. Kevin urged me to keep the article as it is and publish the full name. I knew he was right and that I certainly didn’t owe Jim Clemente (thanks to the Paterno fiasco) much of anything, but I was still not feeling right about it. Contrary to popular opinion, I am actually a very caring person.

Then I was reminded about what the New York Times did with “Victim 1” before he was known as Aaron Fisher. They had basically “outed” him through his biography without using his name. After much consideration, I decided that this might be the best way to go since I knew that the key document itself would provide so much information about him that he would be effectively “outed” anyway.

I spent the next several hours trying to rework this extremely long column to exclude references to his name. This was not nearly as easy as it sounds for several reasons.

First, I kept experiencing all sorts of computer issues which, through my own incompetence, delayed the process quite a bit. One of the biggest problems was that, in an effort to protect his name, I had to change several of the actual documents which proved our case and replace them with the original Word files which were given to me by a former advisor to Sandusky (which I was able to manually redact myself). What neither me nor my webmaster realized at the time was those files, when viewed on a mobile device, revealed Victim 2’s name in the title of the document. I also had to get my video editor to bleep out all the references to the name in the audio file of the Sandusky interview we had panned to use.

Another factor here was that, for a number of reasons, I literally had not had a total of more than ten hours of sleep in the previous five days and I had only eaten a blueberry muffin and cup of coffee that entire day. I was fried by every definition of the word and I did a lousy job of finding all of the references to Victim 2’s name (I honestly don’t know how many I missed but it appears to have been at least two first names and a last name).

I didn’t want to wait much past early evening to post the article and so I stupidly posted the column before I should have. Almost instantly, former Penn State football player Andrew Pitz texted me, at 7:51 p.m., to say, “Dude, you idiot. Take the story down.”

It took several minutes for me to understand what the heck was going on but Andrew alerted me that the new Word documents had Victim 2’s name in the title on his mobile device. Minutes later it became obvious that I had missed a couple of mentions of both his first and last names in the article itself.

I immediately tried to enter the edit mode of the website to fix the problem with the article (I had no idea how to fix the documents as my webmaster had handled that) but I could not get in to that section on my computer. At first it appeared that we just had a ton of traffic from people trying to access the article, but that didn’t make any sense to me. It quickly became apparent to my webmaster that his entire company was under a massive cyber attack. Here is the proof of that for those who absurdly think I am making that up.

This caused enormous problems which, assuming the attack was related to the issue of protecting victim 2’s identity, was the definition of irony because it actually prevented us from doing exactly what they wanted us to do. In many ways this attack created a “prefect storm” against our response.

First, my webmaster was now unable to help me do the technical stuff only he could do because he was trying to put out a huge fire of a much higher priority. Even more than frustratingly, it caused me to be uncertain as to what was fixed and what was not. This was because when I was finally able to enter the edit mode it appeared as if I was making the fixes but they were not, for whatever strange reason, “taking.” This caused the tweet I sent (which Onward State used, in classic Louis Freeh style, to claim that I was lying) indicating that I had fixed the problem in the “past tense” when, unbeknownst to me, they hadn’t really been fixed. This is why it is a good idea to at least try to speak to someone before you attack them in print.

I spent the next four or five hours skipping a much needed dinner and going absolutely crazy (and I have the texts with Andrew Pitz to prove it and I am sure his ears are still ringing from my frustrated screams when we spoke) trying to fix the problem. We did everything we possibly could. We even killed the original link (destroying any real chance it had to go viral) and thought we put up a “clean” new one, but because of the attack we were essentially flying totally blind. We had no idea what was still out there and what was not.

The notion that I knowingly and purposely left in references to Victim 2’s name because I somehow wanted to “out” him without actually outing him is even more ridiculous than Joe Paterno covering up pedophilia in order to protect a former coach he didn’t like. It just didn’t happen and, frankly, I feel very much like this is a classic example of no good deed going unpunished.

Early the next morning I issued a series of apologies for the many mistakes I had made over the previous couple of days. Apparently, my critics were unimpressed and unwilling to even ask me about what had really happened (or even fully reference my website’s short version of these events).

