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Following a lackluster first-half performance between the Duquesne Dukes and Penn State Nittany Lions on Saturday night, the Duquesne fans amongst the crowd of more than 7,000 at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh became ecstatic as they saw a defensive-minded Duquesne team take advantage of an overall sloppy Nittany Lions offense. The Dukes, who turned Penn State’s 23 turnovers into 22 points, controlled most of the second half, with their counterpart in blue able to come within only 4 points of the Dukes during the last minute of the game. During the final minutes of the game, as a surge in sophomore guard Jerry Jones led to the Duquesne inking their sixth win of the season, the Dukes’ student section chanted, “Jerry!….Jerry!….Jerry!” (alike to the chant from “Jerry Springer” everyone has known since pre-teen years); something that has been adopted since Jerry was a freshman. Additionally, a staple of every student section is to taunt opponent teams with a “warm up the bus” and/or “hit the showers” chant when their team has guaranteed the win. With seconds left in the game, up 66-59 over the Nittany Lions, the Duquesne Dukes’ student section did just that, yelling “hit the showers” multiple times.

As I returned to my college home in Pittsburgh’s South Side, while watching SportsCenter highlights of Indiana’s buzzer-beater over Kentucky and replays of the outrageous events involving the goons of the Cincinnati basketball team, I began catching up on Twitter via my iPhone. Between all the frivolous tweets about not studying for finals and the occasional tweet about the Dukes/Nittany Lions game, I almost spit out the Corona I was enjoying at the time. No, it was not due to the alcohol; this was due to one particular 118-character tweet from @Ben_Jones88, or Ben Jones, a reporter who covers Penn State basketball and football for StateCollege.com. The tweet read, “Duquesne student section chanting ‘Jerry’ and ‘Watch the showers’ as Penn State leaves the floor. Some players as well.” Although the former of this tweet is, in a sense, true, the insinuation Mr. Jones seems to convey is outright disgusting and frankly pathetic. Now, although I cannot speak with regards to the comments a few Duquesne students (who foolishly came to the game apparently drunk) may or may not have said, I believe I can speak for the 10,000+ current undergraduate and graduate students, and for the countless alumni of Duquesne University, when I say that our school does not, and will never, make a mockery of any serious situation, such as the one Penn State is currently enduring. From the average interpretation of Mr. Jones’ choice of words, it is apparent that he either wants pity from his readers or wants to make Duquesne and its students an example of some outlandish point.

In no way am I trying to berate Mr. Jones, his reporting, or Penn State as an institution. After being made aware of this opportunity to clarify aforementioned situation by one of Penn State’s own, my goal in writing this is for Penn State students, administrators, and especially Ben Jones to understand that Duquesne University prides itself on being a mission-centered and mission-driven institution, and through profound moral and spiritual values, Duquesne students, past and present, are expected to devote themselves to serving the Church, the community, the nation, and the world. This, contrary to what Mr. Jones tried to convey, is nothing said student(s) would have done to anyone, especially to those indirectly and directly affected by the alleged misconducts of one man. As a Duquesne University senior, I felt it necessary to clarify any misunderstandings that may have arisen from the indecorous and fictitious words of Ben Jones regarding Duquesne students. My hope is that this fabricated issue is forgotten and our students can chant, without hesitation, when the Duquesne Dukes visit the Penn State Nittany Lions next season.


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  1. I might be in the wrong, but never once have I heard “hit the showers” being chanted at a sporting event.

  2. Even if it was an innocent act (though I doubt it based on the “rapists” chant, and reading tweets from Duquesne alumni/students at the game who were disgusted with their peers’ actions), it displays an incredible lack of tact.

    This is a trying time for everyone involved.

  3. I’ve heard, “the bus is in the parking lot” but that’s the closest thing I’ve ever heard.

  4. I’d like to see you explain the “we are rapists” chant, Keegan.  Believe me, I understand a small section of your student body doesn’t represent you.  In fact, that’s what we’ve been saying for a month.  I think you need to stop being so defensive and admit that some people in your community took this opportunity to be hateful toward Penn State students. 

  5. I’m certain that teh chants were made to offend Penn Staters.  It happened to my family when we were at the Wisconsin/Penn State game in Madison.  I am sure that the “Jerry….Jerry…Jerry” chants that we heard were not for the Duquesne sophomore guard Jerry Jones.  Let’s be a little realistic, Keegan.

  6. I was at Consol until the final buzzer; not once did I hear this. I’m not saying you’re lying, but it must have come from a few kids–not the entire student section. Like PSU students not having control of those who rioted after JoePa’s dismissal, Duquesne student cannot control the few kids that may have yelled that.

  7. I was unaware (before seeing your post) of said chant. In my reply below, I did not hear this. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but, like you stated, I cannot control other individuals and their actions. There’s no doubt in my mind that individuals did take this opportunity to hate towards PSU, and as a Duquesne student I apologize for that. The unfortunate part of the series of events involving PSU is that this is going to happen and the important part is to take it in stride and not let it bother you. We’ve all been through some tough times, and this is the normal course of action. 