Thankfully, after I read the outrageous Onward State article, I called Jim Clemente and he offered to tweet that I was telling the truth about what happened. As of this writing, neither Onward State nor the author of the column has responded to repeated tweets from me asking for some sort of retraction.

I fully realize that this story seems improbable, partially because people wrongly think that if you are on the Today Show you have a staff of people working for you who can go get you something to eat when you get too busy or help you proof read an article in a difficult to read edit mode. I can assure you that I am much a one-man band as there can possibly be in situations like this. I can also guarantee you that everything I am saying here is 100 percent true.

What upsets me most about this is (other than being called a liar) is that this “shiny object” on the side of the road has completely distracted from the main point of the article, which is that there is important new evidence which sheds new light on what really happened in this story. Of course we wouldn’t want to focus on that when we can have fun trying to destroy a trouble maker’s character instead. All of this insanity actually proves the entire point I am trying to make about how utterly untrustworthy the media has become.

Of course the greatest irony here is that the rush to judgment that happened to me in this situation is strikingly similar to what occurred to Joe Paterno and Penn State in the Sandusky scandal. Even Scott Paterno would probably agree with that.

This is a response to a staff member’s column that can be found here.


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    • Show me one shred where he said he was a victim. Are you a student too? Again, been there, done that. Thought I owned the world too and had all the answers. This is why not one penny of my money is going to penn state if your attitude represents those of most students. Wait until you hit the real world buddy.

      • Rembrandt Einstein on

        “Of course the greatest irony here is that the rush to judgment that happened to me in this situation is strikingly similar to what occurred to Joe Paterno and Penn State in the Sandusky scandal. Even Scott Paterno would probably agree with that.”

  1. “I told Jim that I would hold off on identifying Victim 2 if the man simply called me, totally off the record, and explained why he felt he was in need of special consideration… Here I was trying to be sensitive…”

    How is this okay? Because his name was out once before?

    The link to the DDOS attack is actually appreciated. It’s not “absurd” to question such a claim. Every other time someone makes a mistake on the web, their gut reaction is to claim it was “hacking.”

    • Rembrandt Einstein on

      The linked “proof” is anything but. The usage pattern doesn’t resemble that of a DDOS, and traffic spikes of similar magnitude are seen within the past day. If it were somebody else, I’d give them the benefit of the doubt, but this is known liar John Ziegler we’re talking about.

      • I don’t know whether it’s true or not. I would like to take him at his word. Regardless of how long it took to take down, the motive is the issue to me.

      • Actually no other time in that usage pattern did it show a sustained barrage like that. Which is evidence of an attack? or someone uploaded naked pics of Megan Fox. .

        • Rembrandt Einstein on

          Megan Fox? Your cultural references are as old as John Ziegler’s scoop.

  2. When one threatens to out a victim, and then “accidentally” does so, be expected to receive a lot of criticism for a vile disgusting act. At the best you have shown a lack a care in a sensitive subject, and have managed to display the attitude that nothing, not even the consideration for the victims of sexual crimes, are as important as Joe Pa’ reputation. At worst you can be accused of doing all this just to drum up money for your documentary.

  3. Hey Ryan – who is irresponsible and vicious now? Perhaps if you’d spoken to JZ before your “open letter” you would see things more clearly. Print an apology if you want any sort of credibility in the future.

    • Rusty Shackleford on

      Racons lucky to have a mom like u!! If only people were that forgiving of Jerry 🙁

      • And you make no sense… Why forgive Jerry? He’s the one that did the nasty. Rusty, guess you are in a minority with the desire to forgive the scum…

  4. Rembrandt Einstein on

    “One thing is for sure however, I have never lied.”

    Three days ago, John Ziegler claimed that Sara Ganim was lying when she tweeted that he intended to name Victim 2 in his Today Show interview until Matt Lauer & NBC told him not to. In this article, he verifies her statement. Whichever story’s true, he’s a liar.

      • Jennifer, Sara Ganim is a fine reporter. The only people who think otherwise are you Paterno Cult members.

        You people are still trying to argue the facts 18 months after they were revealed. Doesn’t this tell you something, Jennifer? Nothing is going to change. Move on. You are making the entire area look like a cult.

      • Rembrandt Einstein on

        Okay? My comment was about John Ziegler lying about the fact that he’s a liar. What does that have to do with Sara Ganim not taking up the banner of victims’ rights?

      • What she has done is reported on the Sandusky scandal, and won a Pulitzer prize in the process. Calling her a liar because she does not kneel before the altar of PSU is not a good look

    • She said that Lauer handled Zeigler well, even stopping him from revealing victim 2’s identity. Lauer didn’t do that (though he did state on-air that they wouldn’t be identifying him), it was something Ziegler agreed to days before going on the show. Ganim made it sound like he was a reckless nut on TV and Lauer picked up on it and expertly avoided a disaster.

  5. John Ziegler, you are a liar. You are also a first rate p.o.s. for outing that victim and for giving that pedophile the platform you gave him.

    Your playing the victim card for yourself is what you always do, you dirtbag. Why Franco Harris and Lubrano want you on their team is a mystery. Maybe they aren’t good judges of character hanging out with a low life like you.

      • Rusty Shackleford on

        f***ing students, am i right? penn state would be so much better if it weren’t for all those STUDENTS. ugh.

      • Unfortunately yes he did. Ziegler even says so himself in his apology. Perhaps if you were not acting like an insensitive groveling moron, you might have picked up on this. Some folks out there actually care more about victims than disgraced football coaches and programs. But thank you for feeding the stereotype of the PSU supporter as not giving a rat’s butt about anything or anyone but Joe Pa and the program. Such a classy look.

  6. JLewis….you are an idiot. If you have followed Mr Ziegler at all; you’d know this is a man out to prove that Joe Paterno was railroaded. I can only assume that you are a JoePa hater and just one of many who have gulped down the media kool-Aid !

  7. mouthbreather11111 on

    so many mouth-breathing trolls on here and twitter. Where was the outrage when the NYT outed victim 1? Gotta love faux outrage when a narrative is questioned. Victim 2 already made himself known and then changed his story (was it when the PSU bank opened?). Could he have been a victim at another point? Most likely… but if you put yourself out there publicly then you need to deal with the consequences of doing so. I don’t see why everyone is up in arms? oh yeah… faux outrage.

    • No actually its real outrage. Revealing the name of a victim of a sexual crime shows incredible insensitivity to the nature of the crime. You see most people seem to value the safety of children and sensitivity to victims like him more than the lost reputations of football coaches. People are funny that way

        • It was not readily available to the public. And a news flash for you, putting your thoughts in capital letters do not make more correct, it just shows you have the mental acuity to find the caps lock key on the compute

      • He voluntarily outed himself!! Except when he didn’t want people expecting he might want money since that was the thing to do when Joe Pa was suddenly fired and he suddently changed his tune and went from non-victim to victim the same day!! He was still texting JS in 2011!! He was a 24 year old married marine who didn’t waiver until Jerry was put in jail and JoePa fired and PSU got involved and (I’m sure) a lawyer got to him. Put the puzzle together people.

        • “your sure” a lawyer got to him. Ah yes another fine example of blaming the victim. So nice to see that fine tradition of Joe Pa first, and the hell with everyone else still stands. Unfortunately outside in the world, where people actually value the safety of children, people do not take kindly to what Ziegler has done. Unless one is a brainless dolt one would realize the real harm that has now been do to PSU, and Paterno’s reputation because of actions like this done in his name.

          • If you had read the evidence, his mother used to work for the ambulance-chaser attorney who now “represents him”. Even his attorney is very careful NOT to include 2001 in his complaint. That should open your eyes.

            This is not to say that he does not have a legitimate case for other instances, I have no way of knowing that.

          • The attorney states “before and after 2001”. Which means he is not making a claim about 2001. The question about 2001 is what the false charge by the AG was versus what the eventual conviction was. And the only reason this is important is that the MEDIA “convicted” PSU and JVP based on a false charge and has never corrected it. This is Ziegler’s only point yet it got blown up into something else.

            Furthermore, if you investigate this attorney, Andrew Shubin, you will see something interesting.

          • I give you this quote from the lawyer

            “The horrific abuse that he suffered both that day and on many other days will be the subject of a lawsuit that he files
            against Penn State.”