  8. Denise, trust me, this chant has been around since, as a I said in the text, Jerry has been a Freshman. 

  9. Denise, trust me, this chant has been around since, as a I said in the text, Jerry has been a Freshman. We were not not going to deviate from our normal chants when Jerry took over in the final minutes or when we were closing in on the win, and I hope Penn State fans can respect that. 

  10. Like Duquesne has any room to be talking. CATHOLIC school. (and I’m Catholic so I’m just saying, the pedophile jokes couldngo both ways).

  11. Even if those chants were harmless, as you suggest, they were extremely untactful. The scandal has become a part of the lives of all Penn State students. We’ve all been insulted, heckled…it was natural to interpret those chants to be a dig at our school that we love so much. And even if every single student chanting “Jerry” and “hit the showers” meant nothing in the least bit offensive, you can be sure that the ones chanting “we are rapists” did.

  12. Look, while I am inclined to agree that if you have had this ritual for a long time then it could have been MEANT as harmless words and just habit, the point is that when a clearly touchy subject or occurance is happening in the world, you watch what you say REGARDLESS of habit or tradition or ritual.  For example, would you think it would be appropriate to go to Columbine High School when they were dealing iwth the huge tragedy of a school shooting, and look at an opposing member from the opposite team and say “We’re gonna kill you,”  even if you meant it in terms of score?  No, it would just be inappropriate, and the chants that Duquesne students where spouting were also inappropriate for the time and situation.  I understand your defense in saying that those words were not meant to be insulting – but when you realized they were, how about just saying “wow, we really didnt think of it that way and we are truly sorry for the way we came across.”  Own your mistakes – Penn State does.  We in NO WAY support Jerry Sandusky or what happened at PSU in regards to this scandal.  All we want is for our school and students as a whole not to be slandered due to the incredibly inappropriate actions of one individual….

  13. Guys, I remember how I felt when I couldn’t control students “rioting.” Keegan is in a similar situation. He’s defending the conscious and respectful Duquesne students, not the ones that called us rapists. While some Duquesne students did call us rapists, let’s not judge the entire school based on that fact.

    I think we all know what it’s like to be judged unfairly by the acts of others… It’s not fun.

  14. Keegan, there is a time and a place for chants, and frankly, in light of all of the heartache, specutation and allegations surrounding Penn State, its students, and alumni, the Duquesne students should have used better judgement.  I agree with Student regarding the “we are rapists” chants.  You would have a tough time explaining that.  I appreciate you wanting to stand up for your school.  We do at Penn State as well.  I just think that the broad brush generalizations have led us all to where we are now.  Let’s just chalk it up to bad behavior and call it a day.

  15. And before I get the hate mail, the bad behavior  I was referring to was the chants of the Duquesne basketball fans.

  16. Your defense of the “Jerry” chance is weak, at best, but I’ll leave alone. But when they started chanting “hit the showers” as opposed to “start the buses”… now why do you suppose that choice was made? Just simple coincidence? Seriously?

    No small sect of students is ever representative of a larger body, as PSU students have been saying since those riots and the deifying of Joe Paterno, and I believe that about the Dukes’ student body as well.

    But your assertion that the “hit the showers” chant was just a chance thing is ridiculous. There was a choice to use one of the two; you admit as much. So why, then, was “hit the showers” chosen? If you’re going to say that the double entendre present there wasn’t readily apparent to the students in question, the only explanation is a lack of intelligence.

    Oh, and you might want to lay off Ben Jones’ statement. There’s nothing incorrect about what he said (okay, sub out “watch” for “hit”), nor is he telling anyone what to think. Why are you getting so defensive about his report of actual events? Seems like you’re the one finding implications in his statement that, frankly, aren’t there. He’s a reporter. He reported. Shame on him, right? Give me a break.

  17. How does it feel to have your entire school judged by the actions of a few? Hurts, doesn’t it? Perhaps the good that come out of this is a little compassion and understanding, both ways.

  18. Keegan, I hate to say this, but it was the entirety of the student section. You can ask any and all of the 40-50 Nittany Nation students that attended the game with me. They were not even looking at the game. They were pointing at us and screaming “rapists.” I’m not trying to undermine your words (I can concede with the other 2 chants), nor am I saying the entire student population was involved. But I can guarantee that at least 50 students of “The Crew” were screaming at us. A few of the members even tweeted at us (a few on facebook as well) saying that they admitted to it and had planned on shouting things that were worse. My point is that it was not just a few kids, it was rows and rows of students.