            You reading comprehension seems to be lacking as yes he is making a claim about that day in 2001. One should try to read the articles before making claims that are so patently untrue. It prevents one from looking monumentally ignorant, but ignoring facts does seem to be a running motif among Joe Pa supporters so should not be surprising

    • Glad we’ve cleared up that your strategy to clear the Paterno name is to say the victims are lying…

      • mouthbreather11111 on

        wait what? where are you getting this??? a) I am speaking of ONE victim and never called him a liar unless you consider changing your story 180 degrees lying b) when did i say any other victim is lying?! c) the victim adamantly stated nothing happened in his statement to the investigator (and in multiple letters to the editor) and later changed his story. I would say odds are good that he was probably victimized at some point but he either lied to the investigator or is lying now. Not sure how you imply that I am calling victims liars to clear Paterno’s name. And I actually care less about clearing Paterno’s name and more about clearing PSU supposed role in a cover-up. If nothing happened that night…it’s sort of important…no?!

        • Rusty Shackleford on

          i agree. sandusky IS innocent. thank you for being strong enough to speak the truth

  8. The comments below that side with Zigler’s unethical and immoral approach to filmmaking is shocking. To try to absolve a person of moral responsibility (both Paterno and Zigler) by displaying your own moral ineptitude is truly telling. I understand wanting to know the truth but this takes it too far as Ryan states so eloquently in his letter to Zigler. I really hope individuals like you are in the minority or humanity is in serious trouble.

    • Zeigler has hoodwinked many Penn Staters who, while our world was crumbling around us in 2011/2012, were relieved to find someone who supported us. Unfortunately, this support came in the form of one of the most self serving and disingenuous people I’ve ever come across. It’s sad that he crusades through the media under the guise of promoting the truth about Joe, yet if Joe were still around he would never give a guy like Zeigler the time of day.

      In several instances, the media unfairly portrayed Penn Staters and Penn State “culture” (so tired of that term), but the way to respond to this was not to throw support behind someone such as Zeigler. We should be better than that.

      • What’s wrong with Ziegler? You made major comments about his character, but didn’t give reason. He made a mistake! But other than that, John has been the only one actually doing something about finding the truth. I will not hate because of a mistake the person has owned. Sounds like you do… just sad.

        • Over the course of the past several months, Zeigler has carried himself horribly. His tactics to promote “the truth” has been to out shout everyone else and smear anyone who disagrees with him (see: Ben Jones). He’s not the type of representative I’d ever want for Penn State.

        • And seriously, this is “owning” a mistake to you? It is a list of excuses to obsolve himself of any real responsibility. I don’t hate Zeigler, just the way he handles himself on Penn State’s behalf.

      • Do any of you really know what has happened the past 18 months? Victim #2 already “outed” himself when he wrote a letter defending Sandusky. His name, address, and phone number were all printed for the whole world to see. So wake up or shut up.

    • Please define “unethical and immoral approach” to filmmaking. Kelly, your statement about “absolving moral responsibility” tells me right off the bat that you do not even have the first clue about what issues are being discussed. Could you please tell us what you “think” you know about what really happened? Not just what you may have “read or seen in the media” or “heard” about the myriad issues with the case, but after you have thoroughly examined the evidence on record. Thanks

  9. Level-headedly look at the situation. Most people in state college are so fed up they don’t care anymore. They just don’t want anymore trouble. And if it does cause trouble they become more upset. They want ‘let things go and move on’. Even the university promotes it. This is pathetic. You’re tired of being kicked to the ground, so you give up. It’s times like these that measure real character. Mr. Zeigler has done more to find facts than probably anyone, and you can’t deny that.
    However, Mr. Zeigler is also human, and made some mistakes. He also willing admitted that. I don’t think that Mr. Zeigler should have revealed the name, However, he has been open about his actions and he’s taking a stand when no one else will.
    I’m glad that the folks at onward state are perfect and have no problem jumping to conclusions and criticizing before they know what’s going on. Onward State has just lost a lot of credibility because they were very untactful, unprofessional and made assumptions.

    • Wait, have you seen how Zeigler handles himself when he goes on shows with people with whom he doesn’t agree? He is the very picture of unprofessional. I always believed in applying the phrase “Success with Honor” to my life, not just to Penn State on the football field. The way Zeigler has handled Penn State from the start has completely defied Success with Honor. I’m not into sacrificing my (or Penn State’s) honor just for this guy to get his point across. We Penn Staters know what we stand for, no matter what a crappy BoT or a crappy MSM says about us. We don’t need to turn to a guy like Zeigler to be our mouthpiece. He does us no favors.

      • Mr Ziegler is Diogenes, simply looking for the truth. Where that leads may be an ugly place, but onward he travels. Joe asked his family to search for the truth. Mr Ziegler has taken up the quest. I applaud his tenacity in trying to get the word out to a media, and seemingly a unappreciative audience. I truly believe Joe would applaud John if for no other reason then his emulating many Greek tragedies. The struggle of a man on a quest.

        • Rusty Shackleford on

          personally i’m looking forward to the part where he holds his breath until he dies

      • Have you even watched an interview? He has NO choice! He is immediately attacked and has the agenda changed on him. I would do the same thing if put in his position. Are you all forgetting he is given like 5-10 min per interview to get his point across? Go JOHN! You have done more for the truth than any other person and you aren’t even a penn stater.

        • Did he also have no choice is broadcasting the name of a sexual victim on his website. Congratulations, by this despicable act this person has managed to turn people even more against the cause he claims to support. Strangely enough this act doesn’t play to the vast majority of people who support the idea of compassion for victims and protecting children.

        • Hes probably tired of being stonewalled at every turn and that people only hear what they want to hear…the truth only gets in the way!!

      • Rusty Shackleford on

        I agree! We’ll exonerate Sandusky or die trying!! We believe in you John!

        • mouthbreather11111 on

          I wish I had time to troll obscure websites…kudos to my mouth-breathing compadre Rusty!

    • How could John have “outed” Victim #2 when the New York Time has done it sometime ago? John just got caught up in his zeal to right an horrendous wrong AGAINST Joe Paterno and PSU football. He’s man enough to own up to it! I don’t think that anyone should be laboring under the pretense of speaking on behalf of the citizens of State College PA or anywhere else. My views on the subject represent me and my family who believe that Joe PA and Penn State got a raw deal.

  10. This entire story reads like…I thought I lost my homework but then I found out my dog actually ate it. So then I went to the vet to see if he could retrieve it. While we were attempting to extract it the dog went into labour…And then the dog gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies which we put up for adoption. One of the people who adopted a puppy was an expert in the subject that my homework was based on so he was able to help me recreate the paper. But on the way to school with the new paper a storm came up and I was so tired from all the previous stuff that I got into an accident and spent 6 months in a coma. So the bottom line is that I didn’t get to turn in the paper… but it’s not my fault. It’s the media’s fault.

    Normally when a story has this many tangents is completely made up. The truth is usually quite simple and doesn’t involve this amount of explaining. And generally speaking when someone is telling the truth they do not need to get into this level of detail.

    • When was the last time that you even attempted to accomplish what Mr Ziegler has in a weeks time? If you read closely he was literally trying to make corrections through his phone while on the run. Since most phones have auto correct this could not have been easy even in the best situations i.e. in a quiet room, let alone in a car, train, plane or heaven forbid what other place he might have been. But haters will hate.

      • Let’s see, a man threatens to expose a victim of a sex crime’s identity and then does so. And the criticism of him is hate? What people object to is the obviously not caring about he effect on other people of his actions. At best he is an irresponsible dolt for this, at worst a lying charlatan trying to drum up cash anyway he can. Even the Paterno family recognizes the harm he has managed to do. Strange that you can’t

      • I read closely. It doesn’t pass the smell test for anyone but those that are so delusional to believe it. Mr Ziegler is a charlatan. The family of the man who’s reputation he is apparently trying to “save” agrees with this assessment.

    • Uh ok. That makes sense. Are you a student who hasn’t yet exerienced the “real world?” If so, I sympathize. I’ve been there and done that. It will get better my dear, when you grow up and gain more knowledge. Hang in there.

      • I’m a NLC dues paying alum dear… Why don’t you go bake some cookies and leave the message board stuff the male species. Your blind faith in Mr. Ziegler is misguided

  11. Ziegler interviewed Jerry Sandusky, and based on his gut feeling, has determined that Jerry Sandusky is telling the truth.