  19. I was at this game and I really just can’t believe this post. I’ll give you the “Jerry” chant, he seemed to be a fan favorite of you guys and I wouldn’t know if that’s something you normally would do or not. As far as the “Hit the Showers” chant goes. I watched as a guy in a blue polo shirt and white hat yelled “I would say hit the showers, but…” and then laugh with about 4 minutes to go. He then proceeded to tell those around him who told those around them. My girlfriend and I watched as the excitement of his “burn” swirled through the student section followed by giggles. About 1 minute later the entire student section chanted “hit the showers.” Sure, other student sections have chanted that at other games, but I’m not buying your cover up. In addition to that, when our team went on a mini-run with about 2 minutes left to bring it within 6, our student section (who as an alumni I’m very proud of by the way for traveling and not reacting to the taunts) started a WE ARE chant only to be greeted by the shouting Duquesne section chanting “RAPISTS”. I for one didn’t hear these as I was watching the game, but my girlfriend sitting beside me and those around us all heard them. (I was not in the PSU student section). I was pretty disgusted throughout the whole game for how you conducted yourselves, but the last few minutes is just another example of a world piling onto a tight-knit community that is as shocked and appalled as you are at the allegations. Please don’t be so condescending as to lie to us on our own forum.

    Feel free to direct any feedback to @Ryan_Caler

  20. Giving the Dukes the benefit of the doubt, that these “chants” are a usual part of a home game there, like others said, I think that sometimes you have to take into consideration external events and how your actions/words may be interpreted.

    For PSU fans that have travelled to other sporting events since this, for lack of a better term, scandal became public knowlege–the enviorment has not been very friendly.  While in Madison–the group of guys that were chanting, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry” at me when I walked to the bathroom were not referring to Jerry Springer.  And the guy that called me a pervert or a child molester was personally attacking me–not just Penn State or Jerry Sandusky. 

    Maybe we are all a little sensitve right now . And maybe the intention or meaning behind your words were innocent, and were done because it’s tradition…but to those of us who have had to defend our school, our fandom, our support of a University and football team, from people who have no hesitation to call us perverts to our face just because of the team we support–it’s hard not to jump to conclusions and assume the worst intentions. 

  21. Jones’ tweet was not “in a sense, true” nor was it in any way “fictious.”  By your own recounting of the event, his tweet was nothing more than repeating the chants made by the students.  You have no business accusing him of making anything up or insinuating that he was trying to convey anything but the fact that the chants happened.  I belive your explaination for why they were chanting those things (“hit the showers” is not, after all, a particularly unique or imaginative chant), but perhaps now you and your fellow students have some insight as to what the PSU community has felt over the past two months, being scrutinized and judged based on the actions of a few individuals.

  22. Sorry to say but Penn State your going to hear even worse as this season goes on. Student Sections seek out to chant anything to get under the other teams skin and it seems that it worked. Look at Duke after the rape scandel and what the UNC, Maryland, and Wake Forest student sections chanted. Your going to have to have tough skin to get through this season like it or not, your probably going to hear worse in conference games. If you don’t want to hear it, don’t go to the games its the students rights to chant what they want and trust me they will. The real story should be how Duquense beat Penn State, end of story. 

  23. Penn State football sucks!!!!! GO HOUSTON!!! Penn States gonna need Jerry defense to come from the 90s to stop him……BRING BACK BOLDIN!!!!
    GI JOSE!!!!!!!

  24. Your very insensitive to this situation, you should understand what we are going through here. All of our 2 billion alumni in the world (mostly in China and India) are upset by this whole thing. Before you post something this rude read it first and understand who it may hurt.

  25. And what do you know about this Mary? You think your different because you went to Penn State? Your no different from any other school every school hears it when something goes wrong. All of you Penn State fans need to just understand that this is going to happen plain and simple if you do not like it don’t go to the games like Jake posted below. Plus who even knows Penn State has a basketball team always at the bottom of the big ten (Go Buckeyes!). O and Urban came here not to State College wonder why….

  26.  I think that this is a well thought our response. Penn State fans need to just grow up. What did you expect to happen? Look at the Duke Lacrosse situation. Any large media contoversey will draw similar chants. GO PACK!

  27. Well here at Millersville we have chants too that upset other fans. Our ten people in the student section really upset the Clairon fans last year because one of their players got arrested for possession. We chanted at him, and the paper the next day wrote something. I think we should be able to chant what we want its our right.

  28. Alex Koch-Sweigart on

     I think that this is a well thought our response. Penn State fans need to just grow up. What did you expect to happen? Look at the Duke Lacrosse situation. Any large media contoversey will draw similar chants. GO PACK!

  29. Very thoughtful Ryan, but wrong….the students at Duquense were disrespectful and I believe should be punished for their actions. 

  30. Matt, you’re right, you have the right to chant whatever you want. But we also reserve the right to call you what you actually are. If you want to call the Penn State community rapists and chant for us to hit the showers and yell the name “Jerry” at us, despite none of us having anything to do with it, we’re going to call you assholes and we’re going to call you immature. And unlike what your chants will implicate, what we say will be true.

  31. People who insult those with a common interest on a blog dedicated to that common interest are douchebags, no denying that.  Internet trolling isn’t the  be all end all, folks.