    Jerry Sandusky is a convicted child molester who didn’t have the guts to testify at his own rape trial. .

    He posted that “if Victim 2 contacts me, I’ll consider not publishing his name.”

    That means, if V 2 follows Ziegler’s rules, he won’t become a household name. That is, by any non-loony definition, a threat. Do what I say, or I’ll do something you don’t want me to do. (Notice how Ziegler explains that technically Victim 2 outed himself, and then we get the lengthy explanation of where to find said “letter to the editor.” Victim 2 was, for all intents and purposes, anonymous until John Ziegler posted his name on his blog.)

    Ziegler claims to be a lot of things, some good and some bad, but he’s “not a liar.” This is the standard Ziegler M.O.- Preventative medicine. He states in advance that people will say this, or that people will think that, but “here’s the truth.” Ziegler lied when he called Sara Ganim a liar vis a vis the Today Show, as his own words here confirm. So Matt Lauer DID insist that ZigBoy not name Victim 2.

    Simply put, Ziegler has had many instances where he’s earned the attacks, and in fact, he’s begged for them. That’s what’s going on here. In case you stragglers haven’t caught on by now, this entire episode has been a John Ziegler dream scenario. He couldn’t care less about Sandusky’s victims, or the Paterno legacy, or Penn State. It’s about getting your attention. Which is what makes his anti-media crusade so ridiculous. He’s on Today, he’s on Piers Morgan, he’s on TMZ, he’s on with Kevin Goofball, he’s on with Chad and Chip in Bumeffing, Iowa….he’s a member of the media!

    But seriously, does John Ziegler really want to claim to be a victim in all of this? He’s actually taken Jerry Sandusky’s word over Mike McQueary’s. He’s saying that the child molester is more trustworthy than the guy who blew the whistle on the child molester!

    He’s been told to back off by Scott Paterno, and he’s gone all Ziggy on a member of the PATERNO FAMILY!!!….see my explanation at FramingPaterno.blahblahblah

    He’s insulted the reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the Sandusky case, called her a liar, because…well, I have no idea why except it’s what he did.Sara Ganim didn’t lie. Sara Ganim was on the Sandusky story a year before moth-to-the-spotlight John Ziegler came along. Anyone who has expressed any disdain for Ziegler’s tactics has been called a moron, a liar, ignorant of the facts (Zig’s facts), and on and on and on.

    He posted the ID of a victim of child sexual abuse, and acted like that was going to be some bombshell that made everyone sit up and take notice of what Ziegler’s screeching about today. Fail. Instead, he incurred the wrath of decent people on every side of the argument. Universal condemnation. So what’s Zig do? First he says he’s well within his rights to post the Victim’s name, and then he hedges by saying he didn’t really mean to. Claims he was tired & hungry and that he made a simple mistake, which he was unable to fix for 8 flippin’ hours because he got “hacked.” Then he posts a DDoS log that shows his website showed an increase in traffic right when he posted Victim 2’s name and rank. Gee….YA THINK????? That’s not a hack, that’s the result of Ziegler’s marketing of his site.

    Poor John Ziegler. How dare anyone question his honesty or integrity.

  12. John Ziegler has done — and continues to do — more to shine the light
    of truth on this case, which is all our beloved Coach Paterno wanted, so I will to
    continue to do nothing but thank John for his unending persistence and
    determination. Sadly, with the deck already stacked strongly against him thanks to the irresponsible narratives spun by the ESPNs of the media world,
    John’s absolutely right about the “shiny object” vs. the very revealing
    new evidence he’s bringing to the table. One more time, Zig, thank

  13. I really don’t think anyone really cares what the name of that victim is, plus I noticed the two references of the first name but not the part where the last name was supposedly revealed. Only those looking to destroy John would have even noticed that. Right or wrong, (and I am one of the people who think the name should have remained unspoken) it really makes no difference in the greater scheme. Clearly Joe was railroaded and no amount of proof of this will change the minds of the idiot media pundits.

  14. I personally don’t give a rats ass about victim #2 situation. If nothing happened what the hell does he have to hide. If this guy is a marine he understands about honor, faith and the very merit it takes to be a Marine. He needs to stand up take the shit bucket that Penn State is in and throw it right out on to the main stream media’s face. For PSU to coward and continue to dishonor Joe Paterno is a mindless game of a main stream media that wants the story to end exactly like they portrayed Joe Paterno. Much like their mindless love affair with Barrack Obama. This liberal press is against everyone who believes that Joe Paterno was the disposable diaper of their monumental rail – road by the Freeh Report, the NCAA and BOT at Penn State. The lies, the bullsht shoved down those who have given up… that’s what cowards do.. they give up. Just read the anti-Ziegler posts. And for victim #2 — stand up, be accountable if what you have said is true… well soldier – look in the mirror — where the hell is your honor?

  15. disqus_HfGHHN7f07 on

    you have done a good job John more than anyone else thats for sure keep up the good work there are alot of ppl that belive in you.

  16. I think John is sincere in his motives and feels a sense of justice. The problem is his style is overbearing and he goes at 110% on everything, even when it is not necessary. On a completely unrelated topic, he went off at Nate Silver, the internationally recognized political and statistics genius and New York Times columnist, here ( and told Mr. Silver to go fuck himself. When you tell a stranger that on the phone, that doesn’t engender good feelings from anyone, but that is Ziegler’s style, to beat people over the head with the “truth” and not accept other explanations.

  17. How can you expose the name of someone whose name is already out there on the internet for everyone to find? If his name was in John’s report, then it was a shortcut, not an exposure.

  18. Victim #2 outed himself. End of story.
    John Ziegler’s research, work, and writings are on the mark. It is likely that the majority of the people who have posted on this forum have not ever read his work which is extensive and precise. Anyone who seeks the truth about the Sandusky scandal should be grateful for what John has done. He has assembled an extraordinary body of work.
    As for John’s delivery in public, I feel he should tone it down. More attention needs to be paid to what he says and not how he is saying it. That noted, it is not easy when he is attacked and working alone. Still, to be taken more seriously, one’s tone must be moderated and professional. It’s not easy under the circumstances.
    I am grateful for the work that John Ziegler has done, especially against overwhelming odds. Stay on course, John.

    • That is such amazing bullshit.

      A guy writes a letter to a paper a few years ago and signs his name. NO ONE could read that letter and say “Oh, this must be Victim #2 from the Sandusky case”. NO ONE.

      But your shock jock messiah over here, he researches the material, plays a hunch, gets Sandusky to confirm his thoughts and then broadcasts this man’s name as being the real Vic2 and you think that’s the same thing.

      You are a deplorable waste of carbon.

      • You conveniently forgot (I’m being polite because I can tell you did not actually read the article or documents) that the purpose was to take specific things JS said, and either prove or disprove them with corroborating evidence.

  19. I think everyone here could learn a lot from the fact that the Paterno family wants no part of this story, this interview or Ziegler. I am a BIG supporter of Joe’s and feel that the Freeh report was a joke and a very bad one at that. The truth is coming out slowly but surely. And when it does anyone who cares to know the real facts will know Joe acted properly in every way and NEVER participated in any cover up. That said….enough with this “man” who cares about nothing but promoting himself. And this con artist has the gall to play himself off as a victim in all this ??!!! He is notorious for his grandstanding activities and his shoddy journalism….and using that word to describe his efforts is a disservice to true journalists everywhere. People like this do nothing to further promote Joe’s innocence or the integrity of Penn State. They simply bring further ridicule and drive more people away from the real truths of this tragedy. Go away John…and go away fast. We do not need or want your help.

  20. John,

    I am very thankful and appreciative for all your excellent work in shining light on the truth of this story! I’m sorry that you have had to listen to criticism from people who may not want the truth to be revealed. Please remember that “A tree with strong roots can weather any storm.”
    Harry Jones
    Class of 1969

    • You know nothing say I dont give a damn about anything but football, quite like praising a man who just revealed the identity of a victim of a sexual crime. Somehow people do not appreciate this type of “excellent work”. They look upon it as vile and disgusting.

  21. One of your fans on

    John, you do an incredible job. You just have to learn to present things differently. Politics and reality are two different things and learning to navigate both at the same time is an incredible skill. I think you have the lumps to prove it.